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Samara Redway

8 oy oldin

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MrIcyHot. 3 oy oldin
Living next to heathrow airport (if you don’t know what it is look it up) when i saw Samara get excited by a plane i just laughed 🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️
UrBoiNobody 4 oy oldin
That cat though
Nikita Cutidioc
Nikita Cutidioc 4 oy oldin
I’m a swimmer and Andre is doing good for just beginning to swim
cloacs 4 oy oldin
When I go and sit in the car my leg just starts burning and goes numb isn’t it’s weird can anyone relate
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez 5 oy oldin
It took me less than 3 minutes to learn how to swim
jaden broomes
jaden broomes 5 oy oldin
9:54 i kinda feel bad cause i said 20$ a week
Razkok Gaming
Razkok Gaming 5 oy oldin
When andre had hair...
Blacko 7 oy oldin
Wtf my wrist have been hurting and numb all day lol and you say this lol I don’t know if it’s form gaming or what
Van V
Van V 7 oy oldin
I love Tgs windbreaker its epic
Patrick Fowles
Patrick Fowles 7 oy oldin
After i get out of my chair, i strech or do some yoga
Justin Newland
Justin Newland 7 oy oldin
Can you guys play PUBG again
Memo Forealz
Memo Forealz 7 oy oldin
Yeah one time in school my leg went completely numb and when i stood up i couldnt feel it so i stood on my ankle and almost broke my foot🙀😬😶😯😞
tom 2002
tom 2002 7 oy oldin
i give andrea 7 coz i was in a swimming gala nd i came 1st by miles smara keep teaching him
Leon ST
Leon ST 7 oy oldin
get some ice and pres it on zour leg
Middle Grounds
Middle Grounds 7 oy oldin
To increase blood circulation Samara start eating some ginger and or garlic. They are vas- dilators which help with circulation.
bpaynes80 7 oy oldin
I am subed to you and him
Updated Version
Updated Version 7 oy oldin
Macro 7 oy oldin
you guys were walking close enough to where i live in vancity
Shemaiah Howe
Shemaiah Howe 7 oy oldin
The wolf among us season 2 is coming out samara you should play it
Typical Kid
Typical Kid 7 oy oldin
You need to do a setup tour for Andres setup
Ishaan Hussain
Ishaan Hussain 7 oy oldin
TOCNIC GAMER 7 oy oldin
sorry but i'm better than you in swimming
Black Hawk
Black Hawk 7 oy oldin
Girl you need to get your circulation and whatever checked lol that does not sound good
Niraj Korde
Niraj Korde 7 oy oldin
Great job Samara
TK 7 oy oldin
SoloesTwisted 8 oy oldin
Crystal Hill
Crystal Hill 8 oy oldin
I miss ween u stream on you tube
Crystal Hill
Crystal Hill 8 oy oldin
Stream on UZpost again
kngpinvans 8 oy oldin
I suggest you like work out your leg every time you stop streaming or do a vlog
King Kyoto
King Kyoto 8 oy oldin
Be my swimming teacher
Bookedlamporange 7
Bookedlamporange 7 8 oy oldin
I want to play ark with tg can you tell him
Jonathan W
Jonathan W 8 oy oldin
Ask TG wheres tarkov at 🤔🤨😐😑😑😑😑 Guess tarkovsky not a thing anymore lmao 😂👌
Rachel Nunez
Rachel Nunez 8 oy oldin
Anyone else get like tg when you tryn to put on pants with holes and your legs go through like if same
Melissa Hesselman
Melissa Hesselman 8 oy oldin
Miku is sooo frigging adorable
True Carter
True Carter 8 oy oldin
Andre needs to shave his chest
AMAN HILL 8 oy oldin
george needs a chew toy samara
ChasePlays 8 oy oldin
Samara: I don’t now what he’s doing. Andre:WHAT
Void Games
Void Games 8 oy oldin
Samara: Cuts off Andre Andre: looks away ashamed
Declan Gallivan
Declan Gallivan 8 oy oldin
Well done both of you 👍
MK3 8 oy oldin
Isaac Haynie
Isaac Haynie 8 oy oldin
Fate PUBG mobile
Fate PUBG mobile 8 oy oldin
10 out of 10
Teekay 8 oy oldin
Love my tg leaning how to swim if you make fun of him just 1v1 me wis one Btw 10 out of 10
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 8 oy oldin
But your leg in water for 4 or 5 minutes to stop the numness
Michael Evert
Michael Evert 8 oy oldin
If you can drink milk or eat bananas. Keep your calcium up and patsisum.
EverythingOwO 8 oy oldin
Well im goo hu and im going to dye and dye more a rain
LilOrange 8 oy oldin
My leg 🦵 also gets nun at night it really hurts bad
Brodye Dubose
Brodye Dubose 8 oy oldin
6:03. doNt bE sHY pUT SomE mORe
michael ross
michael ross 8 oy oldin
U should get Andrade to pay you for the swim lessons
Erica Myers
Erica Myers 8 oy oldin
Might wanna go see a chiropractor
Typical_ Bagel
Typical_ Bagel 8 oy oldin
Andre, 10/10 would swim again Great coach Samara
Fish Moose
Fish Moose 8 oy oldin
3:35 Andre’s foot is on cat nibble,Edit: Honestly 10/10 in Andre’s swimming. Another Edit: Samara is my #1 Favorite Vlogger and streamer, Andre’s my 2nd,Another trucken edit: LOVE THE OUTRO and Miku is the thick queen.
typical turtle
typical turtle 8 oy oldin
Tg is getting some jelly rolls 😂🤣😂
Angus Berry
Angus Berry 8 oy oldin
youssef hisham
youssef hisham 8 oy oldin
With Andrea's situation about his arm, that was because he was sleeping on his arm but with you Samara I don't know what to say
Kimmy 7684
Kimmy 7684 8 oy oldin
I find when I cross my legs criss cross my foot falls a sleep
FanTToM 8 oy oldin
To help with the circulation thing you should stand up and walk every once in a while when sitting and honesty the only thing that helped long term for me was exercise, running, stretching and movement
r1ngs0fh0r5epow3r 8 oy oldin
Zer0bytec0de 8 oy oldin
Bentley Nguyen
Bentley Nguyen 8 oy oldin
Tg gaining a little weight there buddy. No wonder Samara making you swim lol.
Evan Woolsey
Evan Woolsey 8 oy oldin
i swim for the ymca crocks and that we do 200s free back and breast stroke and can flip turn on the wall to go other way and that he should get his feet above the water and it will help to go faster
Mister Tomatoes
Mister Tomatoes 8 oy oldin
As far as your limbs being numb when sitting or sleeping, I'd recommend better posture. This means everything to your circulatory system for blood flow! I've had this issue when sleeping and sitting for long periods of time so what I've done is get up from sitting and do some basic standing stretches and exercises. Also, the best thing I've done for sleep is getting an adjustable bed to elevate my legs and my head which has improved my sleep. You can let me know if some of this works for you, God Bless!
Chris Cole
Chris Cole 8 oy oldin
Numbness might be because of your sciatic nerve.
Keenen Mmolkay
Keenen Mmolkay 8 oy oldin
I have a question - is your new place in an apartment building or in its own place , like a house ? im so confused cus i thought you guys had moved into a house but because of the swimming pool idk whats going on . sorry if its too intrusive ! just dead confused
Saiyan gamer
Saiyan gamer 8 oy oldin
good gorge
Saiyan gamer
Saiyan gamer 8 oy oldin
10-10 tg
Crimson Gamer
Crimson Gamer 8 oy oldin
I relate to Andre, I can't swim all that well and had to learn myself
Red Tiger
Red Tiger 8 oy oldin
Samara you and tg are so funny and my fav youtubers I was hoping you and tg can bring back Friday the 13th keep up the good vlogs and tell tg I said hi.😇
Sahil Jain
Sahil Jain 8 oy oldin
Hey samara I would recommend doing yoga not the extreme one but just the normal one.
Jumbochook 8 oy oldin
The little kicks dont look super efficient... I feel like bigger kicks would be faster
Daniel Gordon
Daniel Gordon 8 oy oldin
Isn't the front crawl called freestyle
Brodie Cook
Brodie Cook 8 oy oldin
Do u miss the walking dead season 4
Nick Burson
Nick Burson 8 oy oldin
How is your heart doing!?
Bot Alcatraz
Bot Alcatraz 8 oy oldin
My anxiety would go to 1000 if my leg went numb😬
Jaclyn B.
Jaclyn B. 8 oy oldin
His front crawl/freestyle is pretty good. Try to get him to straighten his hands instead of cupping them. Maybe use the side of the pool to keep his feet together. It's your back. Do some yoga moves. It helps.
ChakaGamer 8 oy oldin
I hope it's nothing bad. I'll pray for you Samara. But just to be safe if it keeps happening, go to the doctors.
Joel Bromley
Joel Bromley 8 oy oldin
To have your foot to be num it means u need to be more active it happens to me sometimes although imm active
Adam Sinkhorn
Adam Sinkhorn 8 oy oldin
it sounds like you are putting too much pressure on your nervers
Marcos Atrisco
Marcos Atrisco 8 oy oldin
Lately these Andre vlogs have been entertaining. Its like a documentary of Andre in his natural habitat (The whole pants thing made me laugh).Ps sorry i was late to watch this
Shazia Sultana
Shazia Sultana 8 oy oldin
The happens due to less intake of water
Adam Elgasciery
Adam Elgasciery 8 oy oldin
I could flex on andre in swimming and I'm 14
Harrison wormleaton
Harrison wormleaton 8 oy oldin
Same im also 14
Adam Elgasciery
Adam Elgasciery 8 oy oldin
The way I learnt to swim is my dad threw in 8m deep water in the ocean at 6yrs and just left me to come to shore
Joshua Thompson
Joshua Thompson 8 oy oldin
Adam Elgasciery I doubt your dad left u in the middle of the ocean to learn how to swim😂😂😂
jarra0 8 oy oldin
poor miku 7:15
Taylor Lopez
Taylor Lopez 8 oy oldin
Andre is gonna be the next Michael Phelps!!
wayne bonnick
wayne bonnick 8 oy oldin
Samara gonna kill tg from teaching him how to swim
Flash Barry
Flash Barry 8 oy oldin
Samara if your leg is numb it's because it's cold... this happens to me a lot, all you have to do is rub your legs for about a minute and a half to get it warm and to get the blood flowing and then you'll be fine.
Nissan Altima Obsessed
Nissan Altima Obsessed 8 oy oldin
the kitty is so cuteeee omggggg 5:48 he’s like ummm yeah it was me
CeeRstar 8 oy oldin
Don't be frightened by this but you should go to your Dr. n get the circulation thing checked out. It's probably nothin, but check because, my friend had similar complaints and eventually he got blood clots in his legs which traveled elsewhere (his lungs). He IS alive and well now. Better safe.
Ian Manickchan
Ian Manickchan 8 oy oldin
If Andre gets a cybertruck then your a disgrace to the automobile community.
Ian Manickchan
Ian Manickchan 8 oy oldin
Actually I will unsub to all channels too. Cybertruck is a joke
Lightening Jet Tgse
Lightening Jet Tgse 8 oy oldin
Samera sacred for her life.-What are you doing? ANDRE :TECHNOLOGY🙂
Chaos 240
Chaos 240 8 oy oldin
Andre looks like he is 6 yr old just playing
sanjay bryan
sanjay bryan 8 oy oldin
Today's my birthday too
Ghost Gamer 5634
Ghost Gamer 5634 8 oy oldin
he is doing well for his first 3 lessons. but he needs to learn how to do everything. He also needs to learn how to swim fast is Miku was chasing him :)
Typicalbacon yt
Typicalbacon yt 8 oy oldin
Happy bday grampa redway
Mark Scheurich
Mark Scheurich 8 oy oldin
Arms and legs going numb is more of a nerve thing, might be a sciatic nerve for your leg going numb. I lost the feeling in my hand due to a pinched never in my elbow.
Mark Scheurich
Mark Scheurich 8 oy oldin
What is this angle? That’s the angle where he’s figuring out how to eat the camera....
UncoveredGaming 8 oy oldin
Ok so FIRST PART OF THE CONVO: I I just love how TG interrupted the vlog to tell samara that he doesn’t know how to put on pants. SECOND PART OF THE CONVO: My arm has gone numb before and it feels so weird. When I touch my finger tips i can’t feel it and I have to move my arm a lot so it can have circulation. And that only happened when I would sleep with my arm under my body and next to my head
FIRESTAR 8 oy oldin
im glad andre has LEARNT all them swimming techniques
Typical a.j.
Typical a.j. 8 oy oldin
hes come so far
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