We found a SECRET BEACH!

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Samara Redway

6 oy oldin

Lockdown adventures vlog w/ Typical Gamer! Give this video a thumbs up for more Q&A's and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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hehe hi

Whiplash Motion Graphics
Whiplash Motion Graphics 2 oy oldin
Marine Drive?
ComicBookWalkthroughs 4 oy oldin
3:20 that’s my house lmaooo . Love u Samara and Andre
Brooke Nielson
Brooke Nielson 5 oy oldin
I live in maple ridge and work in Vancouver so I love love LOVVVVE seeing successful youtubers in my area. I’m starting up my UZpost channel soon and I DO BE KINDA DOWN TO BE LIKE YOU GUYS LOL. Much love
Marcos Atrisco
Marcos Atrisco 5 oy oldin
I know im late but man Andre with the jokes at 7:56
Fierce Raider
Fierce Raider 5 oy oldin
Ii live in bc Vancouver it looks like you too
SWAZI 5 oy oldin
You guys should do a house tour or the daily life of samara ,so like what u do on a day to day basis in quarantine now
Saoirse Hegarty
Saoirse Hegarty 5 oy oldin
2:11 it looks like she was crying. I hope she was ok 💜 samara x
the typicalbros
the typicalbros 5 oy oldin
I loves Samaras vids
Entry Clan
Entry Clan 5 oy oldin
You guys should watch the flash because it was shot in vancouver love you guys god bless ❤❤
josiah houston
josiah houston 5 oy oldin
sorry but u can see samara fav positions
josiah houston
josiah houston 5 oy oldin
y are the best couple i dont no if i should i say this ik tg be smasss***in
Mar'keith Williams
Mar'keith Williams 5 oy oldin
Play Fortnite to gather duos
Eli 6 oy oldin
Is he a tiger
Luis Santos
Luis Santos 6 oy oldin
Looks like Friday the 13th woods...
Solomon 6 oy oldin
Use code “ TyipicalGamer” no space
Christine Phelps
Christine Phelps 6 oy oldin
You both need sun 😂
Boruto Nazamaki
Boruto Nazamaki 6 oy oldin
I love typical gamer videos I love typical gamer videos
typical jonjy
typical jonjy 6 oy oldin
Christian Enos
Christian Enos 6 oy oldin
Hey Samara theres a web series on youtube called Meta Runner and its really good and I think you will like it please do a reaction. Meta Runner is about a girl named Tari and she can warp into video games
maria sadoghian
maria sadoghian 6 oy oldin
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 6 oy oldin
Juan Puente
Juan Puente 6 oy oldin
Good thing the Bob Cat didn't see y'all
UhIt'sNov 6 oy oldin
Hi Samara, I wanted to know what platform you stream on..
Equinity Snipes
Equinity Snipes 6 oy oldin
Watching from America I know where you live imma visit you
EKO 6 oy oldin
Hey samara, enjoyed the vlog if you wanted to can you and Andre try out fallout 76 and see if you like it I'd love to see a playthrough
Jack Frawley
Jack Frawley 6 oy oldin
Andre : George vibing with his sketchers
Tekoya Lavender
Tekoya Lavender 6 oy oldin
keep replaying the start
Sonny 6 oy oldin
My favorite house is the boat lol
Maddiemoomoo Miku and George Lover ❤️
Maddiemoomoo Miku and George Lover ❤️ 6 oy oldin
Omg I get hiccups ALL THE TIME!! Lol
Brett Mcintyre
Brett Mcintyre 6 oy oldin
"we just watched some Netflix, now we're probably gonna still just watch Netflix" Very relatable XD
YNG. Energy
YNG. Energy 6 oy oldin
I like the first mansion
ProGamer 6 oy oldin
u guys should get married
Jacobs ZA
Jacobs ZA 6 oy oldin
Is that typical gamer
Will Haul
Will Haul 6 oy oldin
Eat a scoop of peanut butter when you get hiccups. It cures them instantly.
Ben Dinhamz
Ben Dinhamz 6 oy oldin
You make the best videos 😄😄
cabnietdoor 54
cabnietdoor 54 6 oy oldin
you people look like humans explain dat
ChakaGamer 6 oy oldin
The beach to the ocean looks like that place from stranger things the one u did samara the one girl that has powers to help her friend.
ChakaGamer 6 oy oldin
I like the one thats for sale.
Kickz YT
Kickz YT 6 oy oldin
I use to watch your streams when yall played friday the 13th would yall do that again plz i love typicals streams and i love you lr vids just bring back the old fays plz
GOST god
GOST god 6 oy oldin
I think Samara said diarrhoea
_Ducko _
_Ducko _ 6 oy oldin
U suck
Jack Dean
Jack Dean 6 oy oldin
Jason Gates
Jason Gates 6 oy oldin
You did what I want to do: Go exploring. Bobcat! :D I guess two meters is six feet, cause USA says six feet. USA is the only country in the world that refuses to go to the Metric System. All other countries already switched to Metric System, long ago. They say that holding your breath or drinking a glass of water all at once will get rid of hiccups. Only the water trick works for me, but I'm sure the holding the breath works for someone.
William Graulau
William Graulau 6 oy oldin
love assassins creed logo
Go Sub To Strict Chip
Go Sub To Strict Chip 6 oy oldin
If you want to get rid of hiccups drink a glass of water really fast and then press on you chest really hard and then you should get rid of the hiccups
EPIC GAMER1234 6 oy oldin
Setting of friday the 13th
Fiona Bush
Fiona Bush 6 oy oldin
Plot twist: samara was scopeing out houses to but the dodos in
chris ayers
chris ayers 6 oy oldin
Spoon full of sugar gets rid of hiccups
Reece Wilson
Reece Wilson 6 oy oldin
3:02 I like that one
420swagnemite 6 oy oldin
You look really pretty in this vlog Samara 😍😍😍
Hayley Jones
Hayley Jones 6 oy oldin
Why oh why did I believe that there was a bob cat and stared at the screen for ages. Such a queen
lch jr
lch jr 6 oy oldin
Samara, you eat too fast; the hiccups are trapped air in your esophagus. Don’t hold your breath, create a negative pressure. Like you are trying to suck a burp out.
Trenton Gamer
Trenton Gamer 6 oy oldin
Hi can I play fortnite with you I am 14
ΔᴄѳʀєɴΔ 6 oy oldin
That's creepy
9jaQuitCD 6 oy oldin
Oh and next time u have hiccups drink some water it works faster and better
9jaQuitCD 6 oy oldin
4:57 now that is a gentleman you have as a boyfriend love you and Andre♥️ well and also the vlogs 😁
Gaming Highlights
Gaming Highlights 6 oy oldin
Let me live you Samara❤️❤️
Ridgid Royale
Ridgid Royale 6 oy oldin
samara you sound like some voice over actor at 4:50 to:4:56
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez 6 oy oldin
Hi samara I love all of your videos and could you tell tg I said I and that I love his streams bye have a great day 😁
Chrix.So2 6 oy oldin
You should called George greasy groove 😂
Steve Quito
Steve Quito 6 oy oldin
People: don’t go outside it’s not safe Samara and Andre: we found a secret beach
Wwe Master
Wwe Master 6 oy oldin
Omg y’all so lucky don’t ever go there again
O Xemangas
O Xemangas 6 oy oldin
Blahblidblahdabloomdiblamboblipdawap!!!!!!!! I'm trying to scare the hiccups out of you.
anime_ is_my_life
anime_ is_my_life 6 oy oldin
Samara: know body is self quaritining her driving to a beach
anime_ is_my_life
anime_ is_my_life 6 oy oldin
light up light up sketchers
FrezZno Gamezz
FrezZno Gamezz 6 oy oldin
@ 7:39 Friday the 13th??
ElitexxAntonio 6 oy oldin
Awwee Y’all finally doing outdoor activities 😭😭😭😭😭‼️ Awesome content y’all the best 🥺🥺 Also you know a girl’s bf is a gamer when she describes something as “insane “😂😂😂
Ampotty Midhun
Ampotty Midhun 6 oy oldin
U looking for a new house
《Ochy_ Plays》
《Ochy_ Plays》 6 oy oldin
Samara it looks like the cabin in Friday the 13th hahahaha
AMAN HILL 6 oy oldin
friday the 13th in canada vancouver. walking down trails
AMAN HILL 6 oy oldin
splashes in your living room "AND I QUOTE" Lmao lol
《Ochy_ Plays》
《Ochy_ Plays》 6 oy oldin
Can u play rust w/ tg
Jasper Hargis
Jasper Hargis 6 oy oldin
Light up light up skechers light up light up my world
BeauGaming X x
BeauGaming X x 6 oy oldin
I love u and tg and your vids and tg vid
SM ALEX 6 oy oldin
Do a break up prank on Andre!!?
Antoinette Meade
Antoinette Meade 6 oy oldin
Love you 😘. Samara
Gian Bassini
Gian Bassini 6 oy oldin
Ryan Radowicz
Ryan Radowicz 6 oy oldin
Love you too but SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!😱
Nathan Butler
Nathan Butler 6 oy oldin
Me thinking my video was buffering Samara: *Hiccups*
B. Lo
B. Lo 6 oy oldin
your hiccups are cute.
Matix _
Matix _ 6 oy oldin
Setup tour?
RIDIK HUDSON 6 oy oldin
you can see everybody adress that the house she shows
Cham 6 oy oldin
Andre told me to diss like this vid
ΔᴄѳʀєɴΔ 6 oy oldin
You can't even spell it
Hayden Britton
Hayden Britton 6 oy oldin
Anyone else here from typical gamers stream?🔥🔥🔥
Daniel Saul Jr Madrid
Daniel Saul Jr Madrid 6 oy oldin
I came to watch your volg for Andre stream your the best
Wenson saladin
Wenson saladin 6 oy oldin
Samara u should film some never have I ever with Andre and some touch my body challenge like the old days
Justin Caldwell
Justin Caldwell 6 oy oldin
I want Samara typical gamer to meet pat and Jen
AnthonyJ161 6 oy oldin
So this is why Andre’s not streaming ark
ΔᴄѳʀєɴΔ 6 oy oldin
No he's not streaming ark cuz he's always playing Fortnite
Novii Tucker
Novii Tucker 6 oy oldin
That’s insane Jarvis
Khing Troy
Khing Troy 6 oy oldin
Why did the sign say mars
Sebastian Canizares
Sebastian Canizares 6 oy oldin
light up light up sketchers!
carson liddle
carson liddle 6 oy oldin
omg she drove buy my house
ΔᴄѳʀєɴΔ 6 oy oldin
What a liar
k.o.p 6 oy oldin
Curious gorge
jarra0 6 oy oldin
why does the forest remind me of Friday the 13th
ΔᴄѳʀєɴΔ 6 oy oldin
Ikr it's probably them fences to me
Ishaqe 6 oy oldin
Where is TG's lambo
DarkJedi Elite
DarkJedi Elite 6 oy oldin
Lemon juice helps hiccups I swear
Oceanwave808 6 oy oldin
Samara I was wondering if you and Andre could do a video where you tell us your setups
ΔᴄѳʀєɴΔ 6 oy oldin
They already have
Colin McCormick
Colin McCormick 6 oy oldin
that beach looks oddly familiar, did they use it to film Arrow? Since many shows film in Vancouver have you seen any actors/actresses when you are out doing errands, etc? Hope your hiccups cleared up too Samara.
ΔᴄѳʀєɴΔ 6 oy oldin
That's what I thought aswell but idk tho
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera 6 oy oldin
You should do a draw and guess with Andre btw love your vids ❤️
Ark Boss
Ark Boss 6 oy oldin
i live on that bot (it was a trash boat)
Different Iz
Different Iz 6 oy oldin
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