Teaching Typical Gamer How To SWIM Challenge!

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Samara Redway

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Teaching My Boyfriend How To Swim Challenge! Be sure to give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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hehe hi

Edwin Tovar Sanchez
Edwin Tovar Sanchez 2 kun oldin
Ireland boys vide ft. Dj farts
RevrseFN 4 kun oldin
Killing it! Entertaining channel! Take a look my page and join along if you like my content 🎥👾
Yandel Robledo
Yandel Robledo 4 kun oldin
were is this place
SplashyIG Is a bot
SplashyIG Is a bot 5 kun oldin
F in the chat for the shirt
Kylan and I Went Viral!!
Kylan and I Went Viral!! 5 kun oldin
Excellent swimming
jeffy sorianp
jeffy sorianp 6 kun oldin
666k subs I don't know that's creepy
Berserk 6 kun oldin
I love how u said in the title "challenge" just gets me
Kaybrie Sweeting
Kaybrie Sweeting 6 kun oldin
He’s swiming🤟🏾
Owethu Mancotywa
Owethu Mancotywa 6 kun oldin
At times I wonder how you get your thumbnails 😂😂
Sebastian Manzo
Sebastian Manzo 6 kun oldin
666k subs 🤐
Orhan Mammadli
Orhan Mammadli 7 kun oldin
I can litterly touch 10 foot pool
Dimlol_ 8 kun oldin
Is this Greece?
Aleks Rivera
Aleks Rivera 9 kun oldin
Finally something I'm better than tg at.
Erin Baylongo
Erin Baylongo 9 kun oldin
You look so different with no hair and glasses and I like your real look it’s really cool but you’re very you’re a great worker and you girls
Rosa Arizmendi
Rosa Arizmendi 9 kun oldin
Rosalia Sanchez
Rosalia Sanchez 9 kun oldin
My pool is 12 fit
ChloeNicole Bataller
ChloeNicole Bataller 12 kun oldin
Mee!!! Im ready to swim 🏊🏻‍♀️
Enrique Ariza
Enrique Ariza 12 kun oldin
Hello i am a big fan
Kevin Paden
Kevin Paden 12 kun oldin
He's like a little kid
Lucas Matthews
Lucas Matthews 12 kun oldin
can u do house tour
King Jeff
King Jeff 12 kun oldin
Dayton Shirley
Dayton Shirley 12 kun oldin
Samara is like my mom when i first jumped in
Nette' Wright
Nette' Wright 13 kun oldin
he need to go to the gym
Javi Valfr
Javi Valfr 13 kun oldin
I'm 9 yrs old and I know how to swim
Joseph Cendejas
Joseph Cendejas 14 kun oldin
Swim challenge I can swim better than TG
Xequa 14 kun oldin
Can u guys do a house tour?😁😁
cheesignoia 14 kun oldin
Samaras so encouraging, damn... I might have to forget how to swim to relearn
Cryptic Dephalte
Cryptic Dephalte 15 kun oldin
After 5 years of dating she finally taught him to swimmm awww
ttv_ plaugeboi
ttv_ plaugeboi 15 kun oldin
She look like minecraft alex
Mellonite Gaming
Mellonite Gaming 15 kun oldin
Samara going to make another UZpost channel to be a swimming instructor with Andre
Alexander-James Ramirez
Alexander-James Ramirez 15 kun oldin
So he know how to swim in fortnite but not in irl
Angel Veloz
Angel Veloz 15 kun oldin
Getting to swim
TrinixOnIOS 15 kun oldin
Lol. Samara treating Andre like a 8 year old when he first gets in.
Lilian Cool
Lilian Cool 15 kun oldin
That is so pretty
jazzy316 15 kun oldin
Typical gamer looking like I baby now learning how to swim and samara is mom
Himanka Kafle
Himanka Kafle 15 kun oldin
Idk How to swim
Tristian Arreola
Tristian Arreola 15 kun oldin
2:46 wtf 😂
Timmysteven Stevens
Timmysteven Stevens 15 kun oldin
Me :🏊🏽 Typical gamer: 🙅🏽
Sergio Otterburg
Sergio Otterburg 15 kun oldin
Andrey has a realy good girl friend and a nice girl friend you two are the best
Seth Patterson
Seth Patterson 15 kun oldin
I can’t swim either
Kannon Timmons
Kannon Timmons 15 kun oldin
Who is whatching in 2020
daniel tanaka
daniel tanaka 15 kun oldin
i love you!?!?
carobomb6 15 kun oldin
the real reason there a couple Andre just wanted learn to swim
Michael Pompilus
Michael Pompilus 15 kun oldin
Typicalgamer the most under rated fortnite player so good at the game he might even be able to beat ninja and he might be able to beat bugha only haters will say he is trash at the game
jesus morfin
jesus morfin 16 kun oldin
Is yo real name Pluto or is it just a name for your UZpost channel
Ron Gibbon
Ron Gibbon 16 kun oldin
Hjqjql l wkwkjiwjwjjwjwiwiwj1 who watched there seris about t the forrest
Cronic UNknown
Cronic UNknown 16 kun oldin
Samara slide into my dms again like you did 7 years ago
Jasper 16 kun oldin
Where is this
Jace Kurucz
Jace Kurucz 16 kun oldin
i touch a 13 feet pool bottom
Nazar Mohamed
Nazar Mohamed 16 kun oldin
That was so funny am not eight feet tall
FelineTrack6146 16 kun oldin
look at him go
Henry Doosuren
Henry Doosuren 16 kun oldin
This not scary, I'm a swimmer and that is considered the most easy
Megan Emmanuel
Megan Emmanuel 16 kun oldin
i swam a hool marathon
Capacity 16 kun oldin
I wish We could See under water footage From like a Go Pro
XMarcus Gaming
XMarcus Gaming 16 kun oldin
Part 100000000
Ayush2727 16 kun oldin
this is like me 4year years ago yelling that I can swim/float lmfao
Marvel Nite
Marvel Nite 16 kun oldin
how are you swiming during covid ???
MALIKAI BANKS 17 kun oldin
i feel like the older the faster until they get old
MALIKAI BANKS 17 kun oldin
somehow my grandpa has a bigger pushing start off he does what andre does but he'll go all across the pool side to side noooo hate!!!!!!!
大一土 17 kun oldin
I can swim and I am only 6 years old
Slothy Girl
Slothy Girl 17 kun oldin
Typical gamer: learning how to swim Me: I’m a competitive swimmer that can dive Like if u know how to swim comment if u learning
Dani Mirza
Dani Mirza 17 kun oldin
Dude my cousins 11 and he’s a amazing competitive swimmer
Anjelika Yates
Anjelika Yates 17 kun oldin
I can swim but I am scared
Stan Harrell
Stan Harrell 17 kun oldin
You should teach him different ways to swim so he can find one he thinks is more comfortable for him.
Stan Harrell
Stan Harrell 17 kun oldin
Like: You swim Normally. Comment: You Don’t know how to swim. Like & Comment: You swim in a unique way. Keep Scrolling: You don’t swim.
Stan Harrell
Stan Harrell 17 kun oldin
This has to be a joke right.!? Or does he actually not know how to swim..? I learned when I was like 6 to 7.
Stan Harrell
Stan Harrell 17 kun oldin
Define swimming... Like being able to move in deep waters? Or like the swimmers in the Olympics???
oofnataliaa 17 kun oldin
me touching the bottom of a 12 FOOT pool at 10 yrs old just by hanging on to the side and pushing down and andre has to jump in fully😂ily guys tho
Carson Miller
Carson Miller 17 kun oldin
He slide in your dms
Cliq Slix
Cliq Slix 17 kun oldin
Imagtion then moving there the vlogs would be lit 🔥
Dean Corrodus
Dean Corrodus 17 kun oldin
i am 11 and i have been in a 15 foot deep pool
Vincent Andrade
Vincent Andrade 17 kun oldin
I am actually a Professional swimmer
JUNIOR XD S 17 kun oldin
I was 9 years old and I did swimming and the deepest i went was 12 feet and I touch the floor
HM Stopmotionz
HM Stopmotionz 17 kun oldin
But andre can swim
Jahbari Harper
Jahbari Harper 17 kun oldin
I jump in the 12 ft
Jahbari Harper
Jahbari Harper 17 kun oldin
And I’m just 13yrd
Johnathan Gonzo
Johnathan Gonzo 17 kun oldin
Samara is such A Real One 🤜🤛 I'm going to keep saying it , I been dating for the last couple years and finding someone so Real and Genuine is hard. It's like trying to win the jackpot ticket or a diamond. So many rocks out there but no diamonds . And you guys have that in each other. Happy Anniversary and I wish you both many more Together 👍👍🙂
Chicken Nuggies
Chicken Nuggies 17 kun oldin
Sales Fam
Sales Fam 17 kun oldin
Omg I went to Florida to see my family and there pool went up to 8 feet at first I was deadly scared but I got over it and now I can swim in 8 feer
brett slade
brett slade 17 kun oldin
How tall is Andre
Ifidon Musa
Ifidon Musa 17 kun oldin
Surface level dive(fake)
tofu02_tp 17 kun oldin
This video hurts me because I’m a swimmer and seeing them swim makes me wants to get into the pool but I can’t
Virtual Rasta
Virtual Rasta 17 kun oldin
8' is deep? lol. Next we'll do a 'RUN' challenge where you actually have to ... run? smile? eat?
Gifto Kaniaru
Gifto Kaniaru 18 kun oldin
Samara certified swimming Coach
Cooper Woit
Cooper Woit 18 kun oldin
BlaDeZ Fenton
BlaDeZ Fenton 18 kun oldin
I learn how to swim when I was three
3k subs with 5 videos challenge
3k subs with 5 videos challenge 18 kun oldin
read my name
Iron man
Iron man 18 kun oldin
it’s fall ware I am
Caitlin Dunstall
Caitlin Dunstall 18 kun oldin
can you do more pause challenges
Duck Suck123
Duck Suck123 18 kun oldin
I am 9 and swim better than u no hate
Leonthfirst YT
Leonthfirst YT 18 kun oldin
How tall is andre
TJ Paul
TJ Paul 18 kun oldin
It’s seemed like TG is the son and samara is the mom lol
chris davidson
chris davidson 18 kun oldin
wtf her head didnt go all the way in
chris davidson
chris davidson 18 kun oldin
did he know how to swim or what cuz the vid is called Teaching Typical Gamer How To SWIM Challenge! and he was swimming be for she was Teaching Typical gamer how to swim. or am i dumb af and i didnt watch all of it so ye
Hayden Need
Hayden Need 18 kun oldin
Has he ever swame
St-pierre B Loria
St-pierre B Loria 18 kun oldin
i can swim
BallsBeFlyin 18 kun oldin
Your videos have been helping me so much throughout my junior year. I have been so stressed and finals are coming up, but your videos have cheered me up. Thank you 😊
samuel Vargas
samuel Vargas 18 kun oldin
It's funny how typicalgamer swims
NastyNeatXD 18 kun oldin
bru I can go 16 feer deep with one breath
Max Garcia
Max Garcia 18 kun oldin
Yay I hope he gets to his goal
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