Sneaking out of Lockdown

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Samara Redway

6 oy oldin

Using a Ghillie Suit to Sneak Out of Lockdown! Pls give this video a thumbs up for more vlogs and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
► He Jumped out of a Moving Car.. STORYTIME ►
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hehe hi

HG_dawn 8 kun oldin
I’m guessing a ghillie suit?
Gayathri V
Gayathri V 2 oy oldin
love your videos 👩‍🦰👼🥰🥰🥰
Dixon Keelon
Dixon Keelon 3 oy oldin
Chuckle goggle
Yelena Santos
Yelena Santos 4 oy oldin
Your cats are so cute I have pet cats to
zone247 5 oy oldin
well i think its the outfit in the thumbnail
Christian Ray
Christian Ray 5 oy oldin
Great for hide and seek
Mike Fellers
Mike Fellers 5 oy oldin
Typical Hobo
Typical Hobo 5 oy oldin
Rip the roof
Aiden Bond
Aiden Bond 6 oy oldin
SL stagelucky
SL stagelucky 6 oy oldin
We love u samara
THE ZOMBOX 6 oy oldin
hmmmmm is it the obvious thumb nail or the pouch that looks exactly like the suit I got came in the same *EXACT* thing. I wounder.
Demitri_1k 6 oy oldin
U need green army tent gloves and combat boots
La5erGames 6 oy oldin
This is PUBG Ghillie suit in real life
James Mcgilber
James Mcgilber 6 oy oldin
wait how do we guess if you showed us in the begining lmao
Tavitojr2 Edit
Tavitojr2 Edit 6 oy oldin
Who's concerned not even Andre has streamed 😥😥🤔🤔
MoAli Gaming
MoAli Gaming 6 oy oldin
Put some pants on before I rip it off.
Raj Y Rai
Raj Y Rai 6 oy oldin
Samara you’re a adorable woman😘😍
Zacharie John Zafra
Zacharie John Zafra 6 oy oldin
Where are you from I’m from philiphines
Jenny Garcia
Jenny Garcia 6 oy oldin
Even when quarantine is done. Your still going to do nothing. I noticed all you do is talk . Your a total square and become stale
Dream Crusher
Dream Crusher 6 oy oldin
Duh a ghi
zeraora 6 oy oldin
PuT sOmE pAnTs On bEfOrE i RiP iT oFf 3:10 had me laughing for 3 minutes XD1
fareesha usman
fareesha usman 6 oy oldin
Samara how are you doing
Young Ops
Young Ops 6 oy oldin
Remember to clean your phones after you took it with you outside. (Like after you touch something at the store then you grab your phone. ) And if you order food, wash your hands, take out bowl or a plate, throw the food into a bowl, then wash your hands again.
Raw D
Raw D 6 oy oldin
Maybe they will pee on it. Lol
Daisy H
Daisy H 6 oy oldin
Me: Pfft, no one can still look pretty in a ghillie suit Samara: :)
I’m Tired
I’m Tired 6 oy oldin
Samara: shows ghillie suit in thumbnail and start or video Also Samara: GUESSES IN COMMENTS
Christian World
Christian World 6 oy oldin
I mean Ghillie suit
Christian World
Christian World 6 oy oldin
I Ghilli Suit
Z!Ro 6 oy oldin
How am I supposed to guess what is it when you show it in the FREAKING THUMBNAIL
Hello Im Nik
Hello Im Nik 6 oy oldin
My concern is, Samara visiting her family getting close to them when we're not meant to be going near any family that we don't live with? Then her grandpas house? Someone tell me I'm wrong pleeeeeeeease *worries for the world*
william winchester
william winchester 6 oy oldin
Again with the cough... stop it it is a cold the most common least lethal sickness chill tf out
Samuel C
Samuel C 6 oy oldin
Andre:*coughs* Samara:*gives him the look* WhAt WaS ThAT? Me:*dials 911* 911:What's your Emergency Me:My favorite youteber has this thing going on....
Samuel C
Samuel C 6 oy oldin
Samara: Asks us to put what we think is in the bag in the coments Also Samara:*uses a thumbnail that indicates its some kind of camoflauge and also in the description puts Giilie Suit* Me: is it a gillie suit?
410 Shells
410 Shells 6 oy oldin
In the famous vocabulary of Donald j trump “Wrong”
Ajeani Sorrell
Ajeani Sorrell 6 oy oldin
Hide suit
swerve king
swerve king 6 oy oldin
you need to play ark there are cute bunny dodos
Bennie Emanuel
Bennie Emanuel 6 oy oldin
Nobody: Exoph: Axvry put sum pants on before I rip it off!!!!!
RPG 6 oy oldin
Andre has a good taste for cereal. I can say this because I am the... CEREAL EXPERT From the scent I can tell he is having country crisp The boredom really hit me hard
Tate Combs
Tate Combs 6 oy oldin
dog: ooh a bush samara: (: dog: (pees) samara: ):
Kimberly Glover
Kimberly Glover 6 oy oldin
Zephaniah Smith
Zephaniah Smith 6 oy oldin
Ghillie suit
Geovin Varghese Sherry
Geovin Varghese Sherry 6 oy oldin
Gulli bush
Sufiyan Zaheer
Sufiyan Zaheer 6 oy oldin
Tg's face when samara coughed 😂😂😂
Meme Unwin
Meme Unwin 6 oy oldin
Ghillie siut
Donovan Daavis
Donovan Daavis 6 oy oldin
You should also play animal crossing and make videos on the game or stream it.
Boonie Booy
Boonie Booy 6 oy oldin
Let me try to see what it is ghillie suit
Itsuki Nakano
Itsuki Nakano 6 oy oldin
That’s a good Job Samara the suit is a 10 out of 10
Gabriel Smith
Gabriel Smith 6 oy oldin
Andre is her pet boyfriend
Jason Gates
Jason Gates 6 oy oldin
The thumbnail had me thinking "Fortnite bush." The very beginning of the video had me thinking "Bigfoot." The bag it came in had me thinking "military camouflage."
plu ll
plu ll 6 oy oldin
We only want to watch miku and George 😂 jk
Rolan Riner
Rolan Riner 6 oy oldin
Get a big flower pot put it at your house then sit In it and get tg to knock on the door and say here I bought u a plant
Lucas Puitch
Lucas Puitch 6 oy oldin
Samara: Guess what is inside and leave your answer in comments Us: sees the picture when clicking on video
Calvin Driscoll
Calvin Driscoll 6 oy oldin
I thought they lived together
jakob kosilnica
jakob kosilnica 6 oy oldin
play hide and seke
GARRON S. DAZEN 6 oy oldin
Is that a ghillie from ark
oG kidd
oG kidd 6 oy oldin
Gihllie suit
Fried Eggs
Fried Eggs 6 oy oldin
Code samararedway no spaces
D'Andre Evans
D'Andre Evans 6 oy oldin
Cough allergies? Ummm 🤔 sureeee
letmewin17yt 6 oy oldin
😂they was running😂
Tamara Bisson
Tamara Bisson 6 oy oldin
Or a gilly soot
Tamara Bisson
Tamara Bisson 6 oy oldin
I think it is a grass soot because I say the picture of it
Caleb junior
Caleb junior 6 oy oldin
The legend of the leaf
Jordan Dailey
Jordan Dailey 6 oy oldin
Samara and tg need to do Friday 13 game
antonio homi
antonio homi 6 oy oldin
I think Samara must join the army lol
Jamani Andrews
Jamani Andrews 6 oy oldin
Guesses:...the thumbnail show what it is and the intro too.
Rashed Nesaar
Rashed Nesaar 6 oy oldin
Getting Jenna Marbles vibes from this video.
Anuj Haval
Anuj Haval 6 oy oldin
my God I thought it was potato 1:00
Timon 12
Timon 12 6 oy oldin
Samara You look like a grass man but stay safe from coronavirus and keep us entertaining like you always do
Manav Dhillon
Manav Dhillon 6 oy oldin
A guy here in india actually did it but he unfortunately got caught by the police. I am serious.
LaLo Nunez
LaLo Nunez 6 oy oldin
Lil Miaumiau97
Lil Miaumiau97 6 oy oldin
That “put some pants on before i rip it off” is definitely exoph 😂😂😂😂😂
Epic Erosion
Epic Erosion 6 oy oldin
It is a ghillie suit samara i love your videos!!!
DaElitePuffyFish 6 oy oldin
Boarding up stores and houses Sounds a lot like South Africa before the social distancing 🇿🇦
DaElitePuffyFish 6 oy oldin
That1Causticbot !
That1Causticbot ! 6 oy oldin
hello fellow south African
DaElitePuffyFish 6 oy oldin
She can now tame a boots in real life❤
Nicholas gopichand
Nicholas gopichand 6 oy oldin
Yessss i remember when exoph said that it was so funny
Epic Erosion
Epic Erosion 6 oy oldin
Yes it was
Rondarius Duncan
Rondarius Duncan 6 oy oldin
Samu 6 oy oldin
5:08 rona that u???
Epic Erosion
Epic Erosion 6 oy oldin
It is 06:22 for me
Epic Erosion
Epic Erosion 6 oy oldin
@Samu wait your at a different time sorry for that
Samu 6 oy oldin
@Epic Erosion dude 8pm is not that late specially when you're on a lockdown. 💁
Epic Erosion
Epic Erosion 6 oy oldin
Great job on staying up this late my guy
Justin Thompson
Justin Thompson 6 oy oldin
Well Samara finally lost it
michael 6 oy oldin
gillie suit
fortnight dog
fortnight dog 6 oy oldin
I think its a thumbnail
Dr.sauage 6 oy oldin
hi your doing a very good job on youtube you should definitely continue on your channel with pranks on your boyfriend
kadin TS
kadin TS 6 oy oldin
A giliy suit
Admin APS Cape
Admin APS Cape 6 oy oldin
You with your family
Admin APS Cape
Admin APS Cape 6 oy oldin
A gilly
TV JAY 6 oy oldin
We need to get out of quarantine
Aljoša Labudović
Aljoša Labudović 6 oy oldin
more friday the 13th the game plssss 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Edgar Sanches
Edgar Sanches 6 oy oldin
Guille suit
Logan Tignor
Logan Tignor 6 oy oldin
I thought it was a sleeping bag.
PopFizzman 6 oy oldin
Hammock is what I think it is
YT_NUT_FUK 6 oy oldin
who puts a ghille suit in a sleeping bag HAHAHA
Harjap Gill
Harjap Gill 6 oy oldin
Gilli suit
Kylie Harper
Kylie Harper 6 oy oldin
Samara stepped on Georges tail lol
Erick Voss
Erick Voss 6 oy oldin
Lmfao she bought a gillie suit
TheBrick Prince
TheBrick Prince 6 oy oldin
Is it a Ghillie Suit
Shakey_prod 6 oy oldin
Why have u not been playing bigfoot?
Robert Priel
Robert Priel 6 oy oldin
Samara, PLEASE wear the ghillie suit while playing ARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARK! ARK! ARK!
KING chazzie
KING chazzie 6 oy oldin
Tells everyone to leaves guesses in comments Samera: puts it in thumbnail
Fearless_Gaming 6 oy oldin
Cat Liberatore
Cat Liberatore 6 oy oldin
Gillis suit
Chris James
Chris James 6 oy oldin
Army suit
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