Ramen Noodles MUKBANG with My Boyfriend! (Vegan)

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Samara Redway

4 oy oldin

HUGE Ramen + Udon Noodle Mukbang w/ My Boyfriend Typical Gamer! Be sure to give this video a thumbs up for more and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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hehe hi

Scott Rine
Scott Rine 3 kun oldin
Sarah Ferraro
Sarah Ferraro 4 kun oldin
samara i dont really like ramen colloge kids wathing like that all i eat
Yuren Sandoval
Yuren Sandoval 5 kun oldin
it was takuwan that was in the broth
Lipiwe Msindwana
Lipiwe Msindwana 7 kun oldin
Do a Mexican mukbang pleeeeaaase.
Anthony NEAL
Anthony NEAL 9 kun oldin
Mexican mukbang
Monster Scott
Monster Scott 16 kun oldin
Then French it let it sit and drain it it taste so much better
H7p3rKN19t 1w1n
H7p3rKN19t 1w1n 27 kun oldin
Why u vegan
Jarryd Wikiel
Jarryd Wikiel 29 kun oldin
Samara: I dont have friends Me: Were your friends and we'll be your friends forever 😖
Fluid 6ix9ine
Fluid 6ix9ine Oy oldin
Lets go lads
팬케이팝 Oy oldin
I love ramen, me and TG would go to eat ramen all the time
Anthony Livingston
Anthony Livingston Oy oldin
My mouth is watering write now it looks so good 😊
Lady Mashaka
Lady Mashaka Oy oldin
I would have to go with Ramen noodles! I am craving it so bad now.. I am new to Texas so i had to google my options near me!
SantaJax72 Oy oldin
typical gamer eats everything
Dellon Crown
Dellon Crown Oy oldin
Two of them I love
Kale Roam
Kale Roam Oy oldin
When is one of you guys gonna propose
Official Barney
Official Barney Oy oldin
I love their mukbangs!!!!! We need more!!!!!
Xtinct _Odell
Xtinct _Odell Oy oldin
Roman noodles
AGP 16
AGP 16 Oy oldin
Ima be honest I grew up eating ramen and broth separate too
Bosnian Gamerić
Bosnian Gamerić Oy oldin
Very suspicious if you ask me :D
Javaria Farooqi
Javaria Farooqi Oy oldin
I thought it was an onion 😂🤣
Joshua Flora
Joshua Flora 2 oy oldin
Ok i have never heard of a place that serves and delivers Ramen
Mohamedsalah Mhamedi
Mohamedsalah Mhamedi 2 oy oldin
Andrea: if you were here I'd share it with you Me:boy you wish Coronavirus
Asher Klein
Asher Klein 2 oy oldin
Ezai Dieujuste
Ezai Dieujuste 2 oy oldin
Ngl TG be more focus on the food in the muckbangs than the muchbang itself lmfao
Ethan John Miclat
Ethan John Miclat 2 oy oldin
Ramen is the besssssssssssssst
FaZa_ Glitch
FaZa_ Glitch 2 oy oldin
Yes I would buy your merch
Ricardo Cervantes
Ricardo Cervantes 2 oy oldin
Where do they get this food from
Mammoth Station
Mammoth Station 2 oy oldin
The day they make reach through screen technology I am watching this video.
Mammoth Station
Mammoth Station 2 oy oldin
The day they make reach through screen technology I am watching this video.
Joseph-George Dilanian
Joseph-George Dilanian 2 oy oldin
am I the only one who eats Ramen with a fork
Animeboiedd 2 oy oldin
I like how samara is talking and u look at Andre and he's destroying that ramen LMAO
Dawson Cunningham
Dawson Cunningham 2 oy oldin
I love ramen
Dawson Cunningham
Dawson Cunningham 2 oy oldin
Slow it down
PammY P'PanN
PammY P'PanN 2 oy oldin
That is called a ginger plat
RedAlphaWolf 808
RedAlphaWolf 808 2 oy oldin
Some people have 2 dollars but they collect it
Typical Type
Typical Type 2 oy oldin
You should do a Asmr
imvu girl
imvu girl 2 oy oldin
My mukbang Is alone at home with 10 pizzas 4 letters of coke and 100 cheese burgers I call it diabetes mukbang
XxRavinxX Love heart
XxRavinxX Love heart 2 oy oldin
Ive never heard of ramen in my life lol
Help me reach 1000 subs without any videos !!
Help me reach 1000 subs without any videos !! 2 oy oldin
I use to not like mushrooms but I also rlly like mushrooms now
Nate 125
Nate 125 2 oy oldin
Next time you do a Mukbang you should do it live on youtube
Saharan Snowman
Saharan Snowman 3 oy oldin
I eat all the Noodles and stuff and I save the Broth for last
Mr Beast
Mr Beast 3 oy oldin
Tg hungryyy
charles abaraodoh
charles abaraodoh 3 oy oldin
We're literally watching them eat just why
Cait x
Cait x 3 oy oldin
Definitely need a Mexican food Mukbang! 😋🌯🌮
Cait x
Cait x 3 oy oldin
I hope you guys do another Mukbang soon!! ☺🥰 Looove these!!
Shawnte Woods
Shawnte Woods 3 oy oldin
In the thumbnail andre looked like grant gustin if you guys know who he is
Kyan Hinkle
Kyan Hinkle 3 oy oldin
Can u do some asmr
David Marcell
David Marcell 3 oy oldin
Can you do a fish mukbang please
Kisame Hoshigaki
Kisame Hoshigaki 3 oy oldin
Ya I love ramen
xtr Jake
xtr Jake 3 oy oldin
I don’t care if it’s cup ramen or a ramen place I love ramen
Kate Peterzell
Kate Peterzell 3 oy oldin
U can get a dipping ramen, where you dip the noddles in the broth.
Bright Night
Bright Night 3 oy oldin
This is like the best asmr ever
Mason PARKENING 3 oy oldin
Please make more of these
Boss Woman
Boss Woman 3 oy oldin
At my house we have the packaged ramen, and my brother likes eating the noodles raw, which I think is weird. He only eats some of them though, then he cooks the rest. Also, you should eat some Ukranian food. A lot of it tastes really weird (at least to me, a person accustomed to American food), but it is cool. I had some at a Ukranian heritage festival near where I live.
Maddiemoomoo Miku and George Lover ❤️
Maddiemoomoo Miku and George Lover ❤️ 3 oy oldin
You should definitely make merch!! I would totally buy it!! 🙃
Javaris Campbell
Javaris Campbell 3 oy oldin
Samara And TG:Using ChopSticks.Me:Using A Fork And Eating Sloppy!😅😅😂😂
ethan manglona
ethan manglona 3 oy oldin
samara please make more mukbangs i watched all of them and loved it
Tristan Ross
Tristan Ross 3 oy oldin
I'm craving that food
Typical Batman
Typical Batman 3 oy oldin
All of that looks good
Mr8bit PRO
Mr8bit PRO 3 oy oldin
Eat Indian pls you are gonna love it..
sour 3 oy oldin
I like how Andre is not even caring what samara says he’s just Loven the food rn
xdpGamer09 YT
xdpGamer09 YT 3 oy oldin
I agree with Samara ramen is just good even though i have had it many times
dragosdavid antonio
dragosdavid antonio 3 oy oldin
Try Romanian food pls
Caustic illusion
Caustic illusion 3 oy oldin
I love these twos relationship
Gavino Perez
Gavino Perez 4 oy oldin
I love both of you guys videos your guys videos are so cool you're the best you're the best UZpostr ever
TGELITE cherno
TGELITE cherno 4 oy oldin
TG needs to drop that shirt again for People that didn’t get it
Julier Estrella
Julier Estrella 4 oy oldin
Eat dipping noodles
Dubberbe 4 oy oldin
I have never had sushi I want to try it some day I with my sis cuz she has had it lol
Side Drop
Side Drop 4 oy oldin
As soon as I saw you channel I just subscribed
TMZ flagz Disc
TMZ flagz Disc 4 oy oldin
Can u guys add me on fortnite my name is zae_boogielove
TMZ flagz Disc
TMZ flagz Disc 4 oy oldin
I’m so hungry and i want some of that food yummmm it looks so good
The Chill Gamer
The Chill Gamer 4 oy oldin
Keep up the great content can u do more of these but next one can u do with dominos or little ceasers something with pizza please but keep up with the good content
Nicholas Kucharski
Nicholas Kucharski 4 oy oldin
LOL your girlfriend is absolutely correct the best one around here is definitely inside a mall and she hit it right on the. It is also Panda Express
Nicholas Kucharski
Nicholas Kucharski 4 oy oldin
We do have two dollar bills actually they're just not made anymore but they still are worth $2 we also have Susan B Anthony gold coins with her worth a dollar and other types of older currency that aren't necessarily made anymore but they still are worth what they were made at the time
shane presley
shane presley 4 oy oldin
Watching this and tg live doing arena rn love you both been here for over four years
James Mcgilber
James Mcgilber 4 oy oldin
ive never seen someone smile for so long
Maya krikstone
Maya krikstone 4 oy oldin
I agree with Andre ramen the best
Not_tigerpro 4 oy oldin
avenger the GSD
avenger the GSD 4 oy oldin
Going to make some ramen rn
avenger the GSD
avenger the GSD 4 oy oldin
TGs shirt omg og
Marsha Mason
Marsha Mason 4 oy oldin
Madz-greenz 4 oy oldin
Yea I'm from Canada just like you guys that's cool
Shusuke Agari
Shusuke Agari 4 oy oldin
All those Ramen are fake Ramen, if you want to try real ones go to Japan
Wolf Leader
Wolf Leader 4 oy oldin
Ugh 10,000 not even close yet 😭
Carmen 4 oy oldin
Yeah you got that yammy yammy
YouTube Spazlan
YouTube Spazlan 4 oy oldin
You should try the nuclear fire noodles
5 Sußbs ßefore ßirthday?
5 Sußbs ßefore ßirthday? 4 oy oldin
Do a seafood mukbang
Tirth Jadvani
Tirth Jadvani 4 oy oldin
Samara can plz do the Indian Food Mukbang
Tyrone Slitlick
Tyrone Slitlick 4 oy oldin
What made u want to be a vegan. To me that's a terrible choice
malakhi garcia
malakhi garcia 4 oy oldin
sushi is the life
juice.y_ mane
juice.y_ mane 4 oy oldin
I want merch
juice.y_ mane
juice.y_ mane 4 oy oldin
Alecninjapants Natchoninja
Alecninjapants Natchoninja 4 oy oldin
When you watch a youtuber for over 5 years and are subbed to all of his channels I wish he has seen my comments 😢😢😢
Creative Edits
Creative Edits 4 oy oldin
Try Indian Food!!❤❤
Armando 4 oy oldin
I like how excited Andre gets with food 😂😂
Austin Gaming
Austin Gaming 4 oy oldin
Please do a Mexican food Mukbang. That would be awesome I love Mexican food! 🇲🇽
YT-lightboss 4 oy oldin
Damn typical lost so!much!weight
Flamingcorn 4 oy oldin
i like raman with hot saice
Nikolai John
Nikolai John 4 oy oldin
Y'all should marry
phoenix clark
phoenix clark 4 oy oldin
@sanararedway you should make a third channel call eating with samara
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