Quit YouTube or BREAK UP!?

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Samara Redway

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Q&A Couples Edition w/ My Boyfriend Typical Gamer! Give this video a thumbs up for more Q&A's and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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hehe hi

Gayathri V
Gayathri V Oy oldin
Gayathri V
Gayathri V Oy oldin
Sara Wortmann
Sara Wortmann Oy oldin
When you do another Q and A can one of the questions be which cat do you like better
darkdragon5 thunder
darkdragon5 thunder 2 oy oldin
nickelodeon uk
nickelodeon uk 3 oy oldin
Let's freaking go let's Let's freaking go let's Andrea and samara are the best Andrea and samara are the best Andrea and samara are the best Did you like my song
nickelodeon uk
nickelodeon uk 3 oy oldin
I feel how you feel what would you say
Leon Burton
Leon Burton 3 oy oldin
Samara should have mercy that says let’s go lads
Happy Happy
Happy Happy 3 oy oldin
Hey typical gamer ain’t no simp
Isiah Arnett
Isiah Arnett 4 oy oldin
Why did I click on this again ohhhhh
Kiara McConnachie
Kiara McConnachie 4 oy oldin
Samara I love all your vids can you do more ark abberation it is my favourite ark series
Lex K3
Lex K3 4 oy oldin
12:13 is the pain in his smile💔
frosty Snipezzz
frosty Snipezzz 4 oy oldin
Prophecy 4 oy oldin
Damn he looked dead inside when you said you would rather break up then quit UZpost damn at least lie or something jeez and we all know he was gonna say quit UZpost and then switched because she said that it actually hurt be on many levels
Fia Hound
Fia Hound 4 oy oldin
Have you guys smash yet they are not talking about food
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson 4 oy oldin
Everyone subscribe and like and hit that bell and have a great day and stay safe
wooga wooga wey pop lock it
wooga wooga wey pop lock it 4 oy oldin
show them
VH11_CHAINZ YT 4 oy oldin
Do you have a twitch I know you won’t see my comment but just asking
Joseph Ambriz
Joseph Ambriz 4 oy oldin
TG is the funniest “all natural” haha
Scythe210 4 oy oldin
He tried his hardest to keep a regular face after the breakup question
Rowan Rojas
Rowan Rojas 4 oy oldin
TTV_Nokyboi 4 oy oldin
I think Andre felt sad when she said she would break up with him for UZpost
TTV_Nokyboi 4 oy oldin
Is Andre on Drugs look at his face rn lmao
Kyle McDonald
Kyle McDonald 4 oy oldin
ThePurpleBoss32 yt
ThePurpleBoss32 yt 4 oy oldin
ThePurpleBoss32 yt
ThePurpleBoss32 yt 4 oy oldin
Golden years
William Graulau
William Graulau 4 oy oldin
how would andre play fortnite without an eye working properly.
Lukas von Schroeder
Lukas von Schroeder 4 oy oldin
TG: Kids are stupid!! Also TG: Looses half of his almost ten million followers
Funny Ha
Funny Ha 4 oy oldin
Fun fact if yall break up i would stop watching cause it wouldn't be the same😂😂
Jodi Loch
Jodi Loch 4 oy oldin
Bad choice guys you guys are great together and I don't see you guys apart.
Noelia Rodriguez
Noelia Rodriguez 4 oy oldin
When you are going to get married you guys are perfect together
TYPICAL_ DAVEN 4 oy oldin
Laada di ladada doo...and when your gone i'll think of you The both of you...your the best😊❤🕶
OfficialVivian Vu
OfficialVivian Vu 4 oy oldin
This is what you came for 11:35 11:35 11:35 11:35 11:35
SF Geovern
SF Geovern 4 oy oldin
No do this Quit Caffeine And Do YT live stream Or Break up
Aaron Cruz
Aaron Cruz 4 oy oldin
9:24 I’m cat girl
Mikey Yasterast
Mikey Yasterast 4 oy oldin
What ........
dojogaming 1
dojogaming 1 4 oy oldin
Jurassic Park miku on camera
Anime Riot
Anime Riot 4 oy oldin
my eyes dont listen to me anymore...!!!
I like Mountain
I like Mountain 4 oy oldin
Let’s fricking go lads Let’s fricking go lads
AMD 65
AMD 65 4 oy oldin
break up already damn. Canadians 🤦🏻‍♂️
XD Fortnite pro XD
XD Fortnite pro XD 4 oy oldin
First time seeing typicle gamer with no glasses
mr xcorpio
mr xcorpio 4 oy oldin
not food like losing ur verginite
Bazan1122 4 oy oldin
That’s cool and all but why y’all always talking about breaking up?🤨🤦🏽‍♂️
Fishy World
Fishy World 4 oy oldin
Ck2020 4 oy oldin
Why do u go jiggy jiggy on Andre biggy biggy
Anthony Binns
Anthony Binns 4 oy oldin
I would quit UZpost
Dang Man
Dang Man 4 oy oldin
U are hot samara
Faze Waves
Faze Waves 4 oy oldin
Can you kiss tg on stream or in a video
Law Playz2
Law Playz2 4 oy oldin
Ello mates love your videos keep up the work mate
Hell_fox759 4 oy oldin
Your company should be called TG industries
Mad Ammo
Mad Ammo 4 oy oldin
Definitely break up.. they would have to get real jobs if they quit youtube. With Samara's rack she could find a new rich guy to take care of her tomorrow. And Andre has money and some fame so women should be easy to get. easy choice.
Mad Ammo
Mad Ammo 4 oy oldin
@Drey Skate he plays video games.. slow down on the intelligent part...lol.. you clearly envy anyone with a little bit of money..lol.
Drey Skate
Drey Skate 4 oy oldin
You could clearly feel the pain in him when Samara said she would breakup and Andre had to change his answer as well because if he said quit YT it would have flamed anger in both communities and everyone would have assumed Samara is only in for the money. Smart boy.
Drey Skate
Drey Skate 4 oy oldin
Y would She or why would anyone? Andre is the only realistic utber out there, has almost everything a perfect man could have. Smart, rich, personality and pure heart human being. Samara is only cuz of TG.
Alkaline Musiq
Alkaline Musiq 4 oy oldin
Samara smile could move mountains 😍😘
Ethan Currie
Ethan Currie 4 oy oldin
Samara is thick ik she has and but like she is pretty af
mr marc. king
mr marc. king 4 oy oldin
WHAT MARK HAMILL 😥😥 wish I could meet him
Ray jungle
Ray jungle 4 oy oldin
He didnt even know what an avocado was -samara redway
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz 4 oy oldin
VORTEX_YT 4 oy oldin
TG is looking skinny
kadios jr
kadios jr 4 oy oldin
I disliked bc u would break up wit him and y'all had to build that bond and relationship so u would throw it all away I hope u read this and change ur wats of thinking because it's hard to find good men these days he probably hasn't shaved his beard in a while but y'all have a family u don't gotta have kids but I would give everything to be u
Musili agbaje
Musili agbaje 4 oy oldin
I was staring at your🍒 the whole video
Zoey Vine
Zoey Vine 4 oy oldin
Aww man I’m late I’m sorry but your my favourite UZpostr
Sean Little
Sean Little 4 oy oldin
Can y’all do more q&a
Jack Frawley
Jack Frawley 4 oy oldin
Me just randomly saying let’s fricken go lads then clicks on the video... what 😂😂
Mr.Capo11 4 oy oldin
932 that's a demon cat😂
CP CP 4 oy oldin
I’m back haven’t seen your vlogs in a while been a subscriber for 3 years first video I watched was when you were playing life is strange saw your other vlogs about Australia where I live just wanted to say I appreciate you uploading couple times a week I’m going through a tough time at the moment with depression and extreme anxiety due to having to come to terms with a life long health issue your videos always help me and make my day better it brings a lot of joy to me and I really appreciate it I’ve also recently been watching Andre too since I found his channel through watching you and the same goes for him you both have been bringing some happiness back into my life so thank you for that I appreciate it 😊
Joe Bigs
Joe Bigs 4 oy oldin
Jthaniel Hunter
Jthaniel Hunter 4 oy oldin
Tc Isaiah
Tc Isaiah 4 oy oldin
And do you stream on twitch because it dont show your stream on my phone
Tc Isaiah
Tc Isaiah 4 oy oldin
Hey samara do you curse
Jacque W.
Jacque W. 4 oy oldin
the word your looking for is GLORY DAYS
Carmine 4 oy oldin
Hi cutie
Trezzy .Tre10
Trezzy .Tre10 4 oy oldin
“ I was gone full blown lick you 😭😂”
Tacos_ WRLD999
Tacos_ WRLD999 4 oy oldin
omg i saw the title of this video and i thought u guys were breaking up i was so sad i was like "noooo they have been my favourite gaming couple since i was a little kid"
Scarface X
Scarface X 4 oy oldin
Unbentarrow 2784
Unbentarrow 2784 4 oy oldin
WTF what were you thinking when you asked did you mash yet you know thay wont answer that question
Ollie Pettiford
Ollie Pettiford 4 oy oldin
Neither u guys are good together and dont quit yt on ur gaming channel ur almost at 1mil
Meme Company
Meme Company 4 oy oldin
Bilal I'm gonna call you out because she did say she would rather break up but idk about that she is so kind and she loves him so...
Oksana Summer
Oksana Summer 4 oy oldin
I literally just start singing Let's freakin' go lads! FOR NO REASON on a regular basis.😂
Typical rick
Typical rick 4 oy oldin
I have my own business in cudad jaurz right next to el paso come to angels burger if you love vegan burgers
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 4 oy oldin
You cute
Paranzino Dante
Paranzino Dante 4 oy oldin
Let’s go lads
poor gamer
poor gamer 4 oy oldin
Seriuosly break up come on samara and tg you both are better then that
Liz Diaz
Liz Diaz 4 oy oldin
C0NN0R 4 oy oldin
Last of us part 2
Courtney Lee
Courtney Lee 4 oy oldin
lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 4 oy oldin
She’s using tg for da money
Lance Altland
Lance Altland 4 oy oldin
I subbed to u both
Dillimss- 4 oy oldin
Break up bro she not that cute
SunsBTW 4 oy oldin
Drugged andre lmao
Sakima Bucknor
Sakima Bucknor 4 oy oldin
Y’all should break up
RVX Moon
RVX Moon 4 oy oldin
TG is mini ninja
amie _shanaya
amie _shanaya 4 oy oldin
Yass my question made it!! This Q&A was really funny. I hope you guys will do another one 😊😊💜💜
Farshad Yasini
Farshad Yasini 4 oy oldin
9:21 Jorge was like “if you ever kiss my mom without my permission I will hunt you in your sleep”
Jinx Requiem
Jinx Requiem 4 oy oldin
Pathetic he needs to do it while he sleeps, what a coward fight like a man
Lil Ozi
Lil Ozi 4 oy oldin
Love your vids dude please uploads more ❤️
ChakaGamer 4 oy oldin
No breaking up. You guys are the only couple i believe in.
OPE ŠyPhÈñ 4 oy oldin
I love your vids
JamaalStayLit 4 oy oldin
what the hell are the comments
HunchoJack 4 oy oldin
as in avocado smash they mean she’s the avocado and he smashes the insides
AlmightyLegend2x 4 oy oldin
8:38 😂😂😂
Mason Graves
Mason Graves 4 oy oldin
Bro TG look high
Levi Tryggestad
Levi Tryggestad 4 oy oldin
Wonder years
Levi Tryggestad
Levi Tryggestad 4 oy oldin
The movie is go fish and I just saw it and I loved it. Watched it in my home theater because we can't go to the cinema. My theaters better.... 900 square feet with 9.1 sound system, 20 seats, a bar, a poker, and a pool table.
Samara Redway
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