Opening a $2000 1st Edition Pokemon Pack!

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Samara Redway

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He bought a $2000 1st Edition Pokemon Pack and THIS HAPPENED! Also give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more!
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hehe hi

Suzelle Breet
Suzelle Breet Kun oldin
Hulle Sm
Logan Hernandez
Logan Hernandez 4 kun oldin
Poor Andrea
Gamer_Iz14 4 kun oldin
Can you do the Pause challenge again please (like if you agree)
Tlhaletsang Bonoko
Tlhaletsang Bonoko 5 kun oldin
Bro I got a charizard in the first edition
jimbob5040ify 6 kun oldin
I need ur guy help i got my pc i play on fortnite i dont what is best setup for game my epic name is drystone_cereal7 i hope i get play game with u guy on fortnite
Eli no clout Lol
Eli no clout Lol 8 kun oldin
I love the intro
Busternixx 9 kun oldin
That means each card is $200
Rylin Hall
Rylin Hall 9 kun oldin
Can you please do more fortnight
MyNameMagikoopa On Instagram
MyNameMagikoopa On Instagram 11 kun oldin
Do you like Montreal or Toronto
Sweaty Tweet223
Sweaty Tweet223 11 kun oldin
Tg plays is a lucky man
Icy Skies
Icy Skies 12 kun oldin
Samara looks at Pokémon card: ewww what the hell is even that lmfao Me: 🤣
Xavier Quarles
Xavier Quarles 12 kun oldin
Sub to her
Ethan V
Ethan V 12 kun oldin
Dood they have real love
Amanda Vrahlioti
Amanda Vrahlioti 15 kun oldin
10 unit gamer
10 unit gamer 15 kun oldin
Everyone SUBSCRIBE to 7unit gamer
Nyaradzo Chigwada
Nyaradzo Chigwada 17 kun oldin
I know I am a bit late but my daughters name is Samara to9
Fortnitefriendly _Stream Channel
Fortnitefriendly _Stream Channel 17 kun oldin
mya milaya
mya milaya 18 kun oldin
Did someone here wat the hell or is it just me
Janine Bradley
Janine Bradley 18 kun oldin
Hi I'm are big fan
Ryan hiro Baul
Ryan hiro Baul 18 kun oldin
Hi samara my eight birthday is at Jan ten and happy new year
wrld of God
wrld of God 19 kun oldin
Hi im big fan
gaming turtle
gaming turtle 21 kun oldin
I just wonder how samara and Andre doesn’t have like 50 mil subs already like mr beast or something
CEK Pro 22 kun oldin
You are so beautiful Andre is so lucky to have a beautiful and loving girlfriend like you I hope everyone who reads this has a good day
Winter twenty1
Winter twenty1 2 kun oldin
Cristal Ocean
Cristal Ocean 9 kun oldin
Simp alert
Jayden Clarke
Jayden Clarke 10 kun oldin
Marwa Morsy
Marwa Morsy 10 kun oldin
Carlos Quele
Carlos Quele 24 kun oldin
Samara you are very pretty , Happy holidays :) , Happy early new year
Tyler Cool
Tyler Cool 25 kun oldin
Why do you don’t have no glasses TG
Adrial Gonzalez
Adrial Gonzalez Oy oldin
What about ancient Mewtwo
Matthew Santos
Matthew Santos Oy oldin
What is your ñame in Fortnite
Garden Fresh
Garden Fresh Oy oldin
Umm who liked
little stich
little stich Oy oldin
Yes they are I urge
foxy Dack
foxy Dack Oy oldin
Garden Fresh
Garden Fresh Oy oldin
Jojo Flores
Jojo Flores Oy oldin
I got renegade radir
reflex Oy oldin
aj 29
aj 29 Oy oldin
, hey
Kevin Acosta acosta
Kevin Acosta acosta Oy oldin
Why don’t you marry him for Christmas
Sparo GX
Sparo GX Oy oldin
Do you live in usa
Kami_ soCooll
Kami_ soCooll Oy oldin
Mussa's PlayHouse
Mussa's PlayHouse Oy oldin
I love your videos so much and Samira and typical gamer I know how are you so good at Fortnite typical gamer
Winnes Winnes
Winnes Winnes Oy oldin
Is it just me or do they live in a penthouse😂😂😂😂😂😂
8Mobowofoluwa Ilesanmi-Olotuah
8Mobowofoluwa Ilesanmi-Olotuah Oy oldin
Is that typical gamer!!!
mr.Evil minion
mr.Evil minion Oy oldin
What is her twitch?
Rex Clips
Rex Clips Oy oldin
382 comment not kidding
Hahsheem McQueen
Hahsheem McQueen Oy oldin
Live stream
Emanuel Paul
Emanuel Paul Oy oldin
Beast 1232
Beast 1232 Oy oldin
Does samara have plastic surgery
Clint Pruitt
Clint Pruitt Oy oldin
Why a bad word
Peter Sketch
Peter Sketch Oy oldin
What charity it is ?
Carlos Santome
Carlos Santome Oy oldin
Hey y’all go and subscribe to l&c family 😎😎😎
Spiral_Playz Oy oldin
Typical looks so different without glasses and a hat
Charlene Oy oldin
Why are Pokémon cards so popular again now randomly also how did among us and fall guys get so popular like if you agree
1call Bank2.0
1call Bank2.0 Oy oldin
Literally to the 1% who'd reading this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful year.. small channel
Ayiden shute
Ayiden shute Oy oldin
You should try a Battle pass skin Only
Alex Macias
Alex Macias Oy oldin
Hi Samara how are you doing today:) tell Andre to keep up the good work! Both of you have the best content ever!
Electric Gaming
Electric Gaming Oy oldin
I have i first edition holo snorlax what would you give for that
DrippedLife Oy oldin
There’s no way Samara comments “ Hey Zay”
Neel Saxena
Neel Saxena Oy oldin
You’re right.....there’s no way
Elisa Ayala
Elisa Ayala Oy oldin
Jorge is cute
lilstyx06 Oy oldin
love the vids my bday is on the 29 yt lilstyx06
Chris Valdez
Chris Valdez Oy oldin
Okay have been opening packs with him for like a month and you still call them the “the blue ones”. And not water types
Sadie Adler
Sadie Adler Oy oldin
Laser gamer
Laser gamer Oy oldin
Yu gi oh cards are betterv
Fire shoes Keon
Fire shoes Keon Oy oldin
Royal Gamer
Royal Gamer 2 oy oldin
Who agrees that she deserves to get to 1 million subscribers
Damon Roe
Damon Roe 2 oy oldin
So you paid $1800 for a single pack of cards that you didn't even get to open?
Uniquedush-vlogs 2 oy oldin
I like yo cut geee
uo noop lol
uo noop lol 2 oy oldin
Manome Divine
Manome Divine 2 oy oldin
I have a krabby that everyone wants is it rare?
uo noop lol
uo noop lol 2 oy oldin
uo noop lol
uo noop lol 2 oy oldin
Andrès Soler
Andrès Soler 2 oy oldin
Samara, can u tell tg that he es a great youtuber and that he never stops uploading plissss
Andrès Soler
Andrès Soler 2 oy oldin
No, i said it wrong, i wanted too say that he is a great youtuber and that i dont want him to stop uploading :)
TripiA 2 oy oldin
I’m sorry but someone needs to say it Y’all are adults buying Pokémon cards 🤦🏽‍♂️
Noir Plores
Noir Plores Oy oldin
It’s what they enjoy let them do what they want to do
Xavier Mejia
Xavier Mejia 2 oy oldin
Can you tell andre I said hi please thank you
Pokemaster Peyton
Pokemaster Peyton 2 oy oldin
oh okay theyer doing on a live stream with pokemon collectors
Pokemaster Peyton
Pokemaster Peyton 2 oy oldin
ok thank god it was not a base set 1st edition pack amagin it was a charizard i would probly cring seeing how he handeled it plue iv been looking for one for years
elijah rivera
elijah rivera 2 oy oldin
Highlights of samara vlogs Samara highlights:i think im gonna order food
Ssargun Kaur
Ssargun Kaur 2 oy oldin
People who love pokemon videos like this comment 😘
Citadel Nate
Citadel Nate 2 oy oldin
andray is probably crying off camera
Hira Sajid
Hira Sajid 2 oy oldin
That's muk
Amanda Cartrette
Amanda Cartrette 2 oy oldin
I Had The Happiest 26th Birthday Ever Yesterday, Samara Redway.
Luke Reyes
Luke Reyes 2 oy oldin
Samara prank TypicalGamer while his playing LoL with Wireless Keyboard
jocelyn boone
jocelyn boone 2 oy oldin
Your hair cut looks good TG
Edwin Cardenas
Edwin Cardenas 2 oy oldin
My friend had every single ix I think thats what they call it and had pure rainbow ones and unfortunately I lost mines
VR-Nathaniel Orvik
VR-Nathaniel Orvik 2 oy oldin
guys sub to samara redway and typycal gazmer :D do it ;D
VR-Nathaniel Orvik
VR-Nathaniel Orvik 2 oy oldin
i mean u gf is not play so mutch mut open mor pokimonnn hwyyyyyy kan you say i love hes vedios
Negative 2 oy oldin
Why do you look annoyed by Andre lol
Amber Sooden
Amber Sooden 2 oy oldin
Do Indian Mukbang Indian food is really good
The 3 Musketeers
The 3 Musketeers 2 oy oldin
Her face just keeps on getting greasier and greasier
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 oy oldin
Love you samara, may the force be with you
pamps30 2 oy oldin
Ege Güney
Ege Güney 2 oy oldin
galaktus live stream pls 7 days later
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 2 oy oldin
Bro I'm freaking out he spend alot of money and got booty cards bro wtf
NGAI JESSYE Moe 2 oy oldin
so expensive
tristan ponton
tristan ponton 2 oy oldin
Please make a nother muckbang vid
Henry Neuberger
Henry Neuberger 2 oy oldin
thank you samaraw for uploading i feel happy about your uplods cause my mom passed and it just hard to deal with
Darius Gilmore
Darius Gilmore 2 oy oldin
Bro come to the stemr
Young Jayden
Young Jayden 2 oy oldin
In fortnite they should do a custom lobby and have team Samaria and team Typical Gamer and they battle each other and see who win's.
Kena Kigera
Kena Kigera 2 oy oldin
Don't open them sell them for 1000$
Sin_ifed 2 oy oldin
George Miku GeorgeNotFound PokiMane
tyical tv
tyical tv 2 oy oldin
Rasheed Forbes
Rasheed Forbes 2 oy oldin
I'm dieing right now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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