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Samara Redway

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I said YES to EVERYTHING my boyfriend said for 24 HOURS! Be sure to give this video a thumbs up for more and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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hehe hi

Destian Dunn
Destian Dunn 3 soat oldin
Jared Ruiz
Jared Ruiz 7 soat oldin
nick EH 30
Digity2443 18 soat oldin
Typical gamer ducks he's washed
Koredell King
Koredell King 23 soat oldin
Bro he doesn’t play on controller
king j
king j Kun oldin
ZYNX ! Kun oldin
Anyone see the black stuff in his teeth in the Star of the vid
Neleh Dannelley
Neleh Dannelley Kun oldin
Did she cut her hair off
Peyton Easley
Peyton Easley 2 kun oldin
gaming boy 616
gaming boy 616 2 kun oldin
Tiko is sad fish toco
Dodo Mady
Dodo Mady 2 kun oldin
Lamborghini yayyyyyy 😃
mohamed madbouly
mohamed madbouly 2 kun oldin
Can you make a video about your body and everything in your body
mohamed madbouly
mohamed madbouly 2 kun oldin
Can you make a video
mohamed madbouly
mohamed madbouly 2 kun oldin
Hey good job in the film
Declan ivess
Declan ivess 3 kun oldin
Declan ivess
Declan ivess 3 kun oldin
Declan ivess
Declan ivess 3 kun oldin
You are good people like me
Pin Me
Pin Me 3 kun oldin
Amen put on a shirt
Ra!n 4 kun oldin
What are those black things on his teeth 0:11, Cavities?
DOGS RULE 4 kun oldin
Samara I think there’s like 10 people left TG ugggggggghhhhhh Samara oh he died Me hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah lol
INOTmathew 4 kun oldin
He has cavity’s???
r r
r r 4 kun oldin
imagine he said can u jump off a bridge
claire harwood
claire harwood 4 kun oldin
Eny one watching in 2021
Gaminglo3dR6 5 kun oldin
Any 1 else had bad thoughts when he said put on a bikini
Godsdope 5 kun oldin
Your boyfriend is a very positive person every time I watch his video he is always positive!😁😁😄😄😆
Anthony Morales Frace
Anthony Morales Frace 5 kun oldin
I love you and your video
John Torres
John Torres 5 kun oldin
lowkey funny
lowkey funny 5 kun oldin
what was that stuff in his teeth when he first woke up
Gentry Powell
Gentry Powell 6 kun oldin
His teeth 🦷
Brooklyn Nicolee
Brooklyn Nicolee 6 kun oldin
Why did this woman not tell her man about the charcoal in his teeth😂
Bob Dunlop
Bob Dunlop 6 kun oldin
I loved the video and you are so pretty like a princess 👑🥰💗😊
stooop_ owk
stooop_ owk 6 kun oldin
He has cavities
SENSEIYT 6 kun oldin
Who saw his teeth there was black stuff
Blake Couch
Blake Couch 7 kun oldin
Y’all videos always make me smile 😊
Gatorade Gulper
Gatorade Gulper 7 kun oldin
Nice teeth bud, buddy, buckaroo
Fredrik Binnie
Fredrik Binnie 7 kun oldin
Imagine he said “I WANT A BUGGATI” The chat: R.I.P your life spendings and bank account
George Farmer
George Farmer 3 kun oldin
Dont give him an Idea
mike taimanglo
mike taimanglo 8 kun oldin
What si that in your teeth
Tessa Reid
Tessa Reid 9 kun oldin
u need to give him a hair cut
CONNOR MILLAR 9 kun oldin
Why sis Andre order a Big Mac with no meat
hannah pumphrey
hannah pumphrey 10 kun oldin
Bro the lambo is freaking fire 🔥
Jamarion Mason
Jamarion Mason 11 kun oldin
I know we all see that black stuff in his teeth
Gaming with Jojo
Gaming with Jojo 11 kun oldin
samara loves it when andre takes off his shirt. Her mind it sing the halo song
Aly Hashem
Aly Hashem 12 kun oldin
I love this car
badadrew808 12 kun oldin
me to
I kill gacha heaters ._.
I kill gacha heaters ._. 13 kun oldin
You look like my teacher
SoaR Laxy
SoaR Laxy 13 kun oldin
Woah tg since when did u have a lambo or a Tesla
aidan 13 kun oldin
does he have cavities? or is he having food in his teeth the whole day.
Alexia G.
Alexia G. 13 kun oldin
Hi I love your Vids and Keep up The work
Silvia Greene
Silvia Greene 13 kun oldin
The dangerous mist lately radiate because bandana concurringly coil failing a callous kamikaze. overconfident, cooperative front
MAX PRO 13 kun oldin
So Rich
Sara Paul
Sara Paul 14 kun oldin
He smokes look at the stuff on his teeth
Neeraj Lala
Neeraj Lala 14 kun oldin
I knew he was going to say get me a coffe strait away lol
Connor Hare
Connor Hare 14 kun oldin
Me or did I get scared when he said “go get bikini on 😳
Olivia Brister
Olivia Brister 14 kun oldin
He had black stuff in his teeth
malachi Mason
malachi Mason 14 kun oldin
He looks so different without his glasses
Nimo Awale
Nimo Awale 14 kun oldin
Nimo Awale
Nimo Awale 14 kun oldin
parth patel
parth patel 15 kun oldin
andre did not brush
Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward 15 kun oldin
jaymerlyn red
jaymerlyn red 15 kun oldin
FOOTNITE TWIST!! 16 kun oldin
Samara is a bad coach lol
FOOTNITE TWIST!! 16 kun oldin
Andre had black bits on his teeth
Danielle Umoh
Danielle Umoh 16 kun oldin
Camera are use all typical gamer no spaces in the item shop you are the best typical gamer
TIMOTHY EAGLE 16 kun oldin
More than 20k lollll
Luis Ramos
Luis Ramos 16 kun oldin
I think I know why he always where hats
GamerJay_31 Fishy
GamerJay_31 Fishy 16 kun oldin
5:23 that face tho
Mr-omar- Egy
Mr-omar- Egy 17 kun oldin
And the like goal is 84k bruh
Mr-omar- Egy
Mr-omar- Egy 17 kun oldin
I like when Andrea doesent have his glass and hat on he looks like a full new man 😇
Nicholas Mendez
Nicholas Mendez 17 kun oldin
Look at his teeth
Braeden Osburn
Braeden Osburn 17 kun oldin
Why is his teeth black lol 😂
Rich_duct 17 kun oldin
You did go to sleep late why...🤔🤔🤔🤔🤏
Badkidjayshaunt-_- YT
Badkidjayshaunt-_- YT 17 kun oldin
Andre gaming set up I so cool
Dirt Road Dawg
Dirt Road Dawg 17 kun oldin
Do yalllike chick fa la
Sareen G
Sareen G 17 kun oldin
the lambo is on fire🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍
Gab'sile Dlamini
Gab'sile Dlamini 17 kun oldin
you know andre did not brush his teeth
Kiarra Thomas
Kiarra Thomas 17 kun oldin
Do I live in Miami
TBLAZE 18 kun oldin
Have y’all seen the black stuff in his teeth SMH
Omar Rojas
Omar Rojas 18 kun oldin
Of course he has a Lamborghini.
Shawna Burgess
Shawna Burgess 18 kun oldin
Dummy Sand is rocks
kenneth montero
kenneth montero 18 kun oldin
What a couple of love!
Lapo Dapo
Lapo Dapo 18 kun oldin
I would be so scared to drive
Gamer Girlz
Gamer Girlz 18 kun oldin
Y did tg not were a shirt for half of the vido
M!ku! 19 kun oldin
I love your and Andres videos! I remember seeing you being the McDonalds on stream!
Nicky Cuff
Nicky Cuff 19 kun oldin
The lambo is nasty
Matthew Morrow
Matthew Morrow 19 kun oldin
That hair dough
Viktor Atanasov
Viktor Atanasov 19 kun oldin
9:47 "can I get one in between"🤣🤣
Titas Titas
Titas Titas 20 kun oldin
Nice lambo
Tama O Le Nu’u TOLN
Tama O Le Nu’u TOLN 20 kun oldin
Wow his name is andrwe
Tama O Le Nu’u TOLN
Tama O Le Nu’u TOLN 20 kun oldin
I ment Andrew
Goat Marsh
Goat Marsh 20 kun oldin
Typical looks weird without doing his hair
Lily Smith
Lily Smith 20 kun oldin
Samaras face when he said shes driving hit me!!
Rice sqaudYT ;-;
Rice sqaudYT ;-; 20 kun oldin
Do not eat to much ramen is can maybe cause canser
Yourex_skatergirl Ayyy
Yourex_skatergirl Ayyy 20 kun oldin
When he said bikini*pause* I was like Oop he did not just pause me realized damn I’m sooo dirty minded 🤭
TeddyGamez! 18 kun oldin
I was like Uhm mother ima go to my room
TeddyGamez! 18 kun oldin
XD same
Makayla Crosby
Makayla Crosby 19 kun oldin
Lol sameeee 😁😂
Mileyshka Mari
Mileyshka Mari 20 kun oldin
Hahaa black thing on his teeth I think it’s Oreo
Cade Alex Engel
Cade Alex Engel 20 kun oldin
Did Andre say he wanted a big Mac with no meat on it?
Carlos Coronel
Carlos Coronel 20 kun oldin
Anybody else whachting this in 2021
Jay Kim
Jay Kim 20 kun oldin
He’s one hairy dude
Stephan Burgess
Stephan Burgess 20 kun oldin
I watch bay watch
Steel Shot
Steel Shot 20 kun oldin
Me: sees Andre's hair Also me: GET A HAIRCUT MY GUY, YOU HAVE A MINI AFRO
Nathan Martinez
Nathan Martinez 21 kun oldin
Alison Laughlin
Alison Laughlin 21 kun oldin
tg neads to be moor nice more
physic up
physic up 21 kun oldin
oof samara
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