I said YES to EVERYTHING my boyfriend said for 24 HOURS! (Challenge)

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Samara Redway

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Saying YES to My Boyfriend Typical Gamer for 24 HOURS! Be sure to give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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hehe hi

Logic 7 soat oldin
Wait does Andre stream when samara makes her vlogs/videos?😳
Winter twenty1
Winter twenty1 2 kun oldin
Give give typical gamer a yes day I really like them lot 😂😂
susmithasai 2 kun oldin
Get married already it’s been six years😭😭😭😭😭😭
Nader Abdelmalek
Nader Abdelmalek 2 kun oldin
where is Andre's main Christmas present, it has been 3 weeks
Phillip Russo
Phillip Russo 2 kun oldin
With how much money you two have, you should make the audio not sound so awful, get some sound proofing or anything on the walls
Sebastian savage
Sebastian savage 4 kun oldin
Love the vids ❤️
Fayzaan Mia
Fayzaan Mia 5 kun oldin
Were a mask
Raymond Renzo
Raymond Renzo 7 kun oldin
We love these videos ❤️❤️❤️
Suresh Patel
Suresh Patel 8 kun oldin
I see a pizza for 20k on thumbnail Me: Seems legit
OrganicChaff265 10 kun oldin
Tiypical Gamer fan
Tiypical Gamer fan 11 kun oldin
Go go go “power rangers “
sus frog
sus frog 14 kun oldin
when they take a walk it looks like there at tilted
Ivan Williams
Ivan Williams 14 kun oldin
Fortbagman 15 kun oldin
There it a head in usa
Miichaeljr 16 kun oldin
love from Florida 🤍
Mohammed Jamil
Mohammed Jamil 17 kun oldin
What would any of us do if them to break up
Nexus The Nex
Nexus The Nex 17 kun oldin
I was walking on the sidewalk and saw a Dragonite head on the road😳🥺🙁😖😭
NAnotshy 17 kun oldin
Didn’t put video in andres hands😂
Iris Herazo
Iris Herazo 17 kun oldin
I love!!! Hot chocolate 🍫
DJCrystian 10
DJCrystian 10 18 kun oldin
3:23 i hate hot chocolate lol
Rhys Scott
Rhys Scott 18 kun oldin
I don't like hot chocolate
Leonel Madrigal
Leonel Madrigal 18 kun oldin
9:45 - 9:51 miku just jump like a crazy cat but it looked like miku falled it was a sad/funny moment 😩🤣.
KingRastaPlayz 18 kun oldin
Perfect setup tour 6:08
Justin Cortez Cobian
Justin Cortez Cobian 20 kun oldin
Where is the present for andre
gaming with curt
gaming with curt 20 kun oldin
Smart Home Gaming
Smart Home Gaming 20 kun oldin
I hate coffee but hot chocolate is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alli Miller
Alli Miller 20 kun oldin
He should do it for you
Gamergods YT
Gamergods YT 20 kun oldin
Pls propse to her andre
Aaron Miller jr
Aaron Miller jr 20 kun oldin
Aaron Miller jr
Aaron Miller jr 20 kun oldin
Wendy Wright
Wendy Wright 21 kun oldin
Tg never stop playing fortnite hey samara do I destroy tg pc like for real but you buy him an new one that would be the 2021 best prank
Thatboijayden Tv
Thatboijayden Tv 21 kun oldin
FoxerGamer 123
FoxerGamer 123 21 kun oldin
Pov: Andre Destroyed The Dragonite Because He Wanted A Charizard
RobloxLegend3016 king
RobloxLegend3016 king 21 kun oldin
What's your credit card number
Meowcles 22 kun oldin
Let's goooooo my boy andre
Ethan Kerr
Ethan Kerr 22 kun oldin
When TG said "they shoved an apple into the can" 😭😭
Elixer 26
Elixer 26 22 kun oldin
Tyler lynch
Tyler lynch 22 kun oldin
Use code Samararedway in the item shop
Genevieve Roy
Genevieve Roy 22 kun oldin
If u play with me ill gift u anything u want for 24 hours (if you comment on MY comment your user and what u want, the top comment (first MOST liked comment) will play / ill gift them anything for 24 hours tfgtghrtgregrsgergg EDIT 1: ill tell you my user, I might change it soon so be quick to see my comment :v USER: Cloudii.Peach
RealFvmous K
RealFvmous K 22 kun oldin
Do a Chinese Food Mukbang
Tavis Waller
Tavis Waller 22 kun oldin
I don’t like hot chocolate like if you agree
ARYA AHMAD 22 kun oldin
Do it again but this time it's samara's yas day
Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun 22 kun oldin
Yes day
Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun 22 kun oldin
Preston W
Preston W 22 kun oldin
I’m new I now about TG but not you but now I do
Travis Acompora
Travis Acompora 22 kun oldin
It’s 2021
Fc CoCo
Fc CoCo 22 kun oldin
Billy Walthers
Billy Walthers 22 kun oldin
im now
Trentin Carter
Trentin Carter 22 kun oldin
Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
Lj Henry
Lj Henry 22 kun oldin
I had a surgey in vancover and in 10
Chans DeVon
Chans DeVon 22 kun oldin
This is the part of the stream I was so confused about lol
Chans DeVon
Chans DeVon 22 kun oldin
Hey did u use his palbal for that gameboy
The Game Boy
The Game Boy 22 kun oldin
Best youtubers ever
Phantom gamer
Phantom gamer 22 kun oldin
I like Samaria's videos her videos makes me happy and joyful.
Undeterred 1
Undeterred 1 22 kun oldin
she is so annoying lol
Dustin Dennings
Dustin Dennings 23 kun oldin
Dustin Dennings
Dustin Dennings 23 kun oldin
Are yall gonna ever have iids
Regon Klimov
Regon Klimov 23 kun oldin
Happy new year
salatiko04 23 kun oldin
Damien Gaming
Damien Gaming 23 kun oldin
Hi guys I love some errors and Andre’s video you are the other couple you guys be cool videos keep up the good work
Brandie Wolfe
Brandie Wolfe 23 kun oldin
what does trainsit maen
Bailey Gould
Bailey Gould 23 kun oldin
I'm the 800th comment yay
Z!Ro 23 kun oldin
I think samara do this more because when ever it happens tg wants to go out side so it's a win win for her😂
p mar
p mar 23 kun oldin
I love you samara when I'm sad i watch you and you make me smile
Shivang Mittal
Shivang Mittal 23 kun oldin
Haven't heard her curse in a very long time 9:09 Great vid btw
Micah Pardue
Micah Pardue 15 kun oldin
Samara and Andre say it all the time
lucifer 23 kun oldin
freakin isn't a curse.
Raul Arreola
Raul Arreola 23 kun oldin
Hii love you vids
Naruto Nick
Naruto Nick 23 kun oldin
Hello samara. I have an awesome idea. Fortnite should release a pack called the true gamers pack. It will include a samara skin and a Andre skin. You back bling will be miku and Andres would be George. Please heart this comment if you would want to see that. Love you samara and Andre❤️❤️
Edward Buchanan
Edward Buchanan 23 kun oldin
TG ever going to marry you? Wasting time at this point.
Roman Galan
Roman Galan 23 kun oldin
break up samra you need a handsome man then Andre
Ntr Gmr
Ntr Gmr 23 kun oldin
According to the thumbnail pizza is now 20k dollars wow
Casey Kerr
Casey Kerr 23 kun oldin
can someone say yes to me
Santiago Ramirez-monsalve
Santiago Ramirez-monsalve 23 kun oldin
Why is watching her suffer is entertaining
Mobadewa ATANDA
Mobadewa ATANDA 23 kun oldin
Everyone gangsta till Andre says, "Will you marry me?"
Apo Diyar
Apo Diyar 23 kun oldin
Carlos Puebla-puchlik
Carlos Puebla-puchlik 23 kun oldin
Kovidh Dahiya
Kovidh Dahiya 23 kun oldin
finally i saw typical gamers set up
Landon_502 23 kun oldin
Moment of silence for the people trying to copy down the credit card on the thumbnail
Anupama Sangam
Anupama Sangam 23 kun oldin
Hmm Samara looks a lot like Wonder Woman
Citadel Nate
Citadel Nate 23 kun oldin
Wow when did she hit 800 k
GTW ToX1c 23 kun oldin
Imagine he proposes for new year 🤩🤩🤩
Lensley Neil
Lensley Neil 23 kun oldin
This video is so entertaining but I want you to tell TG to finish the assasin's creed Odyssey. He have to kill of the cultists members
Lil Guacamole_YT
Lil Guacamole_YT 23 kun oldin
Why did I stop watching their videos it’s been so long
U1tra Light
U1tra Light 23 kun oldin
Kayceemikel 23 kun oldin
This video was fun watching
DrippedLife 23 kun oldin
Typical Gamer saying his gonna give use a setup tour. SAMARA REDWAY thanks for the setup tour 😂
bill lamboy
bill lamboy 23 kun oldin
Saaa dude
Jacko Whaley
Jacko Whaley 23 kun oldin
Another one of these videos
BloodyGhostYT cod ghost
BloodyGhostYT cod ghost 23 kun oldin
N0T_isaac yt
N0T_isaac yt 23 kun oldin
this im my favotite youtuber and i wasnt to see this i wi;ll probly be short
Liam Walker
Liam Walker 23 kun oldin
U treat yo cats different it’s rude u give miku more attention on youtube and George is just hiding crying
ItzPlug 23 kun oldin
Are you not entertained?
Paul Cadena
Paul Cadena 23 kun oldin
can you and andre/tyipical gamer make a volge chanal
its funneh
its funneh 23 kun oldin
Stop the cap
parallel Ghost
parallel Ghost 23 kun oldin
i live in vancouver to
Deathstroke 23 kun oldin
Please play “sons of the forest” when it comes out it’s the sequel to the forest.
Jake Rippe
Jake Rippe 23 kun oldin
Steven Harris
Steven Harris 23 kun oldin
Samara deserves 1M subs so much so y’all should give it to her she is such a good creator and deserves 1M so much.
kami Omg64
kami Omg64 23 kun oldin
Ok I’m going to do This
Denzel Quinn
Denzel Quinn 23 kun oldin
Denzel Quinn
Denzel Quinn 23 kun oldin
Amir Unstoppable
Amir Unstoppable 23 kun oldin
Andre were all waiting for that one magic video where u propose to Samara I can’t wait I’m so excited
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