I PAINTED My Boyfriend's Xbox PRANK!

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Samara Redway

Oy oldin

Today we stole Typical Gamer's Xbox and painted it! What do you think? Be sure to give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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hehe hi

Albin Axelson
Albin Axelson 17 soat oldin
Look at that lambo tho
Fresh_Dfault Kun oldin
I painted my boyfriends Lamborghini hurricane
Seamus Sheehy
Seamus Sheehy Kun oldin
EliteGames 3 kun oldin
R.i.P Xbox
The Viper
The Viper 3 kun oldin
I’m just wondering if it still works 🤔
Anthony Huguley
Anthony Huguley 4 kun oldin
your so demanding mr gamer
Rileywillz01 6 kun oldin
Bigmoney TV
Bigmoney TV 7 kun oldin
You should’ve took the Xbox apart first
TropicalstormYT 7 kun oldin
I don’t think she is gonna give him a new Xbox
waifuQuinns 8 kun oldin
not cool messing with a man's Xbox :( didn't even cover up the ports and fan... please don't touch his ps4 you've done enough
Laura Hyatt
Laura Hyatt 8 kun oldin
This is so good pranks wow
Fabian The Goat
Fabian The Goat 9 kun oldin
At least i have a fav youtuber that uses ps4 a little
ellen Clissett
ellen Clissett 10 kun oldin
Paint his computer
Commix Gaming
Commix Gaming 11 kun oldin
She should have just take off the cover
Commix Gaming
Commix Gaming 11 kun oldin
Xbox will stop working cover up the vents lady
Gamtamix 11 kun oldin
Maybe do something practical like, chalk paint his car😂
Gamtamix 11 kun oldin
Ryder Jiannone
Ryder Jiannone 11 kun oldin
Rip Xbox
Dr.GrooZa 13 kun oldin
Noble 14 kun oldin
Oh nooooo!! Ur suppose to tape the holes and don’t apply to much paint
mariana cervantes
mariana cervantes 14 kun oldin
You prank that your dead
mariana cervantes
mariana cervantes 14 kun oldin
You shuld prank that your dead licua arund you
Matthew Gaughan
Matthew Gaughan 14 kun oldin
He buys her a top of the line pc She destroys his Xbox
Just Snipez
Just Snipez 15 kun oldin
Samara, you wanna know how they get really cool designs on Xbox’s, PlayStation’s, and sometimes PC’s? Well, you see they take OFF the plastic, or metal, and do something that is called ‘Hydro Dipping’, with the plastic, it’s safe to put back on after it dries, plus it would give you a lot of the design you were going for.
JosiahTube 15 kun oldin
She aid bigger and better things and pointed at the lambo lol.
games and mystery activies
games and mystery activies 15 kun oldin
Playstation is better
Jacques van Rhyn
Jacques van Rhyn 15 kun oldin
10 10
Jacques van Rhyn
Jacques van Rhyn 15 kun oldin
shehana silva
shehana silva 16 kun oldin
Kye Lahai
Kye Lahai 17 kun oldin
Ima blue u too😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😁😜😝😛😛😛😋
themulti121 17 kun oldin
8:16 ok ok classic reaction
ツBeast 18 kun oldin
noooo why didnt you cover the fans
James Martinez
James Martinez 19 kun oldin
The next day Andre woke up Chris breezy
tijer beast
tijer beast 19 kun oldin
10 /10 i think
Connor Smith
Connor Smith 21 kun oldin
Rip fan ports
Connor Smith
Connor Smith 21 kun oldin
Rip disc drive
Connor Smith
Connor Smith 21 kun oldin
Plz tell me she makes sure paint doesn't get in the ports
Game O Maser
Game O Maser 22 kun oldin
THE FANS .....
jiggybømmer The Hacker
jiggybømmer The Hacker 22 kun oldin
So funny when TG say u gonna get me a new one 😂😂😂😂👍
Faze Sinn Sniper God
Faze Sinn Sniper God 24 kun oldin
Did good job
Jaden Bug
Jaden Bug 25 kun oldin
Me staring at the screen new video from Samara Redway me. RUN!!!!!! GET THE SNACKSSSS
Jaydon McPherson
Jaydon McPherson 25 kun oldin
I’ll give you a painting 6/10
Leonardo Worden
Leonardo Worden 26 kun oldin
People say best looking is art well the worst is the best
Jesse 26 kun oldin
Pro tip: Next time take off the shell first and use spray paint. You could make a TG emblem out of a stencil then spray that on it after you did some other stuff. It could turn out really cool. Google blue camo. Just saying you could give him the best XBox ever. He'd love it. Just don't put the spray paint on thick or it will run.
Nyree Iraldo
Nyree Iraldo 26 kun oldin
your stupid it’s gonna break
ColePlayzz YT
ColePlayzz YT 26 kun oldin
I fail to see how some of you find this entertaining
Super Smash Sonic Ultimate
Super Smash Sonic Ultimate 26 kun oldin
The thumbnail looked like he was about to cry 😂
tiggz R
tiggz R 26 kun oldin
I wish you removed the panels and painted it. Next time do that...
youngslime5228 26 kun oldin
bye bye xbox
Emill Aviles
Emill Aviles 26 kun oldin
I will be so mad and brake her something
Emill Aviles
Emill Aviles 26 kun oldin
She is crazy fr
Detix TheGOAT
Detix TheGOAT 26 kun oldin
Why did you do that you know he’s already going to hate you right now
Textured 27 kun oldin
Also what about tape
Textured 27 kun oldin
Are you giving me a shoutout or something because those are my colors
ninja ekam145
ninja ekam145 27 kun oldin
Bnice14 Nice14
Bnice14 Nice14 27 kun oldin
M&J Gaming
M&J Gaming 27 kun oldin
what if there was still a game in it
Martin Bodnar
Martin Bodnar 27 kun oldin
Probably has a series x pre-order locked down
Martin Bodnar
Martin Bodnar 27 kun oldin
True way to say playstation is better
prince caspen
prince caspen 27 kun oldin
Leave a like so I can buy another Lamborghini
Y.G.R.T VIRAL 27 kun oldin
Y.G.R.T VIRAL 27 kun oldin
She killed his xbox
JavionMainYt 28 kun oldin
As a Xbox player I’m highly Offended how you killed my friend
Plasma Developing
Plasma Developing 28 kun oldin
Next time you should use painters tape to cover the areas you dont watn to paint. and use paint made for that kind of plastic
Noor Ali
Noor Ali 28 kun oldin
its broken
Lazzy_Lark 28 kun oldin
HM Stopmotionz
HM Stopmotionz 28 kun oldin
I'm surprised that Tg is still alive with all these pranks🤣
Luke Hodgkinson
Luke Hodgkinson 29 kun oldin
I spray painted my Xbox and controller
Luke Hodgkinson
Luke Hodgkinson 29 kun oldin
It is not supposed to go on the fan on the xbox
KR BOO 29 kun oldin
Use spray paint
Wy My
Wy My 29 kun oldin
Why didn’t see put tape over the fans
Adriana Mendez
Adriana Mendez 29 kun oldin
I use your code typicalgamer
Tavalea Vili
Tavalea Vili 29 kun oldin
i'm not hating but why dose it look like she's squinting her eye's all the time
TrashTalkingBot _YT
TrashTalkingBot _YT 29 kun oldin
Andre is the best boyfriend he don’t get mad lol u are luck
James Bumbarger
James Bumbarger 29 kun oldin
Remove the covers
Th3z0ck Gaming
Th3z0ck Gaming 29 kun oldin
there are some things that you don't do to a man just don't this made me cry
JAYDEN RE 29 kun oldin
Ahad Sethi
Ahad Sethi 29 kun oldin
3:55 so satisfying
Braeden Boughton
Braeden Boughton 29 kun oldin
Wow very satisfying!!!
Armin Zeqiri
Armin Zeqiri Oy oldin
How could you do this to an innocent Xbox
Xxxbladeofwoah Oy oldin
Maby try a paint brush next time😂 but cool video like it
sounddequan hi
sounddequan hi Oy oldin
She didn't cover the fans but it okay love videos
Erwin Unzueta
Erwin Unzueta Oy oldin
We finally saw his Lamborghini in the back round
joel okorie
joel okorie Oy oldin
The fact that she didn't remove the cover is giving nightmares about my xbox
Alvin IM BACK Oy oldin
Samara : this is going to be fun he’s going to like it veiwers : *reads title* says PRANK! time set 23 seconds in the video this is not a prank LOLLL
Casting with Carter
Casting with Carter Oy oldin
He proboble can afford another one
Casting with Carter
Casting with Carter Oy oldin
She got paint in the fan. Pour Andre
Ryan Aaron
Ryan Aaron Oy oldin
Sniper Ninja8315
Sniper Ninja8315 Oy oldin
Wow next samara should do his gaming area in his least favourite colour
Polo Boy
Polo Boy Oy oldin
You should paint his PC
Polo Boy
Polo Boy 21 kun oldin
Muhammad Arsal Fawad lol 😂
Muhammad Arsal fawad
Muhammad Arsal fawad Oy oldin
Sonny Gonzalez
Sonny Gonzalez Oy oldin
The Xbox died rip 🥺
E R Oy oldin
paint your lambo
Rngdemon1243 Oy oldin
Btw that art sign you put up we had to do that😂
Hailheisenberg Plays
Hailheisenberg Plays Oy oldin
Nice work
wade playz gang
wade playz gang Oy oldin
Yea rip
Wild Dirt bike farms
Wild Dirt bike farms Oy oldin
TG: hit the like button if she gets me a new one. Everyone: NOPE
Xbox Kid
Xbox Kid Oy oldin
You in typical gamer have a elevator in your guy’s house
Bxater Oy oldin
Can u adopt me
SgtDingo Yt
SgtDingo Yt Oy oldin
Get him the new Xbox x series
Ross Chrisman
Ross Chrisman Oy oldin
I am a bad painter
Ross Chrisman
Ross Chrisman Oy oldin
100 % out of 10
Samara Redway
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