I Can't BELIEVE This Happened

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Samara Redway

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hehe hi

Isaac Provenzano
Isaac Provenzano 3 kun oldin
Her getting pulled over for not going the second the light turns green is the dumbest thing ever
Oscar Vicente
Oscar Vicente Oy oldin
Samara built the suspense to tell us something like this lol
hype Oy oldin
2:28 the fist time she says “there’s Andre “ and not ThErEs ThE rAnDoM HuMan
drizzy lenex
drizzy lenex Oy oldin
suck what
Hello how are you
Cristian Flores-Albino
Cristian Flores-Albino Oy oldin
Who else got the Clorox Wipe Ad? Loved it. Catchy tune
Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen Oy oldin
WAIT...when did sis learn to drive?
Scrufy_ttv thegoatgod
Scrufy_ttv thegoatgod Oy oldin
4:09 woooooo samara there’s kids watching😂
Jules Alex Char
Jules Alex Char Oy oldin
The lebanese restaurant you got food from is my uncles
Farhath Manas Chithik Raja
Farhath Manas Chithik Raja Oy oldin
Samara wear a mask 😷
Game Wolf
Game Wolf Oy oldin
why did it look like they were in new orlens
Naomi Barrock
Naomi Barrock Oy oldin
stop the cap
Jason Gates
Jason Gates Oy oldin
Santa driving the boat: Ho ho ho! :D Lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop! (The song) "Okay, we get it. You like to suck." :D Samara: Shopping online for Christmas and got everything but one item. Me: Samara live streaming is the best Christmas gift ever. How is being pulled over for not immediately going on green a thing? And, please explain, for us Americans, the "full license" and "needing something on the car" thing. So, I guess that "hour" was to go shopping and eating.
Austromia Oy oldin
I have start watching you and andrea recently anyways about you guys getting married I have to say you don't have to if you don't want to my girlfriend and I have been together for 14yrs and still haven't gotten married and probably never will and it is all good.
dark _ bullet
dark _ bullet Oy oldin
I love you guys 🥰
Vinny Giuliano
Vinny Giuliano Oy oldin
😂how old are you
ww3_101 Ist the best
ww3_101 Ist the best Oy oldin
You samara I have a challenge and I want you did you this challenge is staying in the ice for one day so make a video about it
Kyle Owino
Kyle Owino Oy oldin
Samara u have anger issues
Ludo fN
Ludo fN Oy oldin
No mask ???
Cj Crispino
Cj Crispino Oy oldin
Merry Chrismas samara
jose guerra
jose guerra Oy oldin
ik your not gunna see this but why do u call him by his name like call him babe or baby its kinda werid
Superman unknown
Superman unknown Oy oldin
When is Andre going to propose
Christian Jacinto
Christian Jacinto Oy oldin
Sammra can u and TG wish me a happy birthday cuaes it is next week plz🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
k llama
k llama Oy oldin
so you have run out of things to vlog this is boring
Bearbear Soares
Bearbear Soares Oy oldin
From where i am from you can wait as long as you want and then go
Lil’zya 21
Lil’zya 21 Oy oldin
Can you get me a gaming computer for Christmas and wireless head set I will be happy with only those two things
Matthew Alcaraz
Matthew Alcaraz Oy oldin
Only In Canada 🇨🇦 That A Man Can Go Up To A Cop Car And Not Get Shot.💯
Jakob Mitchell
Jakob Mitchell Oy oldin
You are you are the best streamer
QT k1qcs
QT k1qcs Oy oldin
That food look good no cap 🧢
hypno gaming
hypno gaming Oy oldin
Wear your mask cases in Canada are rising
Simply Karl
Simply Karl Oy oldin
where are my Lebanese bois
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez Oy oldin
bald andre 😏
Avcpenginz7 Oy oldin
Do you remember 2018 Christmas you are a professional Vlogger
Zaire Foster
Zaire Foster Oy oldin
that sucks
Eidolon 01
Eidolon 01 Oy oldin
I miss your Vlogmas videos. V “about it” lol
Typical gerald
Typical gerald Oy oldin
The end lol
Fortnite Elite_08
Fortnite Elite_08 Oy oldin
Too TG I have an Idea for merch you should get Typical gamer mask 😷. But it is just an idea.
Trillerz Oy oldin
do a thousand more
Braa Saif
Braa Saif Oy oldin
Sarama Redway, Which app Do You Stream your Customs? I'm Interested And I Want To Join! Can you Repile To This Comment Please, Sarama Redway!
LoLo Bess
LoLo Bess Oy oldin
over 100,000 views tho light it fire samara
BallerBoy Oy oldin
Samara why haven't benn streaming lately?
ThatScarlett Oy oldin
I think that’s New York
Fade_Recz Oy oldin
No it’s Vancouver in Canada
LKY CLAN Oy oldin
You guys would make a beautiful baby
daniel jodlowski
daniel jodlowski Oy oldin
Hi gis and grs
Vijay Waghmare
Vijay Waghmare Oy oldin
You are so beautiful and beautiful samara
jayjay melon
jayjay melon Oy oldin
Is samara okay
Jordan Li
Jordan Li Oy oldin
Wait, they don’t go outside...
Julian Roettger
Julian Roettger Oy oldin
Typical what is my gift Samara I’m pregnant
Ricky Wagner
Ricky Wagner Oy oldin
Typical gamer loves his pc more then his girl 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😂😭😂😄
Burned Nugget08
Burned Nugget08 Oy oldin
You ain’t no child woman
Diana Arthur
Diana Arthur Oy oldin
What happened
sub in roblox spalsh
sub in roblox spalsh Oy oldin
Why she soo happy she i am happy 😊
sub in roblox spalsh
sub in roblox spalsh Oy oldin
Super mario Bros
Super mario Bros Oy oldin
SB83 Oy oldin
Samara! I can’t imagine you getting pulled over by the cops! I’ve honestly never heard of that as a law. I’m guessing that is a Canadian thing.
Max Ramirez
Max Ramirez Oy oldin
Do more mukbangs
anshul Chengappa
anshul Chengappa Oy oldin
She screams in the starting.
Carl Xu
Carl Xu Oy oldin
Love those random vlogs. So chill
Francisco Ayala
Francisco Ayala Oy oldin
Hey Samara you should think about what you should do when you get to 10 million subscribers.
Luzes Gameplays
Luzes Gameplays Oy oldin
U guy r in Toronto
Fade_Recz Oy oldin
No Vancouver
Aj Chirico
Aj Chirico Oy oldin
Do y'all believe in Santa Claus if I get one comment ill reveal my thought
Kayz Watanakunakorn
Kayz Watanakunakorn Oy oldin
OMG hi Samara and Andre nice to see you again
Jennifer Delano
Jennifer Delano Oy oldin
Imagine the cop watching this
Kaden Ward
Kaden Ward Oy oldin
Why did Samara say Andre likes too suck !!
FaZe Toxic
FaZe Toxic Oy oldin
What is that FPS 2:06
Twain Erickson
Twain Erickson Oy oldin
What is the difference between a traffic cop and a cop
Noah Reyes
Noah Reyes Oy oldin
Samar you have to stay safe what is wroung wit you
Łgary TNL
Łgary TNL Oy oldin
Moises Mateos
Moises Mateos Oy oldin
5:23 Thank Me later 😉
Erin VanDeusen
Erin VanDeusen Oy oldin
Me wishing that andre purposed lol
Antonio Saez
Antonio Saez Oy oldin
i love the part when she said that she got pulled over
Lelo Molose
Lelo Molose Oy oldin
Marwa Emam
Marwa Emam Oy oldin
I thought she got married
Roman Conley
Roman Conley Oy oldin
hi samara
Are you serious? Wow, this proves how pushy police officers really can be. They think they're above the law, don't they? Nah, you're a person to officer, you get down on my level and deal with it yourself.
quick32 Oy oldin
I can
Josh Swaim
Josh Swaim Oy oldin
Who else was hoping she said she was pregnant.
Roman Galan
Roman Galan Oy oldin
break up
Dr. Loxx
Dr. Loxx Oy oldin
Y is Andrea wearing a mask but she isn’t
ayden&keahon 1
ayden&keahon 1 Oy oldin
sanna can i pls win a frost fury i am subscribed to you and unicorn twins and have the bell on all i love your vids user is aydencooper37 and can i pls play with you and moody
Damon Roe
Damon Roe Oy oldin
7:18 Must be a Canadian thing. lol!
Onyx Maksoud
Onyx Maksoud Oy oldin
we have to get samara to 1 million
agent 324S7
agent 324S7 Oy oldin
Why the heck would a cop pull you over because you waited five seconds to go after the light went green honestly da cop was cappin that is not a law it can’t be I think he was tryna check u out
BrotherFire-Gaming Oy oldin
Can you do a custom game tonight PLZ!!!!!!!!
Youssef Sultan
Youssef Sultan Oy oldin
Why are you not wearing a mask 😷
Ivan Vazquez
Ivan Vazquez Oy oldin
miranda sings vibes
Brian Evans
Brian Evans Oy oldin
Got to bern the Pokémon cards
FaZe Qwazz
FaZe Qwazz Oy oldin
Is me or is it like every single video you see Samara sweating you can see swet on her face in every single video lmfao😂😂😂😂😂 is that a sickness or sideffect Samara 🤣🤣🤣
Andy Gonzalez
Andy Gonzalez Oy oldin
amir fortnite
amir fortnite Oy oldin
James Griffin
James Griffin Oy oldin
u looked so pissed at 3:49 ngl but much love to the both of u your the best and keep up the awesome videos love u both ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Halfway 5948
Halfway 5948 Oy oldin
This might sound weird but I love y’all
Telmo Dantes
Telmo Dantes Oy oldin
Samara: “ we get it you like to suck” Me: ummmmmm
Mark Okafor
Mark Okafor Oy oldin
If this doesn't get u festive for Christmas. I don't know what will🤷‍♀️👨‍⚕️
Aiden Breeze
Aiden Breeze Oy oldin
Samera pleas can I ad you on fortnite
Cameron legend
Cameron legend Oy oldin
Ofc she didn’t get a ticket but if it was a black person in that car late at night they would’ve been dead WoW
Karlyssa Ellis
Karlyssa Ellis Oy oldin
Leave no likes
Sparkz Oy oldin
I love how she said 1 hour out and the vid is 10 minutes
Gage Helm
Gage Helm Oy oldin
do u guys have earthquakes
Christopher Alexander
Christopher Alexander Oy oldin
Samara i thought that Andre was sensitive to the cold isn't it a cold day outside
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