He Was NOT Expecting This..

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Samara Redway

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(I doubled everything)
1 cup pumpkin puree
2 eggs
1/3 cup coconut oil or any oil
1/3 cup coconut milk or any milk
1 1/4 cup flour
1/2 cup oats
3/4 cup coconut sugar
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1 tsp vanilla extract
hehe hi

BCxOrigins Kun oldin
Pleeeaaaseeee lol
BCxOrigins Kun oldin
Cook more food
Adventures of Sterling
Adventures of Sterling 5 kun oldin
Yeah can we
Adventures of Sterling
Adventures of Sterling 5 kun oldin
Yo I’m 6 love your vids
Bro Reviews and More
Bro Reviews and More 7 kun oldin
And now we get to see pro chef Gordon Ramsey... wait, what's this? Correction, we get to see not-so-pro chef Samara Redway likely fail at making muffin cupcake thingies!
Owen Rose
Owen Rose 8 kun oldin
"A little extra ginger never hurt anyone" speak for yourself.
godly-_ GalaxyzZ
godly-_ GalaxyzZ 8 kun oldin
Can you do more cooking videos please
Idonutcare 086
Idonutcare 086 9 kun oldin
She wrote flour wrong 😂
ix_ xentlos _xi
ix_ xentlos _xi 10 kun oldin
why is samaras face always shiny lmaoo
Yt Trucelly09
Yt Trucelly09 10 kun oldin
The way gorge looked at 11:25 was so funny
Gabriel Alvis
Gabriel Alvis 10 kun oldin
Cook for Andre
Aesthetic videos With music!
Aesthetic videos With music! 11 kun oldin
Make more food plssssssssss
Rayshaun Nutall
Rayshaun Nutall 11 kun oldin
lol she put the rick ross meme in the video
Catherine B
Catherine B 11 kun oldin
We need more cooking/baking vlogs!!
Itzz Unstpble
Itzz Unstpble 11 kun oldin
I thought TG got u the iPhone 12 for Christmas y are u using the iPhone 10
Ja'Ceir SmithNash
Ja'Ceir SmithNash 12 kun oldin
do more pls my birthday is tomorrow
m&m Gaming
m&m Gaming 12 kun oldin
Did tg get his big gift for christmas?
Ethan Goundan
Ethan Goundan 12 kun oldin
Hi Say to thank
Matlhatse Bele
Matlhatse Bele 13 kun oldin
Pls hook me up with a friend request
Aiden Hawkins
Aiden Hawkins 13 kun oldin
my kittens name is george too!
Shion L Pinto
Shion L Pinto 13 kun oldin
I want one
Krina Patel
Krina Patel 13 kun oldin
U love your channel
Noah Zacellari
Noah Zacellari 13 kun oldin
Nobody : Samara : OMG it looks sooo cuteee
iron widow
iron widow 13 kun oldin
She needs sweet besty
XLX Sweaty
XLX Sweaty 13 kun oldin
Didn’t u get an iPhone 12 for Christmas why are u still using the other phone
Ilobanafor Chimaobi
Ilobanafor Chimaobi 13 kun oldin
Make more cooking videos
kidgov 11
kidgov 11 13 kun oldin
You guys are so cute and funny
Skully 13 kun oldin
SAMARA! they banned customs what are we gonna do?
Ryder Stacy
Ryder Stacy 13 kun oldin
Hey, Can You Tell Me How To Enable Custom Match Making?
Lil garasu
Lil garasu 13 kun oldin
It smell like Christmas🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂 i love it
Still Da Real SwagGod Music
Still Da Real SwagGod Music 13 kun oldin
Your so beautiful samara ❤️❤️
Moreover 243
Moreover 243 13 kun oldin
Mahdi Farahnaki
Mahdi Farahnaki 14 kun oldin
Make kake
Alberto Tostado
Alberto Tostado 14 kun oldin
Cooking with samara should be a series
Elite Gamer
Elite Gamer 14 kun oldin
Can we please get Samara's channel to 1 million subs this year!
Colin Maddern
Colin Maddern 14 kun oldin
Love ur vids
Jдy Ω
Jдy Ω 14 kun oldin
Pin this is you love you fans☺
Subhan Ali
Subhan Ali 14 kun oldin
Ah yes we all need some coconut FLOWER don't we Samara?
Sebastian Carrizales
Sebastian Carrizales 14 kun oldin
Flour* 😂
Walid Ahmed Chowdhury
Walid Ahmed Chowdhury 14 kun oldin
What happend to the iphone 12 andrea gave
Quentin Dylan Blignaut
Quentin Dylan Blignaut 14 kun oldin
why you spell flour wrong? :)
H8M3 14 kun oldin
You kinda stressed me out during this 🤣 sorry I love baking lol. ❤️
Gamer kid 12
Gamer kid 12 14 kun oldin
Yes make a cooking channel or make more backing videos plz
Sivarajasingha Sivanathan
Sivarajasingha Sivanathan 14 kun oldin
Who else was eating cupcakes while u where watching this I know I did. Like the comment if u did
Fahrudeen Mohamed
Fahrudeen Mohamed 14 kun oldin
is it flower or flour??
Panda Pooch
Panda Pooch 14 kun oldin
Do more cooking 🥘 plz u awesome 😎
Reena Anand
Reena Anand 14 kun oldin
Anyone else realise she spelt flour wrong
Juan Bautista
Juan Bautista 14 kun oldin
Where your iPhone 12 at
Benjie Sanchez
Benjie Sanchez 14 kun oldin
Cook more food for TG
SB83 14 kun oldin
Samara. The Title to this video should have been. “Samara Redway Baking Muffins!”
Quarantine Hobbies
Quarantine Hobbies 14 kun oldin
Buy another cake Einstien
TSm Michael
TSm Michael 14 kun oldin
TSm Michael
TSm Michael 14 kun oldin
TSm Michael
TSm Michael 14 kun oldin
JJ Underrated
JJ Underrated 14 kun oldin
11:57 mr tg speaking facts
JJ Underrated
JJ Underrated 14 kun oldin
9:28 id think Muffins are supposed to cruch samara lol
Austin Lorenzo
Austin Lorenzo 14 kun oldin
Bruh I got v nuck toldday does that sound like a cures
Keith Bennett
Keith Bennett 14 kun oldin
amazing video yummy video, they both looked very amazing and yummy great job
Typical Country boy
Typical Country boy 14 kun oldin
Lufus Philip
Lufus Philip 14 kun oldin
We the people say “cook more”
Big Nae nae
Big Nae nae 14 kun oldin
I’m sorry but at the beginning it looks like something my dog would throw up
sue finney
sue finney 14 kun oldin
Hello Samira it's nice to meet you say happy birthday to Andre if it's his birthday
Fabian Molina
Fabian Molina 14 kun oldin
Did anyone else see that she doubled some ingredients and some she didn't
Cohen Vohs
Cohen Vohs 14 kun oldin
Bake more
Lala Monroe
Lala Monroe 14 kun oldin
Comment if u think samera got f by tg
Elite Gamer
Elite Gamer 14 kun oldin
11:32 he jus chillin
Alex Yanez
Alex Yanez 14 kun oldin
Try to make a vegetarian burger
Elite Gamer
Elite Gamer 14 kun oldin
0:38 MIKU that is unacceptable behavior act like the professional you are!!
Jose Pena
Jose Pena 14 kun oldin
Please cook more it looks super good
EMILY MOARSI 14 kun oldin
11:25 uhh George u good
cosmic _18
cosmic _18 14 kun oldin
to the one person thats reading this WHY YALL DO THESE COMMENTS ALL THE TIME
Samantha Bell
Samantha Bell 14 kun oldin
i love the hopping down the stairs part in the vlog.
Skylar Marvin
Skylar Marvin 15 kun oldin
Miku looks like she wants to kill you
mubashir hussain
mubashir hussain 15 kun oldin
Why is she sweating in all vlog s do u think what I think I got a clue it begins with the word S__
Daniel Velazquez Espino
Daniel Velazquez Espino 15 kun oldin
she has a huge house
James Sikora
James Sikora 15 kun oldin
That’s looks really good
jeffrey lauer
jeffrey lauer 15 kun oldin
1:29 she called George a good PUPPY
Joshua-Amele 15 kun oldin
Boi 15 kun oldin
where is your iPhone 12 Andre gave you for Christmas????
Marilou Semeleer
Marilou Semeleer 15 kun oldin
The hack is this 😂😂😂😂😂
Ahmad Tawhid Afzaly
Ahmad Tawhid Afzaly 15 kun oldin
Yes please cook some good foods for typical gamer my favorite youtuber
Sophia D
Sophia D 15 kun oldin
awh she said flower instead of flour
JoshX and shaggy
JoshX and shaggy 15 kun oldin
New channel : Samaras kitchen
Anayah Mouzon-Hampton
Anayah Mouzon-Hampton 15 kun oldin
Nobody: Andre: "You put popcorn in it?" lmaooo
Joshua Page
Joshua Page 15 kun oldin
William Graulau
William Graulau 15 kun oldin
Amari Brown
Amari Brown 15 kun oldin
Play the first part ib times 2 speed
William Graulau
William Graulau 15 kun oldin
Hissingcleint 38
Hissingcleint 38 15 kun oldin
mecu look affended did i spell it right
Jayden Hernandez
Jayden Hernandez 15 kun oldin
There would be a Samera cooking Chanel
Eric D
Eric D 15 kun oldin
samara next time seperate the dry and wet then put them together i did what you did and it messed it up also watch sugar rush or nailed it they will show you
Mrgecko92 15 kun oldin
Your not using your iPhone 12???
AfroUzumaki44 15 kun oldin
i wish i could like this video a second time
Tana B
Tana B 15 kun oldin
Samara can you and TG PLEASEEEEE play more Friday the 13th
Adonai I'm
Adonai I'm 15 kun oldin
Cook more
Adonai I'm
Adonai I'm 15 kun oldin
Coik more
AfroUzumaki44 15 kun oldin
Samara ramsey 👩‍🍳👩‍🍳
Dillpickle Gaming
Dillpickle Gaming 15 kun oldin
This is the best UZpost chanle ps does anyone like my dogy
Dillpickle Gaming
Dillpickle Gaming 15 kun oldin
Best stresmer
Henry Distefano
Henry Distefano 15 kun oldin
You should make this a weekly video where you make Andrea a meal or dessert and have him rate it
Alex Brady
Alex Brady 15 kun oldin
Samara Redway
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