He Learned How To Swim!

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Samara Redway

8 oy oldin

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Ender Wolf
Ender Wolf Oy oldin
I can’t float
Veronica Contreras
Veronica Contreras 2 oy oldin
Pls make more pls
Ruhaan Ankit Sheth [parel]
Ruhaan Ankit Sheth [parel] 2 oy oldin
i love you and all your swimming costumes can you upload a video of all your swimming costumes
Tiffany Kim
Tiffany Kim 2 oy oldin
I know how to swim 🏊‍♂️
Clapped FN
Clapped FN 2 oy oldin
He’s so harry
Jamal Satli Lopez
Jamal Satli Lopez 3 oy oldin
Luca Alsop
Luca Alsop 3 oy oldin
I learned to swim wen I was 2
Brick Film2006
Brick Film2006 3 oy oldin
My legs never stay up when I try to float
CPstudio17 3 oy oldin
Brick Film2006 yo fax
Slapzzッ 4 oy oldin
He slid into those dms. 1:35
Dylan The engineer
Dylan The engineer 5 oy oldin
samara has the nicest pair of jugs
Miku The Cat
Miku The Cat 5 oy oldin
miku would never hurt anyone
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez 5 oy oldin
His face in the thumbnail
Ghost Riley
Ghost Riley 5 oy oldin
Samara I love your videos I tried to support u guys but pple don't care coz am black.....😖 pliz I love you sooo much
sailerdoc 09
sailerdoc 09 5 oy oldin
Hi sammera it happens to me too
J_Manjennings123 6 oy oldin
I wish I could go there. I have never seen snow before it looks cool
Addison Rae
Addison Rae 6 oy oldin
That happens with me
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith 6 oy oldin
To float you need to push your chest out
HMA Hisham
HMA Hisham 6 oy oldin
4:21 wow if you have a baby he will be born with no upper lip 😂
Curtis Staples
Curtis Staples 7 oy oldin
I just cannot float no matter what I do. It’s bad.
Reece Wilson
Reece Wilson 7 oy oldin
My legs go down when I try to float but I still float
ERMAC MK 3 7 oy oldin
Me wondering in recommends, I see the thumbnail, daaaaaaannnnnnnmmmmm😐
Typical Kahsi
Typical Kahsi 7 oy oldin
My legs go down when I swim
snowysnowflake64 aj
snowysnowflake64 aj 7 oy oldin
he can now drink water and not having to fear about drowning
Gary Winthorpe
Gary Winthorpe 7 oy oldin
yk why we want her to “teach him to swim”😏
Wyatt Ray
Wyatt Ray 6 oy oldin
U weirdo
Connor Wickey
Connor Wickey 7 oy oldin
Samara you have a intermediate license,you don’t need a person in the car you just can’t drive past midnight.well at least in the U.S.A
Dewayne Morris
Dewayne Morris 8 oy oldin
What happened to the Lamborghini
Peter Sketch
Peter Sketch 8 oy oldin
Nice time with cat
Kai Izumi
Kai Izumi 8 oy oldin
I can't float lol.. no matter how hard I tried.. idk
callme Jaydon
callme Jaydon 8 oy oldin
Your so cute
Kasey Ketcham
Kasey Ketcham 8 oy oldin
staerm more
Seth Wandji
Seth Wandji 8 oy oldin
it happend to me when I float my legs go down
LMCMikeYT 2 8 oy oldin
How low is a light supposed to be 🤣🤣🤣
yo HSS_Collin
yo HSS_Collin 8 oy oldin
I can't float on my back
Courtney no name
Courtney no name 8 oy oldin
I love the little insight into y’alls lives 🤣
Crossover38 8 oy oldin
I can’t float either 😞😂
Kerry Harker
Kerry Harker 8 oy oldin
Happens to me
nightbot fan
nightbot fan 8 oy oldin
Yea it happens to me cause i cant swim so im afraid so my feet go down
RobertScar- only the best
RobertScar- only the best 8 oy oldin
My legs just sink too tho
FolkyVale 8 oy oldin
5:47 Critical hit
Evan B
Evan B 8 oy oldin
Is that typical gamer
Typical Hobo
Typical Hobo 8 oy oldin
I don't know why but I'm just not feeling Samara's vlogs 😢😢
Tacos_ WRLD999
Tacos_ WRLD999 8 oy oldin
I cant float either my legs fall to the bottom too 😭
lg_the_ bot
lg_the_ bot 8 oy oldin
Nice pant sam
xXMr.e doodXx
xXMr.e doodXx 8 oy oldin
theshabomb !
theshabomb ! 8 oy oldin
we all know why were on this video...
Natsu XI
Natsu XI 8 oy oldin
I couldn't float on my back too but someone told me to try keep my waist above the water and at first it didn't work but then it become better and now i can so maybe try that i am not sure but it might work :)
Jacob Davidson
Jacob Davidson 8 oy oldin
Andre: You never wore it... Samara: idk what you're talking about?
Chrysis Games
Chrysis Games 8 oy oldin
9:03 FaZe TG!!!!!!!! Lol
the pilot
the pilot 8 oy oldin
low key tryna to look for Steve the tumor
ethen Roberts
ethen Roberts 8 oy oldin
5:52 I’m still dying about that🤣😭😭😭
David Broughton
David Broughton 8 oy oldin
Ive been to scotland 5 times its amazing there is a massive horse in a fountain
dinosaurdino 8 oy oldin
Yes, you can go down now!......Boobies=Likes!
Chí Cương Trần
Chí Cương Trần 8 oy oldin
Andrae with a girl 60kg on his shoulder: this is easy i wanna pick another girl. Andrae with a box 30kg in his shoulder: this too heavy, I need 2 man to hold this box.
Oscar The G
Oscar The G 8 oy oldin
It's funny because the youtubers you watch, dont even know u exist😆
Nathan Langdon
Nathan Langdon 8 oy oldin
He’s great at swinging now last time I saw him swim was when he could not swim at all
Jamie Mayes
Jamie Mayes 8 oy oldin
my legs do the exact same thing when i try to float!! Thought it was just me!
use code TypicalGamer
use code TypicalGamer 8 oy oldin
Yeah they wont stay up I cant float my legs just dont stay up
Geoffrey Wagner
Geoffrey Wagner 8 oy oldin
Yes I thought I was the only person that couldn't float I seek all the time.
d ray
d ray 8 oy oldin
He just a white boy that can’t float
Maurice Banks
Maurice Banks 8 oy oldin
Im joining the NAVY and i can swim really good
Tyler Elston
Tyler Elston 8 oy oldin
Yep happens to me all the time I try to float
Soya Sause
Soya Sause 8 oy oldin
Push your stomach up to float on your back
Truly Finesse
Truly Finesse 8 oy oldin
Lupitaa Calvo
Lupitaa Calvo 8 oy oldin
Start it from where you left it I would love to see it !! I honestly cried with that video... Air hug from TX... Thank you ❤️
Lupitaa Calvo
Lupitaa Calvo 8 oy oldin
Heyy Samara You should do the continue FROM DRAW MY LIFE !! ( I know it's off the topic)
Kendall Koenning
Kendall Koenning 8 oy oldin
Loved the vlog💕 I couldn’t stop laughing when y’all were at the pool😂😂 and btw I think you should do a video where you buy a bunch of stuff for your house decoration like a wish haul or something🏡
Bobby Coil
Bobby Coil 8 oy oldin
In order to float you have to push your chest up along with your head back and his legs won't sink. I had the same problem but once i learned that I float like a champ,
Hello Darkness. Milo
Hello Darkness. Milo 8 oy oldin
It happens to me my legs go down when I float
Robin Kip
Robin Kip 8 oy oldin
My legs go down 2
Donut 8 oy oldin
#uglygang 8 oy oldin
KAlbert 8 oy oldin
He's negative buoyant. Which means his bone density makes him sink like a rock instead of float
Max Kiser
Max Kiser 8 oy oldin
It’s okay Andre, I don’t know how to float either!
Gamer_X Dragon
Gamer_X Dragon 8 oy oldin
My legs go down too. I think its muscle, idk.
Jared._. Montgomery
Jared._. Montgomery 8 oy oldin
When samara tell Andre to dive but the black bar on the side says no diving :) ;)
Amadeus Addotey
Amadeus Addotey 8 oy oldin
You have to relax on your back to float
The beast Gamer
The beast Gamer 8 oy oldin
Look at how positive they are
** Queen **
** Queen ** 8 oy oldin
OMG! Andre Come On Son 🤣💔😂 .
King Of Gaming
King Of Gaming 8 oy oldin
It says so diving She wants him 2 dive
Dleh 8 oy oldin
Did u see the tsunami when he jumped in water 👀
nikoladjordjevic bxhshsgsg
nikoladjordjevic bxhshsgsg 8 oy oldin
She thic😇😅😈🔥😎🔫😏
Tuxedo Master
Tuxedo Master 8 oy oldin
Love the clothes! BTW, love it ANDRE!.
Helxcy 8 oy oldin
its happnes to me aswell i think we have heavy legs
Milly Mahinra
Milly Mahinra 8 oy oldin
You always make videos that are decent to watch you are a very quality youtuber I'm glad I found you again my UZpost has a virus I never get notifications from this channel for an odd reason
AMAN HILL 8 oy oldin
I just started laughing, and my abs started hurting, lol, I came back from the gym . Must been painfully funny for me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrew Moreno
Andrew Moreno 7 oy oldin
Aman Hill nope
AMAN HILL 7 oy oldin
@Andrew Moreno ur welcome, are u being friendly
Andrew Moreno
Andrew Moreno 7 oy oldin
Aman Hill wow thanks for sharing
AMAN HILL 8 oy oldin
Sorry I broke the glass samara. Lol
Jeremy Reyes
Jeremy Reyes 8 oy oldin
Still so crazy how u guys came to my home town a couple months back.... FYI weather is beautiful down here in SoCal now better than when u where down here..... And my feet take awhile to float up compared to the rest of my body for some reason take time to balance out
Basic Recon
Basic Recon 8 oy oldin
My legs sink aswell, what he needs to do is thrust his hips up when hes floating and constantly push your hips up and slowly kick your leg to keep them floating
Fqctz 8 oy oldin
Samara keep andre's butt up with your hands so he gets comfortable staying in that position so he can learn how to float...(the same think was happening to my cousin it helped him).
BaddYas 8 oy oldin
More vlogs!!🤗💞
Joanna 8 oy oldin
You can see the steam coming up. It must be really warm in that pool. 😍
Veer Rajput
Veer Rajput 8 oy oldin
TG wearing the faze shirt. Is he hinting to joining faze?!?
Bear Bear
Bear Bear 8 oy oldin
My little andre is all grown up ❣
NorthernLaw 8 oy oldin
You should start naming these vlogs: Teaching Andre to swim, Episode 290 Or Andre’s swimming lessons: Lesson 167
YRGxFNG 8 oy oldin
Diego C
Diego C 8 oy oldin
I can’t float either when I try I sink down
Rebbb 8 oy oldin
3:38 when you let go and he just slowly sank had me dead 😂
AMAN HILL 8 oy oldin
I just started laughing, and my abs started hurting, lol, I came back from the gym rebbb. Must been painfully funny for me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
AMAN HILL 8 oy oldin
Dhyaan Patel
Dhyaan Patel 8 oy oldin
The same thing happens to me as Andre my legs just go down
Jadon Thomas
Jadon Thomas 8 oy oldin
She knows what she was doing with that thumbnail🤨🍈🍈
Muffin Man
Muffin Man 8 oy oldin
Samara to miku:that's how I protect you Miku: girl, I protect you😂
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