He JUMPED out of a MOVING CAR! (Storytime)

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Samara Redway

6 oy oldin

First ever Boyfriend VS Girlfriend Storytime! Who wants more? Pls give this video a thumbs up for more vlogs and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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hehe hi

Luis Melendez
Luis Melendez 5 kun oldin
Has your brother never seen a brake peddle?
joe bro
joe bro 10 kun oldin
There was no time
JJ Plays
JJ Plays 12 kun oldin
That G from Corpus Christi
That G from Corpus Christi 16 kun oldin
I agree with Andre its just instinct I think it was the right move
Isla Finnigan
Isla Finnigan 19 kun oldin
i live in Austraila mate
Reena Anand
Reena Anand Oy oldin
Andre be like "Every man for himself see you boys"
Kayden Hodges
Kayden Hodges Oy oldin
he said gta style
Ethan Clarke
Ethan Clarke Oy oldin
You are a legend typical
Johnny Tilley
Johnny Tilley Oy oldin
Car rolls: Andre left the game
Orkeli Keli
Orkeli Keli Oy oldin
Pls if Andre told Samara that he was jumping , Samara would not have allowed and Andre knowing that he cannot swim , to jump was the only thing he could have done
Hitstargamer Oy oldin
I am with Andre because he was tensed about you all and if he told samara about that everybody would be more tensed about andre so good job andre you did a brave man's job
Josh Gibson
Josh Gibson Oy oldin
one w
Eric Lara
Eric Lara 2 oy oldin
Why is there no video🤣🤣
Kirsy Araujo
Kirsy Araujo 2 oy oldin
T I would get help
Ishia Hyman
Ishia Hyman 2 oy oldin
NotSharkyz 2 oy oldin
He plays solos all day why were u expecting communication
NotSharkyz 2 oy oldin
Andrea was good
Dominic Stanley
Dominic Stanley 2 oy oldin
Mew 3
Mew 3 2 oy oldin
hears why tg is right when your in a panic situation your just so nervous you do not think much or talk you just do what ya got to do to survive
Jonathan Hornby
Jonathan Hornby 2 oy oldin
I'll be real I side with typical in this situation. If he said he was jumping out he would have distracted her. And my boi couldn't swim if they all went over he would have bin a liability in a life threatening situation
Adriana Viarreal
Adriana Viarreal 2 oy oldin
He can’t swim so he was kinda smart he just didn’t want to die
Nathaniel Gilpin
Nathaniel Gilpin 2 oy oldin
He did what he thought was good even if it was crazy stupid
Liam Potter
Liam Potter 2 oy oldin
i think Andre did a good job i am proud
Pimp T1MMY
Pimp T1MMY 2 oy oldin
I agree with both, 🤣😂
Pimp T1MMY
Pimp T1MMY 2 oy oldin
too funny 🤣😂
Iqovzz on Controller
Iqovzz on Controller 3 oy oldin
I swear I laugh so hard
Siwakhile Makhubu
Siwakhile Makhubu 3 oy oldin
I like TGs opinion on what he did,he did the right thing but trying to go get help
Kellen Asberry
Kellen Asberry 3 oy oldin
i would have done the same thang
Al-Amin Hussain
Al-Amin Hussain 3 oy oldin
He was just trying to do quick thinking to be in a Spider-Man movie Or a hardcore movie
egrealzXZ 3 oy oldin
This is what happens when you play GTA Andre
Isaiah Taylor
Isaiah Taylor 3 oy oldin
You all should've jumped
the cloud
the cloud 3 oy oldin
Guys we bout to wait another 4 years for part 3
Trace and Travis
Trace and Travis 3 oy oldin
Andres half is true he did the right thing
Byron Khatrox
Byron Khatrox 3 oy oldin
Happy April fools for you
alex arangure
alex arangure 3 oy oldin
TG has played so much gta that he jumped out of a car 😂
Jaymion Montero
Jaymion Montero 3 oy oldin
To pass a grizzly bear is infront of hem show respect by going on the ground and he will go away
Durwood The Giant
Durwood The Giant 3 oy oldin
Andre 😂😂🤣 “you didn’t say anything either when you went into the middle” “well you Knew what I was doing!” “....well you knew what I was doing when I jumped out of the car..” 🤣🤣 I love y’all this is gold
Ryan G
Ryan G 3 oy oldin
QuadRecords 3 oy oldin
Only real ones know she told this story a long time ago
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor 3 oy oldin
hack2.o stewart
hack2.o stewart 3 oy oldin
That was not the right move
JLisfire 3 oy oldin
Tg the best
Typical GamerFan
Typical GamerFan 3 oy oldin
I'm on Andres side
Melissa Farrow
Melissa Farrow 3 oy oldin
Honestly, smart move Andre! He would have been more of a hindrance had he been in the car at that time, and it had gone in the water. He was not in the right place to get into the front seat.
31ite TheMaskedGamer
31ite TheMaskedGamer 3 oy oldin
Andre is correct
Imran Bunnya
Imran Bunnya 3 oy oldin
Tbh i also would've jumped out i ain't risking it
major randall
major randall 3 oy oldin
he thougth that was gta
Mad Mac8mad
Mad Mac8mad 3 oy oldin
I going to be Honest if the car was rolling down l feel like Andrea would be in shocked and not Think of saying anything
Rodulfo Cuizon
Rodulfo Cuizon 3 oy oldin
If I was Samara that guy who throw the spider I would say why would you do that it's on the ground now you son of a b*tch
daniel norelia
daniel norelia 3 oy oldin
No in the Bible it says help the needy and they were very needy but forgive him as god forgave him Also
Connie Campbell
Connie Campbell 3 oy oldin
Samara knows he’s right so she just say I would like to know 😂😂
·Rookx· 4 oy oldin
3:24 get bodied
akim Dabreau
akim Dabreau 4 oy oldin
Brooke Mort
Brooke Mort 4 oy oldin
I’m with Andre! There was no time to tell you guys he was jumping, even if he did you guys would pause and risk dropping in the water. :)
Cameron Mathis
Cameron Mathis 4 oy oldin
I get samaras point but idk how to swim my guy
dina 4 oy oldin
is samara seriously saying she didn't hear the door open and alsoif a car is moving and a door is open there's a beep
Kiana Begay
Kiana Begay 4 oy oldin
Anyone tilt their phone see try and see what they were talking about
Prince Johnson
Prince Johnson 4 oy oldin
Im jumping boys n girls had me dead also when he said I would run at at bear and falcon punch him in the nose
Logan Burgess
Logan Burgess 4 oy oldin
Andre definitely did the right thing. What was he supposed to do? Him telling Everyone he was gonna jump wouldn’t have changed anything
Darkz Unkillerbowl
Darkz Unkillerbowl 4 oy oldin
:Andre ok bois where we dropping
BrendenPM 4 oy oldin
I take Andre's side because if everyone else got stuck he could get someone no help
Cole smith Smith
Cole smith Smith 4 oy oldin
Story time hmm 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 so s###
Cole smith Smith
Cole smith Smith 4 oy oldin
Rachael Davis
Rachael Davis 4 oy oldin
Stop It
Stop It 4 oy oldin
Was this a joke this was posted April 1st.
Sean Little
Sean Little 4 oy oldin
If they ever go to couple therapy this is wht is would be abt
Daden Grant
Daden Grant 4 oy oldin
I say typical gamer I’m on his side
Jizzy J
Jizzy J 4 oy oldin
no one andre has left he party
064 xtendo
064 xtendo 4 oy oldin
"There no Andre in sight"🤣🤣
Evil973 4 oy oldin
I can never get enough of this one Lmaooo
Condoriano 4 oy oldin
This made me laugh the whole time 😂😂
Angela Sutherland
Angela Sutherland 4 oy oldin
Thug life Tg
Tanner Frasier
Tanner Frasier 4 oy oldin
I agree with Andra
Antman2580 4 oy oldin
Andrea made the right choice
Zangar М
Zangar М 4 oy oldin
If Andre didn’t come, Samara would be sitting where Andre was, so she wouldn’t have enough time to stop the car so Andre saved lots of money and lives when he came to the vacation.
Tactical Noob66
Tactical Noob66 4 oy oldin
Samara a Little Communication would’ve been nice previously in Australia I’m dropping boys
Cris. Kicks
Cris. Kicks 4 oy oldin
Ik what he means by standing back up like that
Rodolfo Benitez
Rodolfo Benitez 4 oy oldin
He did the right thing everyone on there own in a situation like that 😂😂
Matthew Timmons
Matthew Timmons 4 oy oldin
TG i no say anything Also TG just do it 😀
Andy Sanchez
Andy Sanchez 4 oy oldin
I honestly would’ve done the same thing as Andre in that same situation😂
Jamien Jackson
Jamien Jackson 4 oy oldin
All I gotta say is Andre is a savage
May Militia
May Militia 4 oy oldin
So my parents told me a similar story....I used to live in a small town in California near Death Valley. There's a lot of abandoned mine shafts and tumbleweeds. So my Dad, my uncle, and my Mom we're coming home from working at a mine and I'm not sure why they stopped and got out of the car but they pulled over for some reason and we're looking down a mine shaft when all of a sudden they hear noises and my uncle says "whats that?" And they are all looking down still and then they see something and my Mom goes to ask my Dad what it is and she looks over and he's running....just left his younger brother and wife there. 🤣🤦‍♀️ turns out it was just an owl but how funny. 🤣
BertyWertyOP 4 oy oldin
he goes where we droppin boyz when he jumps
Aiden Lash
Aiden Lash 4 oy oldin
He’s a savage
Custer9474 4 oy oldin
I would jump if I didnt know how to swim, but since I know how to swim I would stay in the car, but if I did need to jump as I was jumping I would state that I am jumping
Regrets 4 oy oldin
Andrea being like thank you Samara's fam have a nice day
Regrets 4 oy oldin
Andre got good at jumping out of cars because of gta
Regrets 4 oy oldin
everyone: panicking Andre: Im heading out, I dont want to come anymore on this vaca
Regrets 4 oy oldin
Car on slope rolling down Everybody panicking andre where we dropping bois,(Salty or Tilted)
Regrets 4 oy oldin
My thinking is if i was samara i would want communication but then Andre is right, communication aint gonna help samara's fam
Regrets 4 oy oldin
Car rolling Everyone crying and panicking Andre leaves and when he stands up "F in the chat
BeastmodeMC5766 4 oy oldin
it is just arguing
Just Twizz•
Just Twizz• 4 oy oldin
Lmao andre souding like a mathemetician
Cohen Vohs
Cohen Vohs 4 oy oldin
Andre is speakin facs
Harry does gaming
Harry does gaming 4 oy oldin
It was ok to jump out of the car without saying anything because if he said anything then he would have panicked everyone more also he cant swim and cold get help aundre you should be the new Jason Bourne
chakravartthy 4 oy oldin
We need different perspectives of this situation here cause how about you do this as a series with your mom, brother and sister😂😂
Gustavo Rivas-Hernandez
Gustavo Rivas-Hernandez 4 oy oldin
One time me and my fan were at our house doing a BBQ and I was in the car playing with the steering wheel and it started rolling back and there was a protective coat and I put it on braced for impact and I jumped and I saw the car hit the dumpster fence cause we were in a apartment. Hope you enjoyed the storie
Animal Cove
Animal Cove 5 oy oldin
I understand why Andre did that, but I also agree with Samara about there should be a little communication.
Ziad Amr
Ziad Amr 5 oy oldin
Andre is john wick
꧁Phantom Drippy꧂
꧁Phantom Drippy꧂ 5 oy oldin
Who else remembers when Samara first uploaded the original story time video
I was kidnapped
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