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Samara Redway

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Fake Fortnite BAN Prank on Typical Gamer! Be sure to give this video a thumbs up for more prank videos and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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hehe hi

TG Plays
TG Plays 4 oy oldin
it's official: the prank wars of 2020 have begun
Neekaphillips& TaliesinToo
Neekaphillips& TaliesinToo 4 kun oldin
@Dinocharged 885 years
King Saahil
King Saahil 4 kun oldin
@PEWDIEPIE verified Hi
JACKSON TRAMEL 8 kun oldin
Jennifer Galarza
Jennifer Galarza 9 kun oldin
@PEWDIEPIE verified hi
Blueberry Dog
Blueberry Dog 10 kun oldin
zack ullah
zack ullah 14 soat oldin
I love you samara
Blake Ferris
Blake Ferris 3 kun oldin
say hay ondray and punch him in the face
Mateo Gaming
Mateo Gaming 4 kun oldin
Is it me or she sounded like Penelope from Wreck it Ralph 3:15
Kayla Clark
Kayla Clark 5 kun oldin
good job I like that I was KILLED BY TG HELP ME PLZ NICE GAME bth way :0
Luke Walker
Luke Walker 5 kun oldin
Anthony Ferris
Anthony Ferris 5 kun oldin
I love you kiss me
חן אביזוהר
חן אביזוהר 6 kun oldin
מי ישראלי לול ??
Karla Arriaga
Karla Arriaga 7 kun oldin
i did all of that gg
Darren Corona
Darren Corona 7 kun oldin
the headphones he has are open back so he might be able to hear u a lot easier then it seems
Nela Soto
Nela Soto 8 kun oldin
Yes do a office tour
Ali Shubert
Ali Shubert 9 kun oldin
do a spray paint his car with spray paint chalk
Benjamin Nance
Benjamin Nance 9 kun oldin
Office tour
raythegod_1 10 kun oldin
Do a break up prank
aiden vipperman
aiden vipperman 13 kun oldin
linda wilson
linda wilson 14 kun oldin
Ooay stop tg
Plastra_StaticZ 14 kun oldin
Plastra_StaticZ 14 kun oldin
0:3 min
Sprite Cranberry
Sprite Cranberry 14 kun oldin
survival specialist was my first fortnite skin lol
Bundles & Tumbles Adventures
Bundles & Tumbles Adventures 15 kun oldin
Terrance Cutts
Terrance Cutts 16 kun oldin
shelsia Isabel
shelsia Isabel 16 kun oldin
0 b{oooooooooooooo pop
STM_Reflexx 17 kun oldin
Aussie Alex
Aussie Alex 17 kun oldin
dagmawi abayneh
dagmawi abayneh 18 kun oldin
It looks 3d
REAL DABBERS 18 kun oldin
if your a you tuber like
Daquan Ross
Daquan Ross 19 kun oldin
nobody tg what the hell lmao
Brayden Carey
Brayden Carey 20 kun oldin
us code TypicalGamer in the fortnite itemshop lol
themear themear
themear themear 22 kun oldin
afk leaching is going out for 1 hour
Samantha Cook
Samantha Cook 23 kun oldin
I want you to do a very serious prank for him to rage
Allan Ndambuki
Allan Ndambuki 24 kun oldin
Hi if this comment is pinned i recomend turning his chanell to TG pranks
manal karim
manal karim 24 kun oldin
I love your videos it’s so like exciting to see you
manal karim
manal karim 24 kun oldin
It’s so funny because he and thanking him but he’s not being
Colton Cash
Colton Cash 25 kun oldin
Do 12pranks
A_Ztest 25 kun oldin
Justin Trist
Justin Trist 27 kun oldin
Haha so funny u guys rock
Murugaraj Shanmugam
Murugaraj Shanmugam 28 kun oldin
samara with the hack
paayal83 Oy oldin
Delete fortnite on his PC and act like he did
Lue Moua
Lue Moua Oy oldin
Why would u do thattttt
Connsume Oy oldin
Christian Trujillo
Christian Trujillo Oy oldin
sammera do a prank of a fake snake
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Oy oldin
Troy Hughes
Troy Hughes Oy oldin
Office tour
Troy Hughes
Troy Hughes Oy oldin
Maria Bel
Maria Bel Oy oldin
No typical gamer
Brandon Salter
Brandon Salter Oy oldin
Christian D
Christian D Oy oldin
The moving is really funny
Grant DeMezzo
Grant DeMezzo Oy oldin
Grant DeMezzo
Lilly Stephenson
Lilly Stephenson Oy oldin
That you broke up
haloed-stylist5 Oy oldin
6:33 I know u guys heard typical gamer cuss
Roy Rendon
Roy Rendon Oy oldin
Love you samara keep uploading on UZpost content
hayden woolard
hayden woolard Oy oldin
put clear tape on the tolit
King Fleming
King Fleming Oy oldin
Hadleigh Reider
Hadleigh Reider Oy oldin
So I am just hoping you are going to make a mother video pleas
Harry Potter Hogwarts
Harry Potter Hogwarts Oy oldin
What do you stream on
Dastan Karim
Dastan Karim Oy oldin
Kids who are watching 👁️👅👁️les go
JT terry
JT terry Oy oldin
wast all hes vebuks
Jesus Meza
Jesus Meza Oy oldin
Shes my 2nd favorite UZpostr 😁🤩
Mister Reality
Mister Reality Oy oldin
One problem. That’s not the same character. SUSPICIOUS.
Avis Stringer
Avis Stringer Oy oldin
Do a prank on Henry have another boy in a room and he will flip
tyson lopez
tyson lopez Oy oldin
what suer i do the prank for my bother Samara Redway*1
Estelita Reyes
Estelita Reyes Oy oldin
Where do you go so I can see you live on your streams?
Miguel Dias
Miguel Dias Oy oldin
I want to have a gaming tour. Samara: We got them lads. Tg Plays: Bruh. Please do not do it. The war is starting.
Lewis Chappell
Lewis Chappell Oy oldin
Reggie George
Reggie George Oy oldin
Hella acting
PURExMARC3LO Rodrigues da Silva
PURExMARC3LO Rodrigues da Silva Oy oldin
Would u wanna play some Fortnite sometime pls
Yohannes mekonnen
Yohannes mekonnen Oy oldin
u should spy on her
Yohannes mekonnen
Yohannes mekonnen Oy oldin
Faith Wade
Faith Wade Oy oldin
Adam Reiss
Adam Reiss Oy oldin
Adam Reiss
Adam Reiss Oy oldin
Christopher Burgess
Christopher Burgess Oy oldin
yes sir
Kari Berglund
Kari Berglund Oy oldin
You should do I lost miku or george
Roschell Cobb
Roschell Cobb Oy oldin
Can’t get enough to make it happen to be better you can be the same as the
Lindsey Kendall
Lindsey Kendall Oy oldin
Alpha bot
Alpha bot Oy oldin
Rich Boy_Trøÿ
Rich Boy_Trøÿ Oy oldin
She’s my crush
Anna's Heaven
Anna's Heaven Oy oldin
Him not knowing the prank: WHAT THE HELL Him knowing: WHAT THE HECC
fishy army raid fishy army raid
fishy army raid fishy army raid Oy oldin
Who knows?
Kinggoodman56 Oy oldin
tanerfox 12
tanerfox 12 Oy oldin
my name is Snoopdog9040
tanerfox 12
tanerfox 12 Oy oldin
i want to 1v1 you gays
VaibzR Oy oldin
another fortnite prank will be sooo jucy
Nicola Battson
Nicola Battson Oy oldin
NoahGondo200ms Oy oldin
It’s wat he gets for When he always pranks u
Boss Gameing
Boss Gameing Oy oldin
You should do that again but hold control shift and spam Q. It will freeze his screen and he won’t be able to do anything he basically just shut off the computer and you have to re-login FYI I’ve done it two so my friend it’s really funny
Michael Hrdz
Michael Hrdz Oy oldin
Text me back ima fan
Mohammad AlSadoun
Mohammad AlSadoun Oy oldin
Every single time i see her subscribers it changes
JustDancer 2 oy oldin
yes so true
Jai Trois
Jai Trois 2 oy oldin
Hans Tech Info
Hans Tech Info 2 oy oldin
thx for the good content i hav been bored on youtube and u and andre have made such good content KEEP IT UP
Sneaks_Titan 2 oy oldin
Who else is seeing this in season 4
Srijohn GHOSH
Srijohn GHOSH 2 oy oldin
can you do a fortnite game with andre prank
LoganT1 1
LoganT1 1 2 oy oldin
Forgot to edit the Vbucks
Leandro Caja
Leandro Caja 2 oy oldin
Yes I want to see your ofes
La dy
La dy 2 oy oldin
Do you were praying we don’t do a prank do the church my bodies in there and then kill them let’s see wait if you don’t wanna do this one but I want to sayAnd say shut your butt but don’t call me
La dy
La dy 2 oy oldin
no I mean like shut your butt and don’t cover
Rexo Playzz
Rexo Playzz 2 oy oldin
Read My Name
lisa grasty
lisa grasty 2 oy oldin
put a fake crack on his screen before he gets up
Crystal Reed
Crystal Reed 2 oy oldin
♤•¤SOOO for pranks since he always pranks you with keyboard... Do the wireless keyboard on him♤•¤
Rubydude _yt
Rubydude _yt 2 oy oldin
Syarta krasniqi
Syarta krasniqi 2 oy oldin
please gifrs 5000v-buck pelease me Syyartta10
I HACKED His Fortnite Account! (Prank)
Samara Redway
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