He Crashed My New Tesla..

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Samara Redway

9 oy oldin

He CRASHED the new Tesla.. Also we MOVED! Don't forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!
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RaifanRazif 2 oy oldin
What other couples argue about: HEY WHO IS THIS ON YOUR CONTACTS What Andre and Samara Argue about: 8:51
Safeer Salek
Safeer Salek 2 oy oldin
"My tesla" yet andre definitely pays for 99% of expenses
Lightfox18 2 oy oldin
He has 9 lives but now he has 8 no need for the vet just don’t let it get to 0
Kesean Williams
Kesean Williams 2 oy oldin
Your Tesla😂
Izaak H.
Izaak H. 3 oy oldin
I thought the Tesla was driving its self, but then I realized she was in the back seat
Reid Spencer
Reid Spencer 3 oy oldin
Call new Place
Alicia Emerson
Alicia Emerson 3 oy oldin
George gettin ready lol
spencer pawaz
spencer pawaz 3 oy oldin
Cats always land on their feet
Brandon Trejo
Brandon Trejo 3 oy oldin
Wait who was driving?
Sophia' world b
Sophia' world b 3 oy oldin
George is so cute ♡♡
Isaiah Thorne
Isaiah Thorne 3 oy oldin
He was smelling his butt
Dead Line
Dead Line 3 oy oldin
shadowfacenell 4 oy oldin
I wish I can touch snow but I never got to see or touch snow🙁
Cole smith Smith
Cole smith Smith 4 oy oldin
Cool crash car 😂😂
ahmad alsbinaty
ahmad alsbinaty 4 oy oldin
cats are better than dogs who agree
Slapzzッ 4 oy oldin
Samera was ignoring him Andre the whole time in the car.
Lil Draco
Lil Draco 5 oy oldin
Not ur Tesla only Andre(FYI)
John Lucian
John Lucian 5 oy oldin
He crashes a lot
Sean Little
Sean Little 5 oy oldin
That’s there agreements 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Elizabeth Vitchock
Elizabeth Vitchock 5 oy oldin
Rip George’s legs
Fiery Gaming4407
Fiery Gaming4407 6 oy oldin
Kash Hickey
Kash Hickey 6 oy oldin
I think George is doing more than roughhousing with Miko
Thatboy Quan
Thatboy Quan 8 oy oldin
George was trying to get it in
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 8 oy oldin
pls stop moving iv told you before
bee bee bee
bee bee bee 8 oy oldin
You guys are the perfect cupple 😁
Amon Haq
Amon Haq 8 oy oldin
Sassy samara 9:51
Kold Jrive
Kold Jrive 8 oy oldin
Funny how she said “my Tesla”
Tyrone Douglas
Tyrone Douglas 8 oy oldin
2fox g
2fox g 8 oy oldin
Samara when are you and Andra having a baby 🤰
Cesar Calzada Miranda
Cesar Calzada Miranda 8 oy oldin
are you going to post more
ZekkFN 9 oy oldin
TG Made You
Joshua Tweeddale
Joshua Tweeddale 9 oy oldin
Your Tesla thought it was tgs
Tj Muzza
Tj Muzza 9 oy oldin
You should play Sims 4 please
michael zallar
michael zallar 9 oy oldin
Can you please convince Andra to play Friday the 13th game plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz if you don't I'm gonna be heartbroken 💔💔💔
Keenan Francisco
Keenan Francisco 9 oy oldin
imo this is the best type of vlog i could ask for
James Hatcher
James Hatcher 9 oy oldin
i watched Dracula the show you are right its weird at the end the start I was so happy I hope they make another season but it will probably be different but did Dracula really have a daughter idk.
André Costa
André Costa 9 oy oldin
I do remember coming into these so lady like vlogs back from when these comments served as an entertainment to me and no1 else because as if gladiators were the most skilled set with a peaceful like living live instead of those shits on the sand , enchackled every now and then swingining wooden sticks all day long and then at a dog ' s howling and delight is the same old thing that they never deny that it almost camed to an end with spartacus . Not the begining , perhaps the end and i cannot say this woman is a whole lot alike to alexia and all from the same pattern , mostly ... this is 1 of those comments i could have just commentated anywhere else and perhaps it would have maded no diference , all i can or am left to say is that maybe i could get a little defensive under the wrong circumstances . Redway when the real question is regardless of what colour would have it been all the way ? .I. O . o Her boyfriend ' s name is andre , what a coincedence , i do see the love of my life when i look at her , i guess ...
Manav Munzal
Manav Munzal 4 oy oldin
OMg mate u went of topic and then came back
age lyon
age lyon 9 oy oldin
BnK ghost
BnK ghost 9 oy oldin
Don’t worry samara cat have nine life’s.And I also thought they landed on their feet
Rodney 9 oy oldin
MVP_ GAMER69 9 oy oldin
My friend works for Tesla, if he saw the scratch, he would cry 😭
Saman Indrajith
Saman Indrajith 9 oy oldin
8:23 He looked pissed
Negitivebike316 v.
Negitivebike316 v. 6 oy oldin
OfficiallyMint 9 oy oldin
It’s ok cats have 9 lives 😃 George 8 left
Joey Hirsch
Joey Hirsch 9 oy oldin
i want a tesla so bad :(
EMR80 9 oy oldin
I subbed because of your boyfriend. I was looking at his GTA Gangs videos lol.
FranciscoVids 9 oy oldin
Andre can’t drive
Jabari Stephens
Jabari Stephens 9 oy oldin
Andre is like y'all ain't gon blame me im a pro fortnite player but y'all should play rust nd make it a series
Jabari Stephens
Jabari Stephens 9 oy oldin
Noone: Miku:Who the hell is that!!!!!!
Rep1i x
Rep1i x 9 oy oldin
it's not your tesla smh
Jesse 9 oy oldin
What type of cat is George? I want one lol
adam the gamer
adam the gamer 9 oy oldin
adam the gamer
adam the gamer 9 oy oldin
I got a question come moving
Baconator9000 9 oy oldin
why you crash it yer car!? why!?
GoOfy McGee
GoOfy McGee 9 oy oldin
Crash his Lamborghini
DCoffie 9 oy oldin
Samera just to say it's not even Ur car bcuz TG spent his money on dat Tesla so it's technically not urs I'm sorry😭
Stiaan Jacobs
Stiaan Jacobs 9 oy oldin
George don't do the Rought house with Mecoew You to young and yes I don't know how to spell Mecow
Zack Woods
Zack Woods 9 oy oldin
Girl a Tesla don’t cost a lot I’ll buy you a brand new one if you want my IG is vkarnagev if you want a new one
Kyran Wilms
Kyran Wilms 9 oy oldin
She is sitting in the back like its a taxi😂
Gino.flores 9 oy oldin
Click bait no crash
Dylan D
Dylan D 9 oy oldin
Are you doing a house tour
WENEGADE WAIDER!!! 9 oy oldin
5:56 Andre was holding one of the cats almost sideways😂😂😂
Negitivebike316 v.
Negitivebike316 v. 6 oy oldin
derek lin
derek lin 9 oy oldin
You better had said sorry to him
derek lin
derek lin 9 oy oldin
It is Samara fault regardless it is Andre’s tesla
Samory King21
Samory King21 9 oy oldin
Aww I feel so bad for you George
Liarless 9 oy oldin
Ive been subed for like 2 years i love you and andrew and tell tg to do zombie apocalypse series again
Joey Kerr
Joey Kerr 9 oy oldin
I'm glad George is ok! ♥️ I hope everyone is loving the new place! I can't believe he actually scratched the wheel and fender. He sounds like me when I drive so I understand completely lol.
Carmen Minor
Carmen Minor 9 oy oldin
6:00 why Miku look like that lol😂
zag nadja
zag nadja 2 oy oldin
Rohit 9 oy oldin
Always love to c the vlogs
Ooguro Ryuuya
Ooguro Ryuuya 9 oy oldin
miku gonna miss the apartment sink
Saoirse Hegarty
Saoirse Hegarty 9 oy oldin
Cats have really strong thresholds x:)❤😽
Seema Parmar
Seema Parmar 9 oy oldin
By the way samara that’s not your Tesla ok and you don’t even drive it so that’s is your guys Tesla ok Samar’s so that is a dumb title for your thumbnail
shaheer khan
shaheer khan 9 oy oldin
the same happened to my cat the day before yesterday not even kidding. he fell from the first floor stairs and couldnt land properly so he landed on his left thigh. we took him to a vet and he had surgery yesterday. he is all fine now
Ab1zz 9 oy oldin
U guys are the funniest couple
ChakaGamer 9 oy oldin
Glad George is okay.
Errol Johnsen
Errol Johnsen 9 oy oldin
Hi samara you have such a cute pair of cats. I have watched Andre for years now ive only watched you for 1 year but i love your content keep it up.😀😀😀😀😀😀🐱🐱
AMAN HILL 9 oy oldin
relationship goals be like this in marriage lmao
AMAN HILL 9 oy oldin
lmao miku
Ronit 9 oy oldin
Omg George you good buddy? 😂😂
Imperial Cub
Imperial Cub 9 oy oldin
The video title is kinda exaggerated and makes it seem lime he did it purposefully
Mikerace457 9 oy oldin
When You Were Ignoring Andre Talking About The Scratch On Tesla It Was So Funny 🤣🤣🤣! PS: Keep Up The Great Work Samara Love Ya💜.
Deundre Ward
Deundre Ward 9 oy oldin
8:41 Wait, Whhaaaat!!
Wyplayzz zzz
Wyplayzz zzz 9 oy oldin
Tell typical gamer to friend me on Fortnite it is wyplayzzzzz
Joey Kerr
Joey Kerr 9 oy oldin
He doesn't add viewers, there's too many. Sorry.
Erick Voss
Erick Voss 9 oy oldin
It's T e s l a not Tezla like Nicoli Tesla the guy who helped with a lot of our common electrical methods.
Black Hawk
Black Hawk 9 oy oldin
You know your ballin when you use the TV as a TABLE
LOVE U MOMMY 9 oy oldin
Omg is that a couch lol
Conner Fossage
Conner Fossage 9 oy oldin
U call that rought house funny
XxViper316 9 oy oldin
Any ark streams coming up soon?
young Savage
young Savage 9 oy oldin
Your car now I scratched Savage tg but not Fair u can't blame her bc it just like u shooting someone then say saying it your fault because u was edging it on
Zander Stofflet
Zander Stofflet 9 oy oldin
Ha Click baittty
KrustyKrab Gang13
KrustyKrab Gang13 9 oy oldin
Your Tesla? I thought it was his
Omar Jradi
Omar Jradi 9 oy oldin
Literally a cat vlog
ThatGuyOmar 9 oy oldin
11:01 Miku= spiderman lol
Asheed N
Asheed N 9 oy oldin
It isn't your tesla, it's Andre's. He paid for it
MikeZotix 9 oy oldin
Samara for your setup put like some lights or something for the background to make it stand out more 😁😁😁😁
Astrohurricane 9 oy oldin
Andre: “when I’m driving I’m super alert as to what’s going on.....” Also Andre in numerous Samara vlogs.... constantly looking at his phone whilst driving. 📱👀
Zackson X
Zackson X 9 oy oldin
samaras noise seems background lol, not TGs
Dexter Adams
Dexter Adams 9 oy oldin
can you do Friday the 13
Poop Boy
Poop Boy 9 oy oldin
6:23 Miku looks like Kevin Hart staring meme face
Dankyeet Dankboii
Dankyeet Dankboii 4 oy oldin
Yo he does
CLYMAN POSTS 7 oy oldin
Deadass bro
Communist Russian
Communist Russian 8 oy oldin
Miku does
Victor Hill
Victor Hill 8 oy oldin
Hahahahahahahahaha can't stop laughing man!!!
suta schramm
suta schramm 9 oy oldin
OMG "little scratch?" This was definitely a kitty video. I literally watched half of the video with my kitty. She was watching it too.
ImSJPC 9 oy oldin
it's a wheel not a tyre
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