HANDCUFFED to my BOYFRIEND for 24 HOURS! (Challenge)

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Samara Redway

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Handcuffed to my boyfriend Typical Gamer for 24 HOURS! Be sure to give this video a thumbs up for more challenges and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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hehe hi

SuperBat2374 7 soat oldin
Samara: Let's take things to the next level Andre: Dear God...
j gaming
j gaming 4 kun oldin
Icy Skies
Icy Skies 11 kun oldin
Tg: I want the cookie I want the cookie back Lmfaoo made my day the way he said it
Chris White
Chris White 12 kun oldin
The best gamer in the world
Melanie Harrison
Melanie Harrison 13 kun oldin
Sawsan Dawani
Sawsan Dawani 13 kun oldin
Funny hahahaha
Trace Boyd
Trace Boyd 15 kun oldin
Samara you got some big gums no cap 🧢
Prince J
Prince J 16 kun oldin
(A very fun surprise ) sus. 🤣🤣
Calan Smith
Calan Smith 16 kun oldin
Poor to in the bathroom with smara ew in there 🤢🤢🤮🤮
Danny Wiliams
Danny Wiliams 16 kun oldin
But wait what if one of them had to use the bathroom😬😬😬😬
Danny Wiliams
Danny Wiliams 16 kun oldin
Lil_TacoYT 17 kun oldin
She said funnn 😏 maybe play fortnite yea 😅 bc Andre likes playing fortnite
ARealGuest1215 17 kun oldin
I love you and Andre also I subscribed to this channel and Andre’s channel I watch you Samara and Andres channel.
Arogrades627 17 kun oldin
Samera: move your elbow! Andre: that is not my elbow
JAH LIVE SEBANTU 18 kun oldin
The surprise 😏🌹
Kim Borrillo
Kim Borrillo 22 kun oldin
Mocha it’s mocha like mo ka
BETTY LEWIS 25 kun oldin
no samara
Vijay Waghmare
Vijay Waghmare Oy oldin
🤣🤣it is so so much funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maxwell Scott
Maxwell Scott Oy oldin
was the surprise a bj
Dante Pamphile
Dante Pamphile Oy oldin
Since you were handcuffed to your boyfriend I think you should’ve thrown them in the pool
Azziy 1919
Azziy 1919 Oy oldin
How to they go washroom
The Original Jaxson
The Original Jaxson Oy oldin
Samara:GOOD night TG:frick my night
Beast Philanthropy
Beast Philanthropy Oy oldin
Andre: why do u have handcuffs already Samara: so u can clap my cheeks
Beast Philanthropy
Beast Philanthropy 4 kun oldin
@Omg Lets play ol
Omg Lets play
Omg Lets play 4 kun oldin
Diego Luna
Diego Luna Oy oldin
tg:help send help me:ok nine gwan one
Shanika Grant
Shanika Grant Oy oldin
*“Ahh my prize bit me”*
Comic Penguin
Comic Penguin Oy oldin
Montwood Middle
Montwood Middle Oy oldin
You had to clean your camera
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez Oy oldin
Kahlil Dotton
Kahlil Dotton Oy oldin
A lot like
Joy Harry
Joy Harry 2 oy oldin
yes samara i like to lay on my side
Joy Harry
Joy Harry 2 oy oldin
me to i like to lay on my side samara.
Snowy Dess
Snowy Dess 2 oy oldin
What's uh boba
IkonikPlays 2 oy oldin
Ben gamingyt
Ben gamingyt 2 oy oldin
George was so cute
Moonflwrr 2 oy oldin
George is a mood I love it
Atl.rafael Arellano
Atl.rafael Arellano 2 oy oldin
Destiny's play house
Destiny's play house 2 oy oldin
What's typical gamers video named
Arianna Sarwary
Arianna Sarwary 2 oy oldin
UmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmUmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm UmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmUmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Isaiah Harriott
Isaiah Harriott 2 oy oldin
Send help lol😂
Obey Flo
Obey Flo 2 oy oldin
I wonder what’s the suprise
Blake Ferris
Blake Ferris 3 oy oldin
how do they go toilet?
Becky Jackson
Becky Jackson 3 oy oldin
I wonder why she has handcuffs laying around😏😏😏
corrupt Xan
corrupt Xan 3 oy oldin
Omg after every Kill typical gamer got
corrupt Xan
corrupt Xan 3 oy oldin
Omg sfter every kill tg got
Portia Nkomezulu
Portia Nkomezulu 3 oy oldin
Wait if someone needs to use the bathroom
Portia Nkomezulu
Portia Nkomezulu 3 oy oldin
Nevermind they went together
Lyssy4-2 3 oy oldin
POV: you clicked the comments to find me 🥺
Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson 3 oy oldin
I feel like Andre and Samara got Arrested for being the PERFECT COUPLE lol
Literally dont care
Literally dont care 3 oy oldin
0:50 I think I know the suprise it’s just off camera
Zackery Deese
Zackery Deese 3 oy oldin
5:41 i died at andres face
Siwakhile Makhubu
Siwakhile Makhubu 3 oy oldin
They could have cuddled when going to sleep
Jenny Stansell
Jenny Stansell 3 oy oldin
Go hit that like button in the face
Elijah’s World
Elijah’s World 4 oy oldin
samara: its time to take thing on a other level andre: heart beating like it never did before
JASMINE Elizondo
JASMINE Elizondo 4 oy oldin
Ah my prize just bit me🤣
Lizwakele Madonsela
Lizwakele Madonsela 4 oy oldin
Why did she say surprise like that 'that's a bit suspicious'
Mason Simon
Mason Simon 4 oy oldin
the part when she went to the bathroom
yayeet 4 oy oldin
andre thought she was gonna propose
Buggy902 Stratton
Buggy902 Stratton 4 oy oldin
progamer mdnalds_is_71
progamer mdnalds_is_71 4 oy oldin
Chill with the thumbnail
Cristcoolkidrbxl Yeet
Cristcoolkidrbxl Yeet 4 oy oldin
When Andre plays Fortnite all the i hear is ahhhh
THE DOG & SPEC 4 oy oldin
Those are plastic handcuffs you could easily tail
Adam Essi
Adam Essi 4 oy oldin
we all know what he was thinking when she said "REALLY fun surprise"
Keebo Reebo
Keebo Reebo Kun oldin
If you know what I’m saying 😏
Keebo Reebo
Keebo Reebo Kun oldin
Andre Jones
Andre Jones 4 oy oldin
Yes lol
CapitalizedHD 4 oy oldin
Title: Handcuffed to my boyfriend. What I see: We broke up
GerzyMate 5 oy oldin
Aundray be thinking 🍆 🍑🤪
Kertrina Davis
Kertrina Davis 5 oy oldin
Monster Scott
Monster Scott 5 oy oldin
Y’all have a awsome life
Ayeyi Ofoe Collins
Ayeyi Ofoe Collins 5 oy oldin
Ha 🤣🤣
Jesse Sanchez
Jesse Sanchez 5 oy oldin
Take a shot evertime samara says "oh my gawd" in this video
Zyliss Oneal
Zyliss Oneal 5 oy oldin
Handcuffed in the BATHROOM NIGHTMARE
Joshua Musa
Joshua Musa 5 oy oldin
This totally hurts
Joshua Musa
Joshua Musa 5 oy oldin
I am so annoyed by your the words
Joshua Musa
Joshua Musa 5 oy oldin
Joshua Musa
Joshua Musa 5 oy oldin
This is probably so uncomfortable
Joshua Musa
Joshua Musa 5 oy oldin
And don't handcuff your self forever
Joshua Musa
Joshua Musa 5 oy oldin
This is so funny
93.vlsqz. 5 oy oldin
Andre: "Why do you randomly have handcuffs?" Samara:😳
samurai shogun
samurai shogun 24 kun oldin
Wht do u mean I have hand cuffs lol
LG Chaos
LG Chaos 5 oy oldin
What would happen if one had to pee
Jacob Sweesy
Jacob Sweesy 5 oy oldin
Ahhh my prize bit me 😂
redspect 5 oy oldin
help lol
Isabella Cleveland
Isabella Cleveland 5 oy oldin
why does andres pc have better FPS than like my eyes
Hopeless Taketori Tokita
Hopeless Taketori Tokita 5 oy oldin
Idk.... that thumb nail was kinda you know
Kymani Callwood
Kymani Callwood 5 oy oldin
She got the vitamin D 😏😏😏
Player 1
Player 1 5 oy oldin
You are a cute couple
Typical Raven08
Typical Raven08 5 oy oldin
When your mom say get off the game 5:43
Prince V&G
Prince V&G 5 oy oldin
When samara broke the cuff I thought she broke her hand
collins Paul
collins Paul 5 oy oldin
XxRavinxX Love heart
XxRavinxX Love heart 5 oy oldin
Omg when Andre said ahhh my prize bit me 😂 I laughed so hard 😂
Miichaeljr 5 oy oldin
Love this couple
Alexander Gawel
Alexander Gawel 5 oy oldin
How would you use the restroom tho
ttvitsfazeghostt 1981
ttvitsfazeghostt 1981 6 oy oldin
Andre is weird hes so goofy and he messes like a little kid
Shadowkilz 6 oy oldin
You two are like the best.
Thelma Roberts
Thelma Roberts 6 oy oldin
123456789 , 7474,484vbucks..g...
Thelma Roberts
Thelma Roberts 6 oy oldin
Thelma Roberts
Thelma Roberts 6 oy oldin
Thelma Roberts
Thelma Roberts 6 oy oldin
Thelma Roberts
Thelma Roberts 6 oy oldin
Hf5tltkrvbc it heh heh the 🐭
Thelma Roberts
Thelma Roberts 6 oy oldin
No problem , but the most of the most part of the best . 4 I 5 I was wondering what your 8th
Amanda Lynch
Amanda Lynch 6 oy oldin
Of course you are going to give him a cat she is adorable
Amanda Lynch
Amanda Lynch 6 oy oldin
How did semara get out she must be strong
Amanda Lynch
Amanda Lynch 6 oy oldin
He is good at Fortnite also with you handcuffed with it
Demon Popper
Demon Popper 6 oy oldin
“AHH MY PRIZE BIT ME “ I died😹😹😂😂
James Reynolds
James Reynolds 6 oy oldin
Is nobody gonna talk about tgs fqce when he said what else can we do with handcuffs 9:07
MwAlpaca23 6 oy oldin
What is this ‘surprise’ you speak of? 😈😈😈😈
Tinnette Walker
Tinnette Walker 6 oy oldin
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