Funny Tik Tok PRANKS on my FAMILY!

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Samara Redway

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hehe hi

Xxiiiveahiiixx !
Xxiiiveahiiixx ! 15 kun oldin
I love you and Andre relationship so much!!!🥺✨💖
manal karim
manal karim 18 kun oldin
Hello Jaxon
Hello Jaxon 22 kun oldin
I’m Exposed to corona please pray for me
Plasma Developing
Plasma Developing 23 kun oldin
the last one was a fail not a success
Elijah Alicea
Elijah Alicea 24 kun oldin
Elijah Alicea
Elijah Alicea 24 kun oldin
I LOVE THIS VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elijah Alicea
Elijah Alicea 24 kun oldin
Daniel Wheeler
Daniel Wheeler 25 kun oldin
Yo her other kids don’t even look like hers. Samara looks exactly like her mom😂
FTL_JAY33824 29 kun oldin
The best
SIRE 5280
SIRE 5280 Oy oldin
This video is so funny I'm going to send it to most of my friends
Acorn on 60fps
Acorn on 60fps Oy oldin
Wow I thought everyone know Tik tok and you should make more of these for sure
Jay Mollett
Jay Mollett Oy oldin
hi samara
Benjamin Cardinal
Benjamin Cardinal Oy oldin
@ TG plays
AYK9 AYK9 Oy oldin
She needs to play more rust
Metal clan
Metal clan Oy oldin
Doc Df
Deku 5363
Deku 5363 Oy oldin
Wow didn’t know samara is a prankster
Gi N
Gi N Oy oldin
why does samara have so much dimples lol
hi how are u
hi how are u Oy oldin
Samar’s sis looks so much like makai
Kam World
Kam World Oy oldin
Cool Matthew ll
Cool Matthew ll Oy oldin
Twitch name please
XxxKilluawolfXxx Oy oldin
Can you do a live Fortnite vid? Plz.
Michael E
Michael E Oy oldin
I love Tiktok pranks Lol
Monkey gaming999
Monkey gaming999 Oy oldin
i loved it
OmarTheKidd Oy oldin
You look just like your mom🦋❤️
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez Oy oldin
Anyone else notice that mkay has the infinite merch on
Hey I'm watching Andre stream can you tell him if he watches fantastic fourrise of the silver surfer I think that's what's going to happen in fortnite
Kaylin Messiah
Kaylin Messiah Oy oldin
That was nice tiktok pranksno😍l love you guys so much 😍
Dimitri Jackson
Dimitri Jackson Oy oldin
Hehe hi
ImWatchingYT Oy oldin
Samaras to funny 🤣 can’t stop watching you
Daniel Barajas-Herrera
Daniel Barajas-Herrera Oy oldin
what i saw you and your mother face are same mean it your real mom?
SpeedingKang 250
SpeedingKang 250 Oy oldin
? Mekhi? My name is Mekhi
TH3_G4M3RZ Oy oldin
I love your content Samara
FrozenFishy Epic
FrozenFishy Epic Oy oldin
Your the best youtuber keep on doing great content
Johnny gaming
Johnny gaming Oy oldin
Tg did the 2one on his tiktok
Valeria Calvo
Valeria Calvo Oy oldin
you do very good pranks
Damien Minor
Damien Minor Oy oldin
I love you samra
Liltee Frvr
Liltee Frvr Oy oldin
You look like your mom
SB83 Oy oldin
Samara. Next time search “Best Tik Tok Pranks 2020” The water challenge Andre did to you last month. It’s on your channel.
Amareye Bonds
Amareye Bonds Oy oldin
At 3:12 I don’t know if that’s USA or Canadian dollar cause don’t they live in Vancouver
Milo Barclay
Milo Barclay Oy oldin
what about ur father tho???
Greg Schnabel
Greg Schnabel Oy oldin
Not to mention he likes invading your streams to get more attention for his
Greg Schnabel
Greg Schnabel Oy oldin
I don't even bother watching his streams anymore because I how he changed I'd rather watch your streams any day of the week before I watch his at least you interact with your fans he's on something else
Greg Schnabel
Greg Schnabel Oy oldin
How come the 10 million subscribers that TG has went straight to his head now he thinks he's too good for a subscribers doesn't acknowledge anybody all he cares about is who's donating what he was a lot more humble back in his in the GTA days now he's just too good for everybody I guess
LIT KIC Oy oldin
Yo ur sis got a glow up no 🧢
Michael Kassaye
Michael Kassaye Oy oldin
use code typical gamer in the fortnite item shop
Cassidy Huitron
Cassidy Huitron Oy oldin
When are u gonna play the last of us part 2
Malama Chunga
Malama Chunga Oy oldin
Infinitable Gamer
Infinitable Gamer Oy oldin
There is 50 dollar bills?
Rodgers Boys
Rodgers Boys Oy oldin
Danlinval Oy oldin
You should of done the stuck on the pole prank lol
Terry Pangrazio
Terry Pangrazio Oy oldin
ChakaGamer Oy oldin
10 out of 10. The first prank on Salana was funny. I loved it she. Was like help. Lol
game-player Oy oldin
The 2s prank tg did that to her lol
Arizona theif
Arizona theif Oy oldin
Anyone remember when the spit prank happened to samara
Mikey Renteria
Mikey Renteria Oy oldin
chara dreemurr
chara dreemurr Oy oldin
samara are your brother and sister twins they look alike like alot
Vlixy Oy oldin
What happened to makai puberty hit him hard my boi looks like a man
Mellissa Grindstaff
Mellissa Grindstaff Oy oldin
Andre is sweet
Tryhard Justin
Tryhard Justin Oy oldin
Is it me or was Samara more pretty 5 years ago no offense she's still beautiful
Sharwin Jason Sunyasee
Sharwin Jason Sunyasee Oy oldin
Samara I loved your video and I want you to go back to that haunted hotel
Tyrese Smith
Tyrese Smith Oy oldin
She looks like she’s had Botox
LifeLine 1
LifeLine 1 Oy oldin
One of the funniest every plz do more with your family my favorite one is the water one that was Soo funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Asher Beck
Asher Beck Oy oldin
To me
imunique x
imunique x Oy oldin
Wait ur brother n sis look like same
Rohit Gosalia
Rohit Gosalia Oy oldin
Who wants Samara to prank Andre 🤣🤣
samarai sn
samarai sn Oy oldin
I saw this game in typical gamer instergram
Joshua M
Joshua M Oy oldin
Does anyone know which camera she uses ?
Dana Al shamari
Dana Al shamari Oy oldin
You are smart
Dana Al shamari
Dana Al shamari Oy oldin
Like hare 👇
Epic Fortnite
Epic Fortnite Oy oldin
Andre did that trick Samara did to her brother
Shrek Oy oldin
dot Oy oldin
Do you have a creator code??
Gio Martes
Gio Martes Oy oldin
This video made my laugh it made my day 🤣
Andy Salas
Andy Salas Oy oldin
The first one I felt so bad for salona
faith sigbeku
faith sigbeku Oy oldin
I love your vids
Jose Garcia III
Jose Garcia III Oy oldin
3:45 he was so disappointed😂😂😭
Krish Oy oldin
Samara's mother is so beautiful just like her
Krish Oy oldin
Prank #2 is straight from TG 🤣🤣
Just CJ gaming
Just CJ gaming Oy oldin
Hi pls comment I’m a huge fan tell Anudre hi
Zach Dowdy
Zach Dowdy Oy oldin
Can we just admire how nice your mothers house is😂
Oralia Berardino
Oralia Berardino Oy oldin
Nobody is gonna talk about the fact that she looks EXACTLY like her mom?😂
Mac Alaniz
Mac Alaniz Oy oldin
Do you have a twitch please tell me I want to watch the vids
Faze Typical
Faze Typical Oy oldin
Prank Andre with a breaking up one
Vinny Plays
Vinny Plays Oy oldin
You have a really nice family 👍
Wanna be Faze
Wanna be Faze Oy oldin
Prank your boyfriend typical gamer he streaming right now
deandre walker
deandre walker Oy oldin
Vextin Oy oldin
I just subed
Zachariah Smith
Zachariah Smith Oy oldin
go to my youtube channel zach and zay plays
Ko Nic
Ko Nic Oy oldin
the second prank is what andre did in another video... lol
Makayla Smyles
Makayla Smyles Oy oldin
I want to be Andry and Samara's kid cause their so nice and funny.
Dachon Robinson-Taylor
Dachon Robinson-Taylor Oy oldin
Masked Base
Masked Base Oy oldin
nice vid but try a video where they dont know u re gonna prank them
Agent Deku
Agent Deku Oy oldin
“Beautiful” “Cute” “Hair” Videos” “Pfp” which is Samara!
The boss man99 Bot
The boss man99 Bot Oy oldin
I love your videos are amazing and I love them
Sprays Yt
Sprays Yt Oy oldin
Hello I love ur videos there are bangers
Junior Kirisome
Junior Kirisome Oy oldin
Bro i gotta hand it to Samara, U copied Andre's trick from instagram and u failed, u swallowed the water when u were meant to spit it in the jar lmao. Andre good job on that!
John Powers
John Powers Oy oldin
Whys makai look so different
brew 26
brew 26 Oy oldin
Prank two andre got here with that one
Dominic Lavigne-Babcock
Dominic Lavigne-Babcock Oy oldin
Gaming with pr3tty girl eliy Clark
Gaming with pr3tty girl eliy Clark Oy oldin
That’s not even her kitchen in the thumbnail. But still love you
Gaming With AAK
Gaming With AAK Oy oldin
Let fricking go lads
Rayv Young
Rayv Young Oy oldin
No one: 2:13 Samara's War Cry: AAAAHH HA HA HA
Orkeli Keli
Orkeli Keli Oy oldin
You copied Andre the second prank. The one he did to you was better
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