Fortnite WEAPONS in REAL LIFE! (Nerf Blasters)

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Samara Redway

5 oy oldin

Fortnite Nerf Blaster Weapons in REAL LIFE! Be sure to give this video a thumbs up for more and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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hehe hi

TG Plays
TG Plays 5 oy oldin
LIKE this comment for me to 1v1 Samara in a Fortnite NERF battle! 👦💥👧🏻
Busternixx 5 soat oldin
Why did you say F*** 2x
Heaven Mosby
Heaven Mosby 2 kun oldin
Tg said a bad word
Lakhveer Kaur
Lakhveer Kaur 4 kun oldin
Georsiell torres
Georsiell torres 9 kun oldin
ALIEN inMALAYSIA 12 kun oldin
Did tg swear
Bridget Hammond
Bridget Hammond 5 soat oldin
What about a pup shogun
Jaisy Blaise
Jaisy Blaise 9 soat oldin
1V1 1V1 1V1
The Good, The Bad, The Mommy
The Good, The Bad, The Mommy Kun oldin
The scar
Heaven Mosby
Heaven Mosby 2 kun oldin
Tg said a bad word
ashtonplaz 3 kun oldin
I like how tg and pull trigger and SHE pulled the trigger 🤪
K. Hawk Eagle
K. Hawk Eagle 3 kun oldin
Reporting this
TriPes 3 kun oldin
that tac clip was bf abuse this is just a joke
Nolan Zeier
Nolan Zeier 3 kun oldin
Why the hell does Andre look like bob ross
Sammy Pecnik
Sammy Pecnik 3 kun oldin
8:27 Roses are red, violets are blue, i thought i was crazy, but then i saw you
370zAlex _
370zAlex _ 4 kun oldin
4:47 Samara is EVIL 😂
Noah Ciriaco
Noah Ciriaco 4 kun oldin
Andre cursed 👀
Reise Doubek
Reise Doubek 4 kun oldin
I have the fortnight ar but it is yellow and the eagle but it has nerf bullets it is not a water gun
Lance Weber
Lance Weber 5 kun oldin
I have that pixie
Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams 7 kun oldin
He never cussed in his video before that is crazy but now it is messed up. samara
alex meron
alex meron 8 kun oldin
I thought they were family-friendly
Cruz And Hoffman Planet
Cruz And Hoffman Planet 8 kun oldin
I never seen Andre swear 😅😅😅
Shawna Palomo
Shawna Palomo 10 kun oldin
This is the first time hearing him swear
M&M Gamers
M&M Gamers 10 kun oldin
I never knew Andre wasn’t family friendly
xavier Isdagoat
xavier Isdagoat 10 kun oldin
I have a score but I doesn't have to stick it to yellow a gold 1
xavier Isdagoat
xavier Isdagoat 10 kun oldin
Hi tickle gamer
Noah Troiano
Noah Troiano 11 kun oldin
i have ALL the nerf guns in the thumbnail
ALIEN inMALAYSIA 11 kun oldin
Tg just swear😂😂
lawson watson
lawson watson 12 kun oldin
I love how Aundre said that he doesn’t say the F word and then in this video he said it like two or three times👍👍🤣🤣
Aaron Cheng
Aaron Cheng 12 kun oldin
Samara: We are going to be testing these guns out on Andre. Me: Yep I'm liking this there is no going back
Savage plays
Savage plays 12 kun oldin
In USA the scar and tac looks different and theres a skull trooper pickaxe and a smg
Tina Thiry
Tina Thiry 12 kun oldin
subscribe to all channels of there's and use code typical gamer or SamaraRedway in the item shop
Noah Jackson
Noah Jackson 12 kun oldin
I have the correct color of the scar
Josiah Tirado
Josiah Tirado 13 kun oldin
Jaydogman2 I
Jaydogman2 I 14 kun oldin
Andre and the tac what the f... samara give me Distance
it's roberto
it's roberto 14 kun oldin
I went to my friends house and they had the RPG and tactical shotgun ps shotgun hurts alot
Grass clan
Grass clan 14 kun oldin
He’s says ow water does not hurt
Lety Mendoza
Lety Mendoza 14 kun oldin
Omg wend Andre says ahhhhh is so funny 😆
Brycen Dale
Brycen Dale 14 kun oldin
inv never heard his cuss ahhah a
Bengie Silva G
Bengie Silva G 15 kun oldin
I love these videos
Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark 15 kun oldin
Take the pain ha ha ha
Jaxtyn Guthridge
Jaxtyn Guthridge 15 kun oldin
I love it when they get carried away in the video 🤣
Mary Unger
Mary Unger 16 kun oldin
You killed me
kaleb turkovich
kaleb turkovich 17 kun oldin
Andre looks like he has an afro
Hayden Lewis
Hayden Lewis 17 kun oldin
Typical gamer swears
Ronald Perezabarca
Ronald Perezabarca 17 kun oldin
Who herd tg say say holy f*ck? Wow
Reinny Gaborik
Reinny Gaborik 17 kun oldin
jeez i didn’t know he would cuss
Franko Bananko
Franko Bananko 17 kun oldin
Tactical subachine gun need a bateris too
Franko Bananko
Franko Bananko 17 kun oldin
I have tactical shutgun and on that orange color is invinite dab
gaming rockstar259
gaming rockstar259 17 kun oldin
If you think these are strong then get nerf rival guns . People get swellings
Zero Fights
Zero Fights 18 kun oldin
I never knew Andre cuss!
Lino. 123
Lino. 123 18 kun oldin
Nathan Garcia
Nathan Garcia 18 kun oldin
that was funny holy fu what the f haha
_Only_ 18 kun oldin
waw he swore alot. but arent sgs supposed to be close range......hehe
Jacob Mescer Placido
Jacob Mescer Placido 19 kun oldin
I had all of the gun of fortnite double guns
Samrat Turakhia
Samrat Turakhia 19 kun oldin
Samara: “let’s freaking go lads” Tg: “let’s go” Me: “THEY SAY IT IN EVERY VIDEO”
Katie Parkhurst
Katie Parkhurst 19 kun oldin
SavageGamerYTLOL 19 kun oldin
He says he doesn’t swear
Jaden Garner
Jaden Garner 20 kun oldin
Why is u sweding
Elf Lummy
Elf Lummy 20 kun oldin
I love your videos
Jack Stovin
Jack Stovin 20 kun oldin
Got the rpg
Faze_ CXS
Faze_ CXS 20 kun oldin
My man really just said wtf never heard him cuss before
jaxs4920 jaxs4920
jaxs4920 jaxs4920 20 kun oldin
100 in 10 percent i like the tac bc i am i personal fav of shotguns in fortnite
jaxs4920 jaxs4920
jaxs4920 jaxs4920 20 kun oldin
tg looks like bruno mars with that afro lol wth
Ahmed Hamad Alblooshi
Ahmed Hamad Alblooshi 21 kun oldin
I like tackl shot gun and pump shot gun
Monet Armijo
Monet Armijo 21 kun oldin
To plays Tg plays
Asmhan Khatib
Asmhan Khatib 21 kun oldin
Danielle Spikes
Danielle Spikes 22 kun oldin
The part when Samara shot Andre was so funny part and he said holy f**k dude what the h*ll but they do be Viking tho
Orozco Maria
Orozco Maria 22 kun oldin
I got the AR,pistol and sniper for Christmas
Mario Flores
Mario Flores 22 kun oldin
Ow what the duck samary not that close samary
Crazy Dude
Crazy Dude 23 kun oldin
He need hair cut
FaZe Adorable XD XD
FaZe Adorable XD XD 24 kun oldin
Rhys Martinez
Rhys Martinez 24 kun oldin
ummm, wut
Wendell Jackson
Wendell Jackson 24 kun oldin
What the heck andrea why you curs
Thomas Hedley
Thomas Hedley 25 kun oldin
Your cute
Brandon Whitlock
Brandon Whitlock 25 kun oldin
I have the tummygun and the scar and handcannon
kade toast
kade toast 25 kun oldin
The second u find out he swears😯😯
Ronnie jr
Ronnie jr 25 kun oldin
4:48 I remember when Andre cursed it wasn't censored 😂
Layla Nomee
Layla Nomee 25 kun oldin
i have one but it has bullit
RankRextreme 26 kun oldin
Ok...typical gamer is a baby
Jeru jognson
Jeru jognson 26 kun oldin
The black-and-white eyeliner clasically chop because step-daughter microcephaly nest sans a woebegone snowplow. mushy, tender tense regret
PP - 03KJ 856499 Pte Buckam Singh PS
PP - 03KJ 856499 Pte Buckam Singh PS 26 kun oldin
I hate you
FLΛMΣ 27 kun oldin
Tacky wacky
wayne Mash
wayne Mash 27 kun oldin
wolfoncamra yo boy
wolfoncamra yo boy 28 kun oldin
dude you sweared andre
Alex Plays roblox
Alex Plays roblox 29 kun oldin
First time seeing Andre saying bad words 4:48
Shelby Young
Shelby Young 29 kun oldin
Who is laz
GINGER ZK Oy oldin
Nathan Park
Nathan Park Oy oldin
I rate them a 10 out of 10
Nathan Park
Nathan Park Oy oldin
In have the tactical shotgun,scar but don’t have the rpg
Ali Hamadeh
Ali Hamadeh Oy oldin
The scar a 11,999/10
Ayden Bowles
Ayden Bowles Oy oldin
4:49 holly f**** wtf he said a bad word
Christian Mata
Christian Mata Oy oldin
Where gonna test it on Andre Andre says what
Jose Romero
Jose Romero Oy oldin
Andre doesn’t curse when he streams but he does when he doesn’t
christina huber
christina huber Oy oldin
I have a charged nerf gun gun but star wars
apua Oy oldin
Code smara
Mark Cole
Mark Cole Oy oldin
I love it when skew sas Noooooooooo
Graham Layton
Graham Layton Oy oldin
Jason Haynes
Jason Haynes Oy oldin
I didn’t know he cussed
Jason Haynes
Jason Haynes Oy oldin
Brooklynn Daniels
Brooklynn Daniels Oy oldin
I rat it 900 adv 900000
Blitse fortnite skils Met passie
Blitse fortnite skils Met passie Oy oldin
The scar
Ian Vazquez
Ian Vazquez Oy oldin
When did he start like
Ian Vazquez
Ian Vazquez Oy oldin
When the hell did typical gamer curse
Loveli Saucedo acuña
Loveli Saucedo acuña Oy oldin
My favorite is the scar and tactic le shot gun and that is it
creative pro
creative pro Oy oldin
You go back and watch where Samara shot Andre he says pull the trigger
Samara Redway
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