Fast Food MUKBANG with My Boyfriend! (Vegan)

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Samara Redway

5 oy oldin

My First Ever Mukbang w/ Typical Gamer eating vegan burgers + fries! WHAT DO WE THINK? Give this video a thumbs up for more and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
► I lost a challenge and THIS HAPPENED.. ►
► We found a SECRET BEACH! ►
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hehe hi

Bxater 5 soat oldin
Are vegan burgers good 😌
doze clan
doze clan 14 soat oldin
Do anthor one
cayden Pierce
cayden Pierce 15 soat oldin
Martin Kun oldin
Damn i need gf now lol
SmxckZ -1
SmxckZ -1 Kun oldin
I think miku was the video taper
braedon tucker
braedon tucker Kun oldin
i have a cat
Giannie Casis
Giannie Casis Kun oldin
Lets get Samara to 1 mil, no simping
Snowzy Kun oldin
Andre eyes are so big
B. Losolla Losolla
B. Losolla Losolla 2 kun oldin
It has meat how the heck is it vegan???
Zean Ibis
Zean Ibis 3 kun oldin
Samara how about you do a ramen mukbang
Sharod Calloway
Sharod Calloway 3 kun oldin
Grammarly is the best
Sharod Calloway
Sharod Calloway 3 kun oldin
its but
Mellissa Grindstaff
Mellissa Grindstaff 3 kun oldin
who else was hurgry
Kavari Drummonds
Kavari Drummonds 4 kun oldin
My day is good yours
NooB IS BACK 4 kun oldin
tell him to eat with hes mouth close
Quiet forever
Quiet forever 4 kun oldin
Ends up typical gamer
Boss Mann
Boss Mann 5 kun oldin
Miku is Queen
Estevan Delgadillo
Estevan Delgadillo 5 kun oldin
Mukbangers starv themselves until dinner and they eat a lot of food thats how u mukbang
John Whitcomb
John Whitcomb 5 kun oldin
why not eat real meat
lilman cohen
lilman cohen 6 kun oldin
Your boyfriend looks a lot different
ultra instinct
ultra instinct 6 kun oldin
You are doing it wrong you have to whisper
I do luv me some drugs💊💊💊💊
I do luv me some drugs💊💊💊💊 6 kun oldin
Bryson Jones
Bryson Jones 6 kun oldin
Is he typical drinking root beer
Melina-Eva Krief-Mestroni
Melina-Eva Krief-Mestroni 7 kun oldin
Them: This is so much FOOD!! Nikokado avocado: Nice apatiser
Jonathan Lao
Jonathan Lao 8 kun oldin
I have been a fan since you had 200k and I have been a fan of Andre since 1mil pls like my comment that will make my day
Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres 8 kun oldin
This is not a mukbang
Anniah Copes
Anniah Copes 9 kun oldin
@ curious George 😂
Conner Bailey
Conner Bailey 10 kun oldin
If you look behind them you can see the camera
Andres Robles
Andres Robles 10 kun oldin
Another one pls pls samara pls
Arturo Vargas
Arturo Vargas 11 kun oldin
Good ow my god that looks so goooooooooood you ar the best couple wen ar you guys gettingmarriend
Clappzz Perry
Clappzz Perry 12 kun oldin
Andre needs to propose to samara
Markus Coleman
Markus Coleman 13 kun oldin
And most Americans call them soda tg
Markus Coleman
Markus Coleman 13 kun oldin
Let’s just all talk about how little itty bitty bits samara is taking on that burger.well....mabye she’s full
Jayden Guzman
Jayden Guzman 13 kun oldin
I cracked up when Andre said “GEORGE is licking my toe”😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😂😂
Helmsboys Live2
Helmsboys Live2 14 kun oldin
Haha you said curious so curious George cause your cat is named George so curious George LMAO
Kendall Powell
Kendall Powell 14 kun oldin
Me omfg why did Andre make Sahara have a fire breathing breath
jualian cardon
jualian cardon 16 kun oldin
in an out is way better
Caryne Pyram
Caryne Pyram 16 kun oldin
so funny
Caryne Pyram
Caryne Pyram 16 kun oldin
i love you
Skylen Andrews
Skylen Andrews 17 kun oldin
Samara absolutely banger great job on ur first mukbang
Zawadi Masango
Zawadi Masango 17 kun oldin
Why did u click the vid its making me hungry
#no egg lifee
#no egg lifee 18 kun oldin
It's makes so sad when the show u the food but u can't actually eat the food
Zean Ibis
Zean Ibis 18 kun oldin
How about ramen
Zean Ibis
Zean Ibis 18 kun oldin
I’m having a great day
Clay Bro
Clay Bro 23 kun oldin
She acts like we are mad at her but everyone loves her
Mathew Farah
Mathew Farah 23 kun oldin
My day was good you
Maurice Prince
Maurice Prince 24 kun oldin
I love your channel very much 😎😌😌😎 I wish I could be like you
Rex Henshaw
Rex Henshaw 24 kun oldin
Are you both vegans or just one of you
Brandon Trujillo
Brandon Trujillo 24 kun oldin
s klckhmgsy4sdcv
Veysel Metin
Veysel Metin 25 kun oldin
Bot Real
Bot Real 26 kun oldin
Faby Alexis
Faby Alexis 26 kun oldin
I love samara and typical gamer plus i used typicalgamer i udes code in the item shop i love you typical gamer in case you want to add me my name in fortnite is RubyRaptor55982
Justin Trist
Justin Trist 27 kun oldin
Try Mac n cheese George is king
Simple_cosmtic Simple
Simple_cosmtic Simple 27 kun oldin
That food kinda look good I love their videos so much their the best
LH Clan
LH Clan 27 kun oldin
Garvit Khanna
Garvit Khanna 28 kun oldin
Why is this video so Satisfying I've watched this 7 times 😂😂
Tyson Smith
Tyson Smith 28 kun oldin
george is a simp for liking your toe
Iven Rosas
Iven Rosas 29 kun oldin
White people it's too spicy Mexican people give me some more that stuff good
Robert Marshall
Robert Marshall 29 kun oldin
The new George and Meeko burger at McDonald's
I like hockey
I like hockey Oy oldin
Tg muck banks
uhhAspectz Oy oldin
Jonny Pascual bot
Jonny Pascual bot Oy oldin
Do one of drinks and surprise tg
Yt Sgtclover
Yt Sgtclover Oy oldin
How about a tg channel tg mukbangs and it’s all aboutfood
Izaiah Drum
Izaiah Drum Oy oldin
its so awkward
Fabian Andrade Serna
Fabian Andrade Serna Oy oldin
Aaliyah Smith
Aaliyah Smith Oy oldin
I love the fact that he. Is just talking and. She is just eating
Tamian plaz
Tamian plaz Oy oldin
Yes with you but not in your eating beside you guys 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nizere Jefferson
Nizere Jefferson Oy oldin
4:05 geeze samara chew with your mouth open
Ana Sanabria
Ana Sanabria Oy oldin
Hi!!!! I like you content
Fabian Andrade Serna
Fabian Andrade Serna Oy oldin
I’m a boy
Fabian Andrade Serna
Fabian Andrade Serna Oy oldin
Fabian Andrade Serna
Fabian Andrade Serna Oy oldin
Oh dady
ROBIN York Oy oldin
Pls. Don't show this again ever I am now so jealous
ROBIN York Oy oldin
I am know hungry
ROBIN York Oy oldin
Yum yum can you order this and transfer to India pls.please pls. Pls.😋
Alan Aldaco
Alan Aldaco Oy oldin
Andre: ahhhhhhhh Samara: ugh my butts going numb I frikin died 😂😂😂😂
the White skull
the White skull Oy oldin
It's good
Izaiah Jones
Izaiah Jones Oy oldin
i like it do more
Sameet Rab
Sameet Rab Oy oldin
I like how at 15:10 you start eating the fries :)
Naya Little light
Naya Little light Oy oldin
Evan Minthorn
Evan Minthorn Oy oldin
My cat run in wall
Thomas Alishia
Thomas Alishia Oy oldin
Spc WXtT3r
Spc WXtT3r Oy oldin
Is no one gone talk about her JawLine
Kaidan Wright
Kaidan Wright Oy oldin
what's a muckbang?
Anirudh Shankar Rajesh
Anirudh Shankar Rajesh Oy oldin
TIP- accually you can keep a mic near your mouth so then it will even be an asmr
Elijah’s World
Elijah’s World Oy oldin
Andre: Destroys the burger :samara watch's Andre Destroy the burger samara in her head :O DAMnnn BOY i dont know if i have to use the bathroom Andre:after video is over *rush's to bathroom* samara: goes to bathroom *smells * passes out right away
AST Smoove
AST Smoove Oy oldin
How u vegan but u cant have vegan meat
Caden Wilkins
Caden Wilkins Oy oldin
Close to my birthday it is may 17.
cad card
cad card Oy oldin
Andre be thick is getting thiiiiicccckkk
JSLYK_ BBY Oy oldin
if andre ate meat at least once a day he wouldev been buff and strong
lil Perc30
lil Perc30 Oy oldin
Who tf just walked in@@!!
Kimberly Sheets
Kimberly Sheets Oy oldin
You guys are the best UZpostrs
Gage Steed
Gage Steed Oy oldin
Orkeli Keli
Orkeli Keli Oy oldin
Andre eats thrice as fast as Samara lol
Abi Amales
Abi Amales Oy oldin
Omg 31 min
hesham aladeeb
hesham aladeeb Oy oldin
My day is good
L0gicXXGamer Oy oldin
tbh i genuienlly think when i go out and socialize with some friends ill do a mukbang with a squad of four
keethan uthayakumar
keethan uthayakumar Oy oldin
Andre is almost done his burger while samara is at halfway point
Sham E
Sham E Oy oldin
Two things, Samara is eating over those fries and dripping juice all up in them. And two, I also love bevvies,so I understand the need.
Umayr Khan
Umayr Khan Oy oldin
Am I the only one that gets hungry while watching a Mukbang
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