Eating ONLY Fortnite FOOD SKINS for 24 HOURS Challenge!

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Samara Redway

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Eating ONLY Fortnite Food Skins for 24 Hours Challenge with Typical Gamer! Be sure to give this video a thumbs up for more and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
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hehe hi

Aatif Ahmed
Aatif Ahmed Kun oldin
Samara fish is a food But ur a vegan
K9NG L9WKY 2 kun oldin
they eating this : 🍌🍅🍟🍔🍕🌭🌭🌭🥗🥚🥙🥘🌮🥘🍛🍳🍟🌯🍟🌯🍳🍜🍚🍱🍠🍡🥡🦀🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦
Mohamad Khoder
Mohamad Khoder 8 kun oldin
TrippyFC 9 kun oldin
they should do another one so for breakfast they can eat a pancake
Aquazr Aquarium
Aquazr Aquarium 10 kun oldin
Season 5 its mancake
Jae-Ann Yorke
Jae-Ann Yorke 11 kun oldin
You will eat the gingerbread of all things of all things why can't you eat something like man cake season five so eat him his pancakes
Jae-Ann Yorke
Jae-Ann Yorke 11 kun oldin
I love fortnight I hope your channel is going well samara I think you are one of the best UZpostrs I ever known I love your videos and I will leave a like on everyone I see
GGK Ferohz
GGK Ferohz 12 kun oldin
A glizzy is also a gun TG
William Botts
William Botts 13 kun oldin
Yo Samara You said any ice cream was good well maybe you will like it but what about pickle ice cream YES IT'S REAL NOT A JOKE!
Sarah Bull
Sarah Bull 14 kun oldin
You speek to much😂
Aaisha lesa
Aaisha lesa 15 kun oldin
If u made this video now u would have a breakfast skin And the breakfast skin is mancake,mancake is pancakes with syrup
athena prentice
athena prentice 16 kun oldin
isaac tapia
isaac tapia 17 kun oldin
adel altam
adel altam 17 kun oldin
Samara: do you guys want a GLIZZY Me: YESSSS
Olivia Rodriguez
Olivia Rodriguez 17 kun oldin
The NEW mancake skin
Olivia Rodriguez
Olivia Rodriguez 17 kun oldin
Breakfast 🥞
Isabella Gin
Isabella Gin 17 kun oldin
The brown thing in the tomato are the seeds. BTW I like cherry tomatos
Kevin Buendia
Kevin Buendia 19 kun oldin
When the cats were fighting they were not they were kissing
FN Motion
FN Motion 22 kun oldin
New fornite food skin challenge
MightyMoin 24 kun oldin
Why does tg look like my friend lmao
Denise Bradford
Denise Bradford 25 kun oldin
For breakfast u should have done pankaks
Werewolf gamez
Werewolf gamez 29 kun oldin
Eating zelda foods for 24 hours
ERNESTOz 29 kun oldin
Yeah you obviously ate the god damn tomato by itself what the f im pissed oh my GOD Ahhhhhhhhh
I am going to eat my cat
baller Oy oldin
you should have gave miku and George fishstick he is a flopper it is a fish
Devon Jones
Devon Jones Oy oldin
Josiah Ward
Josiah Ward Oy oldin
You guys look sick after the eating the gingerbread skin and you look like you're faking enjoying it
Kevin Sakamoto
Kevin Sakamoto Oy oldin
Your video is so cool
Santiago Morales
Santiago Morales Oy oldin
If I did this it will be amazing🤤
Jason Velasquez
Jason Velasquez Oy oldin
I subscribed but like I subscribed but really
Jason Velasquez
Jason Velasquez Oy oldin
I am so happy about your videos because they’re so good like you is the best UZpost or ever
Peter Ung
Peter Ung Oy oldin
eat more fortnite foods!!! the glizzys look so good
Y'all r my favorite UZpostrs and couples y'all inspired me every just by enjoying Life 🙏❤💯💪
Special Spectations
Special Spectations Oy oldin
Well in this season of fortnite you would have breakfast
Blaze Elimz
Blaze Elimz Oy oldin
When the tomato skin is based on pizza
Natalie Benway-Correll
Natalie Benway-Correll Oy oldin
You guys are awesome when I’m sad i watch you and you make me happy
Superboii2117 A
Superboii2117 A Oy oldin
She is the glizzy queen
Dallis J Stainbrook
Dallis J Stainbrook Oy oldin
ha just eat pizza
The Blankman
The Blankman Oy oldin
Lol ur meant to cut a tomato and half and put salt THEEEEN eat it
Ssundee fan
Ssundee fan Oy oldin
You should have done a breakfast taco
Stephen Petrou
Stephen Petrou Oy oldin
you should do this again becauseof the pancake skin
Socoro Lopez
Socoro Lopez Oy oldin
George is my name is George
Phantom Tree99
Phantom Tree99 Oy oldin
who is here after the pancake skin got added
Gustavo Robles III
Gustavo Robles III Oy oldin
Lazerbaem watching this video like 😩😩😭😭😳😳☹️
Deezz Nuts
Deezz Nuts Oy oldin
Samera looks like she doesn’t like the food when she eats it
Henno DeBeer
Henno DeBeer Oy oldin
I didn't enjoy this episode because it made me hungry
Clix YQ
Clix YQ Oy oldin
No then Lizzie
Vlogging With Brandon
Vlogging With Brandon Oy oldin
Who the heck eats a taco like that!😹😂🤣
guaco fortnite
guaco fortnite Oy oldin
Mr. What
Mr. What Oy oldin
We’re the cats fighting or playing
Bradley Penacho
Bradley Penacho Oy oldin
How dare you I play with the tomato skin alot
Lisa Garrett
Lisa Garrett Oy oldin
Need a taco in a burger
Skúli Ólafsson
Skúli Ólafsson Oy oldin
Saad M
Saad M Oy oldin
Dhruva S
Dhruva S 2 oy oldin
u guys r making me drool
Sebastian Marquez
Sebastian Marquez 2 oy oldin
Samara is like " oh dang look at him bite that dog, put that whole thing in your mouth." Tg is like..... 👁👄👁 and I'm like ayoooo chill.
Jah 2 oy oldin
There is a breakfast food skin but only one sadly it's the peely skin
Cory Schlichting
Cory Schlichting 2 oy oldin
I've done that before😂😂😂😂😂
Gregory Fulton
Gregory Fulton 2 oy oldin
Ermia Zokaei
Ermia Zokaei 2 oy oldin
woah woah woah at 6:03 the screen shows the n word I thought this channel was family friendly
Fernanda Ceccato
Fernanda Ceccato 2 oy oldin
Fernanda Ceccato
Fernanda Ceccato 2 oy oldin
When she showed the chart for some reason their was a snowman
Fernanda Ceccato
Fernanda Ceccato 2 oy oldin
TaylorRad 2 oy oldin
Universe power
Universe power 2 oy oldin
Tg gamer looks so bad
Mrgoatedboi3 2 oy oldin
cook the fish skin catfish
Insane Jarvis
Insane Jarvis 2 oy oldin
They could of had the egg skin for breakfast
AngelEyezz002 2 oy oldin
I ordered everthing u did and ate it then had 2 large bacon pizzas to myself
Christian Lodati
Christian Lodati 2 oy oldin
How many times did Samara say oh dang like the comment for one oh dang
Levi Sonier
Levi Sonier 2 oy oldin
I will eat a burger because it is a skin
Anwar Mohamed
Anwar Mohamed 2 oy oldin
cheese ice cream is bad i tryed it it is so bad i had to puke
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez 2 oy oldin
Cobra 19
Sarah Galvin
Sarah Galvin 2 oy oldin
I love you too much and
007baby Dunk
007baby Dunk 2 oy oldin
it was so funny when tg looked ar samara when sge said put that whole thing in your mouth
Icemonster09 G
Icemonster09 G 2 oy oldin
Titus Ashby
Titus Ashby 2 oy oldin
Adrian’s Fun!
Adrian’s Fun! 2 oy oldin
Do fortnite back bling
Adrian’s Fun!
Adrian’s Fun! 2 oy oldin
Wendy Molina
Wendy Molina 2 oy oldin
I got so hungry after this video
Rayne Lee
Rayne Lee 2 oy oldin
Partisan_pint3 yt
Partisan_pint3 yt 2 oy oldin
Bit that dog 😏😏
Firestorm #1
Firestorm #1 2 oy oldin
you stupid tomato head is pizza not a tomato
Th3Ris3nz 2 oy oldin
my friend eat tomato like a apple
Diego Gutierrez
Diego Gutierrez 2 oy oldin
Who eats there hot dog lime that
nora qiao
nora qiao 2 oy oldin
Bao and dumplings are diferent
lazerable _
lazerable _ 2 oy oldin
samara: is there any ice cream that is not good? me: yeah expired ice cream
Baby yoda
Baby yoda 2 oy oldin
Mekus face🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😢 Fills me with joy
Ayyash Dubeis
Ayyash Dubeis 2 oy oldin
My arms my fishing arms
Ayyash Dubeis
Ayyash Dubeis 2 oy oldin
Don’t eat fishingggggggggggggggg
samara must do a mukbang video
Hotlink 2017
Hotlink 2017 2 oy oldin
Why they hating on tomatoes
Yeetman Yolo
Yeetman Yolo 2 oy oldin
Glizzy are good!!!!!!!! Mhm
gaming FTW
gaming FTW 2 oy oldin
Samara the 🍅 ur eating that u said is that normal it is
Colt Fortnite gamer
Colt Fortnite gamer 2 oy oldin
Tbnrfrags fan trying to hit 1mil subs
Tbnrfrags fan trying to hit 1mil subs 2 oy oldin
Samara you are the 3rd best youtuber
Yeetman Yolo
Yeetman Yolo 2 oy oldin
Who the other
Cindy Shrader
Cindy Shrader 2 oy oldin
Laundry should be a sand he's eating laser beam oh my Laser beam
Adamina Latorette
Adamina Latorette 2 oy oldin
Natalie Bishop
Natalie Bishop 2 oy oldin
Ha lyyy yewwww ya poopy poo ya
M4BlakePlays 2 oy oldin
What about fish sticks
Malik jolley
Malik jolley 2 oy oldin
samera: The glizzy is going to be.. going to be the big thing😒😒
IhvanYTs 2 oy oldin
U forgot the fish
Denice Martinez
Denice Martinez 2 oy oldin
Eating ONLY *NEW* Fortnite Food for 24 HOURS! (Challenge)
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