Date Night in Lockdown!

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Samara Redway

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Going on a date during lockdown! Pls give this video a thumbs up for more vlogs and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
► He Jumped out of a Moving Car.. STORYTIME ►
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hehe hi

P1isthename12 4 oy oldin
Can you boyfriend make a clan on fortnite
ITz_Akashdeep.P 5 oy oldin
Does Andre still have his Lambo?
Jay Mal
Jay Mal 5 oy oldin
I love the Fortnite vids if you do like this👍✌️
Call of Duty: Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile 5 oy oldin
We call it Qaurintine not lockdown. Still love u guys... Obviously no disrespect
SWAZI 5 oy oldin
Yes get a dog omg yes
Jacob Hurst
Jacob Hurst 6 oy oldin
Tg always seems grumpy in your vlogs 😂
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 6 oy oldin
I’m in Chicago . We dont have a curfew . It’s not really bad here .. that’s New Jersey and New York
Beenish Mari
Beenish Mari 6 oy oldin
Will u play dragon quest builders 1 and 2
Wooden Heart
Wooden Heart 6 oy oldin
4:31 when u rage the OCD of ark lol
Sean Dwyer
Sean Dwyer 6 oy oldin
Typical gamer and Samara aren’t together anymore ?
Tristan Fuller
Tristan Fuller 6 oy oldin
can you plz like this i have never had a youtuber like my comments
Erik V.k
Erik V.k 6 oy oldin
1:01 Not the right gesture for fighting😂
open school
open school 6 oy oldin
Get a doooooooog, dog
Mohaamed Zoubi
Mohaamed Zoubi 6 oy oldin
My fav part of the vlog is Andres toes at the end of the vlog
Timon 12
Timon 12 6 oy oldin
IAM a big fan of you stay safe from coronavirus
William Atie
William Atie 6 oy oldin
Could u tell andre I said hi pls Iv watched him for 6years and you and andre are so amazing together love date night
Ciro Altamirano
Ciro Altamirano 6 oy oldin
Andre did look kinda thick tho 😂
Skyguy7340 6 oy oldin
Seattle's bad
Philly Pandemic
Philly Pandemic 6 oy oldin
TG: " rolls in grass in yezzys" My brain: "Damn i wish i was Canadian"
izzy king
izzy king 6 oy oldin
What is keek each other at 1:01
Jay C
Jay C 6 oy oldin
you should cut andres hair samara 😂😂
Markiplier zn
Markiplier zn 6 oy oldin
Me: *still pissed on what happened between you and typical gamer* Me: wait what happened again oh well it isn’t important
You vlog are fun to watch
Yu No
Yu No 6 oy oldin
i remember the time when you played A WAY OUT, that was great.
Preston Mardis
Preston Mardis 6 oy oldin
Do more Friday the 13th game please
joe somebody
joe somebody 6 oy oldin
tg looks like gumby that guy really needs to put some muscle on
Zalikah Nabateregga
Zalikah Nabateregga 6 oy oldin
Ewan du Toit
Ewan du Toit 6 oy oldin
hi i live in south africa and $1 isin south africa R18.15 and $100 is in south africa R1815.36 plz comment when you see this samara i love your and andre videos
Ronceejhey Roxas
Ronceejhey Roxas 6 oy oldin
take care their's a virus??
Weeper Gaming
Weeper Gaming 6 oy oldin
Play prank wars
Do.minick2915 Starks
Do.minick2915 Starks 6 oy oldin
Your boyfriend needs some skills in Call of Duty you should tell him to check his Instagram I sent tried sending him him some tips for better aiming in Call of Duty and better hideouts in Call of Duty just tell him he's pretty mildly good at it
Joey Kerr
Joey Kerr 6 oy oldin
Sounds great! You're following all the rules! I'm sure your mom is sanitizing groceries and stuff too. Our parks also have caution tape. You should do a The Forest walk with the update you missed! 😂 I'm surprised your farmers market was open. Glad it seemed to work out though! Smart to prepay! Stay safe! ❤️
coolr man
coolr man 6 oy oldin
you the best
edward rod
edward rod 6 oy oldin
Aggrojordan 6 oy oldin
2:35 why does Andre look so confused
T0XiC MUSHRUME 6 oy oldin
Who else remembers when Andre dislocated his shoulder from doing a like spike.
Qasim Malik
Qasim Malik 6 oy oldin
M Bauerlein
M Bauerlein 6 oy oldin
Fairly sure they've close all parks in the province and those two beaches (pier for sure) are now closed in that area
Victor Randolph
Victor Randolph 6 oy oldin
LaserRay21 6 oy oldin
Is it just me or do they look uncomfortable in the thumbnail...
Actively Gaming
Actively Gaming 6 oy oldin
I have not been to a forest ive been in a jungle
natasha ballentine
natasha ballentine 6 oy oldin
Ur house looks really pretty would u ever do a house tour
FS 3o4_Chris
FS 3o4_Chris 6 oy oldin
Andre low-key dont like being on vlogs. If he does 5 hour streams, he should be able to do a 20 min vlog. lol
Anchika 6 oy oldin
When Samara tells you to roll down the hill, you roll.down.the.hill.
Uncle Google
Uncle Google 6 oy oldin
4:43 dayum boi he thicc
therealKavin 6 oy oldin
Do some reaction videos....
therealKavin 6 oy oldin
TITLE: date night in lockdown But: almost full vlog outside Bruuuuuuu!
Wooden Heart
Wooden Heart 6 oy oldin
They just want views bro forget about it...
Shakeel Minto
Shakeel Minto 6 oy oldin
Happy Easter!!! Kinda
Colin McCormick
Colin McCormick 6 oy oldin
Yea curfews social distancing and wearing a mask are all what's going on here in Ohio. Canada is so laid back compared to the US. Glad you Andre and family are staying safe.
mukul barhanpure
mukul barhanpure 6 oy oldin
after lockdown... Go on a date!! We would love to see that vlog!!
victor leyva
victor leyva 6 oy oldin
Always been a fan, but just wanna say, Hope they stay together n not break apart like a lot of other couples on UZpost
Casejester 86051
Casejester 86051 6 oy oldin
UZpost best couple 😘😘
Hannah Jell
Hannah Jell 6 oy oldin
Not to be a party pooper, or scare you.. but not being as “bad” as America is great - but you should keep it that way! Personally think seeing people outside of your household isn’t a great idea... you’re still getting take out, which is delivered by people and cooked and handle by other people.. lots of contact from others. Sorry.. hate to rain on the parade.. you videos and streams are brilliant Samara, and I have been supporting and watching for years now!! 🙏🏻
Cmg Draco
Cmg Draco 6 oy oldin
1am in Prichard isn’t a good time to walk
AaCaleb 6 oy oldin
Sorry but my dirty mind thought she said f*** eachother
Sy3 _
Sy3 _ 6 oy oldin
Nobody walking cuz your an hr early
pixel mods ttv
pixel mods ttv 6 oy oldin
I live in Chicago and yes I am in quarantine :(
Gamer_girl 6 oy oldin
That thumbnail tho 1:00 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Elijah Fish
Elijah Fish 6 oy oldin
Did you dye your hair samara
Bunny lee
Bunny lee 6 oy oldin
tell tg he is the best roller
Siddhant Salian
Siddhant Salian 6 oy oldin
Andre forgot the Lamborghini
Andres Herrera
Andres Herrera 6 oy oldin
"We're.not bad like you guys" feels bad man
Raiyan Alam Rafin
Raiyan Alam Rafin 6 oy oldin
Whaatt how the heck my country doesn't even allow to walk in my basement
If andre rolls down a cliff ALL WILL BE WATCHING!😁😁
Typical Shadow YT
Typical Shadow YT 6 oy oldin
George is a cute leopard
Joe Bigs
Joe Bigs 6 oy oldin
Aahan Mathew
Aahan Mathew 6 oy oldin
Fermin Torres
Fermin Torres 6 oy oldin
Go to 1:01
Fermin Torres
Fermin Torres 6 oy oldin
Go to 1:03
Daphine Mosley
Daphine Mosley 6 oy oldin
Gym 4
Wall Street
Wall Street 6 oy oldin
“Date night in lockdown” *Video starts off with them driving outside*
madubt 6 oy oldin
Ok, I live in chicago, and we can go out after 5pm!🤦🏽‍♂️ You know what? I’m going out for a walk right now just because you said that. 10:42pm! PS. Happy Easter 🐰🐇🐣 Everyone!!!
HYPER11 yoyoman
HYPER11 yoyoman 6 oy oldin
Andrea is so freaking cute
Ethen Harris
Ethen Harris 6 oy oldin
It is not good for you to be outside with other people leartly you can touch a clothing and you cannget Korono
Strategic Time
Strategic Time 6 oy oldin
I really dont care what samara does . I am here for the information of tg what he does . He doesn’t vlog so i am subscribed to you .
Strategic Time
Strategic Time 6 oy oldin
Crew Gaming
Crew Gaming 6 oy oldin
Cant be our past 8 so yeah kinda sucks
II_4_R_Z_II 6 oy oldin
Getting mugged in Canada be like “aw aye give us ya wallet now aye” gives wallet “thank you ya have a good day now aye”
The Real Brendon
The Real Brendon 6 oy oldin
I loved this video! ❤️
Millie gomez
Millie gomez 6 oy oldin
Typical gamer rade
Lildikgirl666 6 oy oldin
We’re the same in the USA we can go out just social distance and all that
Zay 6 oy oldin
TG sent me lol
Challenge to 1k without videos
Challenge to 1k without videos 6 oy oldin
Who is from Tg strem
London Nash
London Nash 6 oy oldin
Where was that hand going Andre in the thumbnail??😉😉
Joseph Pellerito
Joseph Pellerito 6 oy oldin
Gotta love bringing mom on the dates...
AverageYT 6 oy oldin
I can’t go out past 3pm where I’m from Nd I have to be home by 3pm or they lock us up
Shadow Beats
Shadow Beats 6 oy oldin
Hope you guys are staying safe
Colton Bowers
Colton Bowers 6 oy oldin
If george is a seal then miku is a beached whale🐳
Hamza Ali
Hamza Ali 6 oy oldin
Are you going to play ark with the squad
Divinee Tray
Divinee Tray 6 oy oldin
who else remembers rolling down the hill like that Also whats canada like
Divinee Tray
Divinee Tray 6 oy oldin
Can u tell solana that she is very pretty lmao
Infinite CMC
Infinite CMC 6 oy oldin
Keegan Rice
Keegan Rice 6 oy oldin
i feel bad for you guys but atleast you are together
Anime Riot
Anime Riot 6 oy oldin
3:12 thats why i love TG🤣
Anime Riot
Anime Riot 6 oy oldin
1:02 what is this...keek thing 😂😂
Clutch Gaming
Clutch Gaming 6 oy oldin
What was that too
Gamer_girl 6 oy oldin
It means 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
DoGz Dark
DoGz Dark 6 oy oldin
i was looking for this comment bro lol
Marc V
Marc V 6 oy oldin
You need to let TG know that he won't get any likes if he only let's "Patreons" talk in his chat....................not a good look btw.
Jorge Carballeira
Jorge Carballeira 6 oy oldin
I walk all the time at 1am..its calming and scary at the same time
Leah Smith
Leah Smith 6 oy oldin
yall are lucky yall dont have curfews we would get fined if we out that late
Aspect Ace
Aspect Ace 6 oy oldin
4:29 EXCLUSIVE footage of TYPICAL GAMER rolling down a hill He do be rollin do
Homegrown Alligator
Homegrown Alligator 6 oy oldin
He due bee rolling dough
Allie 6 oy oldin
Well life is pretty much normal here in north dakota, people still go out and do their normal activities
Leah Smith
Leah Smith 6 oy oldin
Well at least state i live in
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