Buying DUMB Things on Amazon! (Funny)

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Samara Redway

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hehe hi

Zion Foster
Zion Foster 16 daqiqa oldin
alein simp
Cynthia Chapman
Cynthia Chapman Soat oldin
My name realy said get on your knees 😏😏🤣🤣
Jaslene star Burgie
Jaslene star Burgie 9 soat oldin
I have the last one I ordered its yesterday
Alhoussainou Ly
Alhoussainou Ly 9 soat oldin
me and andraw respect fish rip fish
Chigozie Okorafor
Chigozie Okorafor 9 soat oldin
1:34 Is Samara Funny Laughing Face XD
PzY Traze
PzY Traze 12 soat oldin
Y does he look so different
Julie Spicer
Julie Spicer 22 soat oldin
Dripp Tae
Dripp Tae Kun oldin
Samara has 666 k 😮
BOADIE _2747
BOADIE _2747 Kun oldin
Andrea Glover
Andrea Glover Kun oldin
I started watching her when she got 666K subscribes and she has 666 now.
RyZe Kun oldin
Tg play fornite
Cameron Scott
Cameron Scott Kun oldin
Elliot's Records
Elliot's Records Kun oldin
Your a legend legen lege leg le l
Elliot's Records
Elliot's Records Kun oldin
If you disliked this vid you are poo
Davius Thomas
Davius Thomas Kun oldin
Samara you are good at fortnite and your channel is the best flog
angela fleming
angela fleming Kun oldin
thats why you date tG BECAUSE HE TCQQQQQQQQ
CoolkidsXD134 Kun oldin
Lol memes😂
Noah Ratley
Noah Ratley 2 kun oldin
After Samara coughed in the beginning he looked a little concerned for the rest of the vid
Luis Rivas
Luis Rivas 2 kun oldin
The cat is a mask
Imppy Plays
Imppy Plays 2 kun oldin
I think either Samara or TG should use the tube guy thingy for when a member a member joins just like Michael Reeves' sub drill
paula dennehy
paula dennehy 2 kun oldin
Joshua Playz
Joshua Playz 2 kun oldin
What gender r u Male like Female reply Rather not to say subscribe
Scoped Velo
Scoped Velo 2 kun oldin
Bro I jumped when he put the rat on the screen
Grant Garbe
Grant Garbe 2 kun oldin
you forgot to put the cat nip in the fish
Try not to sing And finish the lyric club
Try not to sing And finish the lyric club 2 kun oldin
Samara sweatin hard rn
Yeetmaster 2 kun oldin
I actully have the back scratcher
Saeed Ahmed
Saeed Ahmed 2 kun oldin
Demaurion McFadden
Demaurion McFadden 2 kun oldin
yolanda bickerstaff
yolanda bickerstaff 2 kun oldin
who else loves samara
Ghastify 2 kun oldin
Samara need COVID test
Can you please drow a momDiane Soden
Can you please drow a momDiane Soden 2 kun oldin
I’m waiting for your bf to go luce
Can you please drow a momDiane Soden
Can you please drow a momDiane Soden 2 kun oldin
Jesse Bontrager
Jesse Bontrager 3 kun oldin
the thumb nail has what the final item is
Ashton Vlogz
Ashton Vlogz 3 kun oldin
Boo samera go typical gamer
Ashton Vlogz
Ashton Vlogz 3 kun oldin
Carson 3 kun oldin
I watched Andre forever before I knew Samara had her own channels. Its nice to see them having fun together
Try Me
Try Me 3 kun oldin
can u guys pls go chek out jdued clips he has some rly cool and funny clips on Amung Us and Foortnite he my best friend and you cant live stream until 1000 subs only if u enjoy the content thank u stay safe
Maxwell E. Johnson
Maxwell E. Johnson 3 kun oldin
THTS in a game named in imvu
melloz 3 kun oldin
first 30 seconds i see solja boy Nice samara cool
MG Cobra
MG Cobra 3 kun oldin
Poor george never gets mention in the videos😭😭😭
Isabella Crownover
Isabella Crownover 3 kun oldin
Omg! My mom sent me that exact back scratcher when I was in basic training for the army.. I thought it was dumb but I still have it to this day!!! I love it now!!😂😂
Jeramiah Chavez
Jeramiah Chavez 3 kun oldin
omg im lmao at the cat mask XDDDD
Johawn the PUBG goat
Johawn the PUBG goat 3 kun oldin
The fish was a carp btw
Masterygod On yt
Masterygod On yt 3 kun oldin
I’m Literally going to wear the alien costume for Halloween
Jackson Plyz XD
Jackson Plyz XD 3 kun oldin
how much pounds of make up samara put on
Typical Streamer
Typical Streamer 3 kun oldin
It’s my b-day that day
JOSE MEJIA 3 kun oldin
Samara redway ur cute
Talin Carver
Talin Carver 3 kun oldin
It's sad how typical gamer just plays fortnite now
Pro Games
Pro Games 3 kun oldin
Maybe the rats are reeal.
Nicholas Gggould
Nicholas Gggould 3 kun oldin
I fund these videos so I want my credit 🤣
Sikhonathi Gama
Sikhonathi Gama 3 kun oldin
Stoppp thhhhhheeeeeee cap
Shrek 3 kun oldin
How much was mr alien anyone
Justice S
Justice S 3 kun oldin
Who do you think is better at fortnite
Zach Short
Zach Short 3 kun oldin
Samara: it’s extendable Me: that’s what she said
samarai sn
samarai sn 3 kun oldin
What is your among us code tg I want to play with you so I can be the better impostee
ToxicRelexツ 3 kun oldin
Holeee makarooo
XD Luke
XD Luke 3 kun oldin
How do you spell mecoo
Schuyler Pickens
Schuyler Pickens 3 kun oldin
Is it just me or does that costume actually look real
Dark _Raven
Dark _Raven 3 kun oldin
Omg when typical was a cat 😂 omg I’m crying and when he threw the rat in the bin 😂
Franketiana1 Unipoop123
Franketiana1 Unipoop123 3 kun oldin
No one will see this but just incase. The 100s of people out there that has coronavirus I hope you make it through and Dont pass away lots of hope from me
Mr2you Gt
Mr2you Gt 3 kun oldin
fish was good and funny love it
Anthony Tucker
Anthony Tucker 3 kun oldin
Look at his face when he pick up that rat
Deanfernee Gordon
Deanfernee Gordon 3 kun oldin
man andres face on that rat part
Dj Resin
Dj Resin 3 kun oldin
where do you stream
Andrew Lescarbeau
Andrew Lescarbeau 3 kun oldin
i do
Chaos Agent
Chaos Agent 4 kun oldin
8:25 :Inside Miku’s head - HELP ME HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
Meghan Bel
Meghan Bel 4 kun oldin
Kaden Booker
Kaden Booker 4 kun oldin
Who else got that alien costume
TRAVIS WESBY 4 kun oldin
cool dylan 24
cool dylan 24 4 kun oldin
I hqve that fish thing
SB83 4 kun oldin
Samara! I honestly think that the Person getting abducted by Alien is the best out of the 6 items that you bought in Amazon! How much was that? Those 2 rats looked like Sewer Rats! Item 1 was cute. The cat neck mask. The flopping fish was great for George.
The Knights
The Knights 4 kun oldin
All youtubers: watch to the end Me: Skips to the end
kasie brooks
kasie brooks 4 kun oldin
6:30 Samara: They're look alikes Me: Its taxidermy
DeathSlayer _God
DeathSlayer _God 4 kun oldin
The cat mask best one yet lol
Robert Wile
Robert Wile 4 kun oldin
Fish was my fave
Robert Wile
Robert Wile 4 kun oldin
That’s funny
Awesome Owen Gamer
Awesome Owen Gamer 4 kun oldin
My Mum actually bought those Cat Back scratches omg
Liam Walker
Liam Walker 4 kun oldin
if y’all like miku better then what’s the point of getting George if u don’t like that cat can’t forget the other can’t u treat them the same
Mary Lyn
Mary Lyn 4 kun oldin
Those back scratchers are life!!!!! They are all over my house in each room!!!!
FelineTrack6146 4 kun oldin
i have the same alien costume
taysqaud4life all day
taysqaud4life all day 4 kun oldin
Pls help I'm stuck in 2018
Jakson Fisher
Jakson Fisher 4 kun oldin
PotatoWeeb_ 4 kun oldin
Don't ever tell a man something is bigger then him 0:33
ICY 4 kun oldin
3:16 and thats what we call "boys primitive instinct"
Sean Benavidez
Sean Benavidez 4 kun oldin
Why do you buy dumb things on Amazon can you play fortnite with Andre again
Kudzaishe Ngoshi
Kudzaishe Ngoshi 4 kun oldin
The cat was so adorable killing the fish
Cristian Adomako
Cristian Adomako 4 kun oldin
Andre dripping with that off-white tho🥶
Dark Ren
Dark Ren 4 kun oldin
You probably won't see this but if you do can you play among us gide and seek with viewers.Rules are simple 1. No reporting dead bodies 2. No emergency meetings 3. lights must be off 4. Don't fix lights 5. 4 tasks for each crewmate. 6. Kill cooldown 25 seconds 7. Crewmates must finish tasks to win 8. 1 or 2 imposters if you want. Also use meeting at start because imposter have to tell other crewmates who are imposter so they can hide. Any map you want.
Kings 12
Kings 12 4 kun oldin
U should do part two
Unknown 4 kun oldin
Wheres the Shrek cardboard cut out😭
Emilio Palma Daccarett
Emilio Palma Daccarett 4 kun oldin
I have always wanted that alien costume
Ethan Muiruri
Ethan Muiruri 4 kun oldin
The look on andre face on the fifth item 😂😂😂😂
epic gamer
epic gamer 4 kun oldin
Space Buttnugget
Space Buttnugget 4 kun oldin
Backscratchers are actually believe it or not is very common here in the Philippines
Soussou Touama
Soussou Touama 4 kun oldin
Are you gonna do I fortnite stream
Erinplayz Roblox
Erinplayz Roblox 4 kun oldin
Hi 👋🏼 lol 😂 I dunno what to say
Grizzly the Kid
Grizzly the Kid 4 kun oldin
Love you Samara but I know you care about people and the environment and this series is seriously TRASH. You make better content that is more ethical.
COD_GOD YT 4 kun oldin
U guys make my day
2smoothmale yt
2smoothmale yt 4 kun oldin
The rats are gonna be gone in the morning
Tyshelle Mcwhorter
Tyshelle Mcwhorter 4 kun oldin
Boy that cap boy that cap 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂
2smoothmale yt
2smoothmale yt 4 kun oldin
Shes an impostor
2smoothmale yt
2smoothmale yt 4 kun oldin
Samara is an impostor
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