Birthday during the lockdown..

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Samara Redway

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It's his birthday during the lockdown! WHO WANTS BAKING VLOGS? Leave suggestions in the comments! Also pls give this video a thumbs up for more vlogs and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
► We're in lockdown.. ►
► Turning myself into an E-GIRL! ►
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CuteDogee Fortnite
CuteDogee Fortnite Oy oldin
1:56 look wrong
Nugget 2 oy oldin
My bday is april 7th so lockdown was offical
Nugget 2 oy oldin
i feel u samara same thing happened
Nugget 2 oy oldin
i mean andre i forgot who i was typing about lol
View Tube MUSICAL MELODIES 2 oy oldin
Happy very belated bday. My bday also falls on 23 of March so... Yay! We are going have no party due to this lockdown
King GamerHi
King GamerHi 3 oy oldin
Did anyone notice the faze shirt
Izaak H.
Izaak H. 3 oy oldin
My birthday is March 14th. 1 Day before lockdown
William Barrett
William Barrett 4 oy oldin
It was my birthday as well
Kuro Okami 72
Kuro Okami 72 4 oy oldin
I have been watching andre since 1 mil aswell so I'm kinda OG
Kuro Okami 72
Kuro Okami 72 4 oy oldin
Sugar daddy seeds XD
lorna hughes
lorna hughes 4 oy oldin
ameer A
ameer A 5 oy oldin
My birthday march 10th
StayLitSeven 5 oy oldin
I like the faze shirt Andre 🙌🏻, haply birthday bro
Louie Alker YT
Louie Alker YT 5 oy oldin
Happy birthday
Smacktalkn deer
Smacktalkn deer 6 oy oldin
Samara why andre wearing a FaZe shirt?
JT Vlogs
JT Vlogs 6 oy oldin
Hi samara my birthday is April 27 can you give me a birth day shout out
amy meredith
amy meredith 6 oy oldin
I love you both
11winterwolf44 V
11winterwolf44 V 6 oy oldin
Happy late birthday Andre
caleb greenlee
caleb greenlee 6 oy oldin
Who’s order samara or Andre
Akeem Lawrence
Akeem Lawrence 6 oy oldin
Play ark
LFazedbtw 6 oy oldin
my birthday is on the 26 of march
Julio Torres
Julio Torres 6 oy oldin
my cat got ran over yesterday we buried
Cheeky 6 oy oldin
i have the same felling mine is 4/14
Leesc2345 6 oy oldin
samara lookin THICCC
Brittania Folk
Brittania Folk 6 oy oldin
Happy late birthday tg
Typical Hobo
Typical Hobo 6 oy oldin
Samara tell tg I said happy birthday!!! Wish him all the best !
Typical Hobo
Typical Hobo 6 oy oldin
Tg wearing that faze t shirt we see u ! Tg joining faze!
GREEMLOCK 6 oy oldin
😂😂😂😂😂 who else thinked in pennywise when tg holds the ballons
Terry Gomes
Terry Gomes 6 oy oldin
Tell tg i said happy birthday
Praneeth Edula
Praneeth Edula 6 oy oldin
Props to samara for doing the most she could do to make Andre happy
Aggro Merriman
Aggro Merriman 6 oy oldin
I was watching the stream you scared him
Jackson Acosta
Jackson Acosta 6 oy oldin
I love your bone structure
Giggy Terror
Giggy Terror 6 oy oldin
I've been on lockdown for 2 weeks I'm now engaged to my pillow, the wedding will be tomorrow at my house in the back garden
motionFN 6 oy oldin
My birthday is March 20th
Dillon Davis
Dillon Davis 6 oy oldin
sorry im late, but tell tg happy birthday!
I_SH00T_0V3R_D0S3 7 oy oldin
Happy birthday Andre but your hair lowkey looks like astroboy
Dofo Panpar
Dofo Panpar 7 oy oldin
Tell tg I said happy late birthday
Jayden Jensen
Jayden Jensen 7 oy oldin
Andre look like alphalfa
cool dude cookie cool 1234td 67yj
cool dude cookie cool 1234td 67yj 7 oy oldin
Happy birthday
Trechard White
Trechard White 7 oy oldin
Tell Andre l said happy birthday. I live in Houston and we have over over 200 Coronavirus virus cases and are under Lockdown too hope y'all stay safe👍👍💪💪
Bla Bla
Bla Bla 7 oy oldin
Can you tell typical gamer to make a setup tour he said he would make one but he havent please 🙂
Vince Bernardo
Vince Bernardo 7 oy oldin
And samara last January was my birthday and at least my birthday wasn't hit with the lockdown
Vince Bernardo
Vince Bernardo 7 oy oldin
But samara I heard that China and South Korea had improved well while America and Europe have double their cases and btheir battle with the virus is gonna be worst but the Americans need south korea's help by ordering test kits
Vince Bernardo
Vince Bernardo 7 oy oldin
I hate this virus
Brayden Henry
Brayden Henry 7 oy oldin
What phone does tg has and can u tell him I use his code in the item shop. Tg for life. Like spike
Ezra Greene
Ezra Greene 7 oy oldin
We have the same bday
Trent St.michael
Trent St.michael 7 oy oldin
Me and my twin have the same birthday as tg, happy birthday tg and both of you keep up the amazing videos
deackon 2.0
deackon 2.0 7 oy oldin
More ark please!!!!!
Rowdy Verboven
Rowdy Verboven 7 oy oldin
Do daily vlogs like if you want that
Rowdy Verboven
Rowdy Verboven 7 oy oldin
Happy birthday André
Small Jeong
Small Jeong 7 oy oldin
Happy late birthday Andre
Exile 7 oy oldin
We are also in lockdown here in south Africa
Raptre6 7 oy oldin
Can't you get arrested now for going outside🤔😐😮😭pls Samara dont go outside
Untouchable Ninja
Untouchable Ninja 7 oy oldin
My bday was the 19th!
Tropical Gamer
Tropical Gamer 7 oy oldin
Samera do more Minecraft with tg
Charlotte Sharp
Charlotte Sharp 7 oy oldin
Happy Birthday
Oliver Shopland
Oliver Shopland 7 oy oldin
They working on cure for virus in wales and in live in wales
Hello Im Nik
Hello Im Nik 7 oy oldin
"I blew them up with my lungs" confirmed Samara has helium lungs 😂
Jaw Shock
Jaw Shock 7 oy oldin
Omg is tg in faze
Mason Thompson
Mason Thompson 7 oy oldin
Samara: I blew these up with my own lungs Balloons: still floating
KallTaedo 7 oy oldin
Happy birthday Andre 🎉🎂🎊
Alma Amandy
Alma Amandy 7 oy oldin
Happy Birthday to TG 🎂
Lorenzo Marino
Lorenzo Marino 7 oy oldin
Tell Tg I Said hi and happy birthday good luck on lock down-!!..!
House of Hollidays
House of Hollidays 7 oy oldin
my birthday was the 18th of march and it sucked having a lock down bday i couldn't go out with my friends
William Hurley
William Hurley 7 oy oldin
I’m from New Zealand we have been in lockdown for 2 days it’s terrible
hana花咲 7 oy oldin
Last night my mother birthday~ we didn't celebrate together with my other two siblings. We only wishes for her
GOST god
GOST god 7 oy oldin
Everything I see Miku the first thing that comes to my mind is Thick
Jeramy Henrich
Jeramy Henrich 7 oy oldin
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday tg and hi.
Faith Ojoye
Faith Ojoye 7 oy oldin
happy birthday TG
Jandre Derbyshire
Jandre Derbyshire 7 oy oldin
Hi our lock down starts in 10 minutes
Jay Tee 21
Jay Tee 21 7 oy oldin
1:54 thicccccccccccccccc
Josue Lainez
Josue Lainez 7 oy oldin
Samara you should do a prank that you got killed on tg
Jack Mone
Jack Mone 7 oy oldin
Happy birthday
Anime Riot
Anime Riot 7 oy oldin
Ay samara redway rebelo.. ..
Raging Zuko
Raging Zuko 7 oy oldin
Your the best gift André could ever have keep being the nice person you are
Raging Zuko
Raging Zuko 7 oy oldin
Finally someone who said lockdown and not quarantine
Randomz IDK
Randomz IDK 7 oy oldin
Thiicc Samara at it again
Christie Shaw
Christie Shaw 7 oy oldin
My city houston is so quite right now
Dillon Hansell
Dillon Hansell 7 oy oldin
Happy birthday ondra
Jeremiah Heard
Jeremiah Heard 7 oy oldin
Samara your birthday was March 10th while mine was March 21st
Same with me 🥺🥺😥😥
Michael Porter
Michael Porter 7 oy oldin
I’m currently trying to write a fake movie. BTW, happy birthday TG.
Luc Kelleghan
Luc Kelleghan 7 oy oldin
Huge announcement today and Andrea is wearing a faze t-shirt 😂
zack king
zack king 7 oy oldin
My birthday is on the 31st. Also on lockdown but I live in the middle of nowhere with no sidewalks just a road. So I'm not gonna walk anywhere. So I'm gonna just play games and watch Netflix the entire time. I honestly do that anyways.
Yankee with No brim
Yankee with No brim 7 oy oldin
My birthday is during the lock down too
austin matlock
austin matlock 7 oy oldin
was that the bert kreischer special!!?
Gavin Nadeau
Gavin Nadeau 7 oy oldin
It's my dogs birthday today the 26 of May
Masked MintZz
Masked MintZz 7 oy oldin
Happy Birthday Andrei (Typical Gamer) Hope you have a Awesome Day!!❤❤
Emoji 7 oy oldin
Andre looks sooooo different
Neiko Kibbons
Neiko Kibbons 7 oy oldin
Happy b day TG
TGN _korbin
TGN _korbin 7 oy oldin
Lol Andre in a insane massive explotion knocked a kid
TGN _korbin
TGN _korbin 7 oy oldin
While him playing fortnite
Elijah Cicel
Elijah Cicel 7 oy oldin
Sorry tg and happy birthday
Ramba Sunyasee
Ramba Sunyasee 7 oy oldin
Andrew Maharaj
Andrew Maharaj 7 oy oldin
Sorry but iam late but tell tg happy birthday to him
Jordan Wagner
Jordan Wagner 7 oy oldin
Tell Andrea Happy Birthday also it was my birthday on the 24th
XxRiperPrinexX -
XxRiperPrinexX - 7 oy oldin
Hi tg happy birthday we almost have the same birthday my is the 25 . Hope you have the best birthday ever
Savon Gatlin
Savon Gatlin 7 oy oldin
Stay Home ** Go’s outside to walk 😂
ObnoxiousOmar 7 oy oldin
1:52 my cat randomly entering my room at 3:00 AM
D K 7 oy oldin
Hi samara tell Andre I said hi and happy birthday and tell him I that he is the best UZpostr ever and no one can ever top hi and tell Him thanks for the amazing content
Riley Donnelly
Riley Donnelly 7 oy oldin
4 days after my birthday is tg
Francis Crank
Francis Crank 7 oy oldin
Plz don't get the virus
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