Are We Getting Married?

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Samara Redway

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First Q&A of the year! Leave your questions in the comments and give this video a thumbs up for more Q&A videos!
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ninja omar 2011
ninja omar 2011 2 oy oldin
Pliz kiss
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 2 oy oldin
Chad Durren
Chad Durren 2 oy oldin
I love you can I be your boy frend
brookey 717
brookey 717 2 oy oldin
Pls can you get me 1000 subscribes so i can
TatDaKill3r Channel
TatDaKill3r Channel 4 oy oldin
I laughed hard about the v card .... why even ask that?
Flikz Boizz
Flikz Boizz 4 oy oldin
If samara and Andre comment on this I will lose my crap... I love you guys keep up the good work
Johnathan Tate
Johnathan Tate 5 oy oldin
And I really love your moonstone necklace and your jewelry
UBER 465 GAMES 6 oy oldin
do you samara do you
MrVladteples 6 oy oldin
if you were dating andray you wouldn't want to get married ethier
Ethan Gerrity
Ethan Gerrity 7 oy oldin
That face she made at the end of the v card question😂
random guy on Yt that kills people
random guy on Yt that kills people 7 oy oldin
visit Vietnam after the virus,its kinda good, most people will think about Vietnam (war) but it's beautiful, good and all the 5 star hotel are I think cheap,(I am not in Vietnam,singaporean)
Aahan Mathew
Aahan Mathew 7 oy oldin
Make a real good thumbnail :) NICE
LucidBreezyy 7 oy oldin
You know what her and Andre be doin in bed
Ezekiel Manuel
Ezekiel Manuel 7 oy oldin
I'm from new zealand
Caydon Villarreal
Caydon Villarreal 7 oy oldin
I what’s talking about the UZpostr Moe Sargi sorry
Caydon Villarreal
Caydon Villarreal 7 oy oldin
I have no idea what I’m talking about I’m just kidding
Caydon Villarreal
Caydon Villarreal 7 oy oldin
Where is Elsa
Anonymous Anime
Anonymous Anime 7 oy oldin
Every title is EXCITING!!
Juan Morales
Juan Morales 7 oy oldin
Sorry for watching this late i thought i was subscribed and careful tumors can lead to cancer
Dat_Yon 7 oy oldin
When a girl says she doesn’t want to get married in reality they actually do
Jumbochook 8 oy oldin
hmmmm... for the marriage thing, i feel like marriage is a way of stopping spontaneous decisions and getting people to work out problems, so the two can get to know eachother more and stuff... from a couple of these answerd you do sound a little bit spontaneous which makes me wonder how long you and typical will actually be together, idk
Claudiu Bobi
Claudiu Bobi 8 oy oldin
Come to Ireland
Mike 8 oy oldin
Watching this after the do what your boyfriend says for 24 hrs video. Positive I saw a British Columbia license plate, assuming you guys are in Vancouver. Are you from kelowna Samara?? Maybe I'm tripping balls but I'm positive I recognize you from back in the day, working at McDonald's
Refrase 8 oy oldin
Samara please answer this did you lose your virginity and what age???
Refrase 8 oy oldin
Nvm samara said she has lost but not lost her visa card😱🤪🤩🤩🤣🤣🤣🍘🍜
Mzzike Gamz
Mzzike Gamz 8 oy oldin
11:17 to the end I’ve lost what was happening
Mzzike Gamz
Mzzike Gamz 8 oy oldin
I switch between you and TG
Johnny Stephen
Johnny Stephen 8 oy oldin
You and th are the cutest and best
Ima Doll
Ima Doll 8 oy oldin
When two people get married you hope one has brains. She can get by on looks. I'm not sure what he brings to the party. Maybe inheritance. As with other channels, I'm moving on. Need to put this one on ignore.
Ray Thomas
Ray Thomas 8 oy oldin
Does she know that Australia is on firer and that ummm coronavirus right now so ummm wait please you and Andre are my favorite youtubers
Twisted Gemini Tv
Twisted Gemini Tv 8 oy oldin
I swear I always either miss your Q&A's or don't get picked! So I'm gonna leave this here! If you could have your likeness immortalized in a video game old or new which would you pick?
Alex_ 8 oy oldin
Skip to 9:31
Sirus 8 oy oldin
Visa Card😂😂
ima_corner_ sit
ima_corner_ sit 8 oy oldin
Hi you and andre are my favorite youtubers
ZxthezombiekillerX 8 oy oldin
Love you Samara 🙂
Fifty Kingz
Fifty Kingz 8 oy oldin
Less views means less dislikes 🤭
Team Cezer
Team Cezer 8 oy oldin
You are so gorgeous leave Andre for me please and thank you
CP CP 8 oy oldin
Everytime Samara does Q&A Question - when are you getting married! 😂 by the way I agree Samara I don’t believe in marriage people get married all the time and don’t take it serious if I ever got married I’d really really have to be sure.
Dill Pikkle
Dill Pikkle 8 oy oldin
4:01 you get crazy because your house is all white like an insane asylum
Dill Pikkle
Dill Pikkle 8 oy oldin
I love guacamole
Chris Cline-Smith
Chris Cline-Smith 8 oy oldin
Those of use that enjoy your videos for what they are will be the ones that will be here as long as you upload. I just enjoy seeing your point of view on things. OMG, I love the way you handled the V-card question. Priceless!
Nick Burson
Nick Burson 8 oy oldin
2 of my classmates dated for 12yrs and now somewhat recently they got married been dating since jr high
Matthew Torres
Matthew Torres 8 oy oldin
In this negative world I always love coming to this channel with all these awesome people. Okay...too much?? 😅
The blooded
The blooded 8 oy oldin
marriage is not that important, specially these days. Just gives a person certain Ideals that they have to live up to, which in my book means its all about how you should behave instead of enjoying life.
Andrew Sawatzke
Andrew Sawatzke 8 oy oldin
You are fantastic. Be you. Be happy.
Robert Martinez
Robert Martinez 8 oy oldin
How did u and andre meet?
Robert Martinez
Robert Martinez 8 oy oldin
Do you want kids?
JohnCucchiara ENT.
JohnCucchiara ENT. 8 oy oldin
Ugh I love you and Andre so much. Please Marry my boy TG lol 🙏
loga 1230
loga 1230 8 oy oldin
LOVE you vids
jack 8 oy oldin
Yes ireland is the best just make sure u come in summer becouse u might not get 2 much rain but thats only if ur lucky
DragonGames 12_YT
DragonGames 12_YT 8 oy oldin
Being from Ireland there isn't much here 🤦‍♂️😂😂 but it's a good place to live tho we got the titanic atleast 😂 Ireland is a beautiful place whne it comes to views and scencery 👏
Mervin Abraham
Mervin Abraham 8 oy oldin
YEsss yesss... This is the content I have been waiting from Samara!!! I always feel like she was never herself. At least in this video she is more chill and relaxed person than on streams or in the old videos. Great improvement I would say! Keep it up and please continue like this and BE YOURSELF!!
Typical Sypher
Typical Sypher 8 oy oldin
when will you do another vid with George
Typical Sypher
Typical Sypher 8 oy oldin
Love your vids and streams just be your self like you are right now
Peter Sketch
Peter Sketch 8 oy oldin
Go to Los Angelas this 2020 maybe there aliens ?
Micheal Molloy
Micheal Molloy 8 oy oldin
You should definitely come to Ireland I live in Ireland pretty place on Earth I would recommend going to Galway
mathias zelidon
mathias zelidon 8 oy oldin
You’re good at UZpost
143degaming 8 oy oldin
like your vids samara keep it up
Sharp Owl
Sharp Owl 8 oy oldin
Samara you are amazing. I love your vlogs im not to much into gaming to be honest i find it hard to focus on it. Should do more prank videos though think they are funny or more challange videos
LJ Phoenix
LJ Phoenix 8 oy oldin
People's view of marriage can be a bit 'old-fashioned' at times, you don't need to get married to be in a serious relationship 👍
LJ Phoenix
LJ Phoenix 8 oy oldin
Thanks for answering my question about George 🙂👋 ~Logan
Camyia Timmons
Camyia Timmons 8 oy oldin
Just a suggestion for your office but l.e.d lights would be cool to go around your office, you could do white lights since your desk is white or you could do colorful lights that changed colors. I love you and Andre btw 🙂
Johnny Forgotten
Johnny Forgotten 8 oy oldin
Life in Australia is bad right now, because of all the bushfires. 😩
CP CP 8 oy oldin
Johnny Forgotten totally agree I’m in the NT but it’s sad to see what y’all are going through down there I have relatives down south lucky they haven’t been affected but still my heart aches for people that have been affected.
The Toxic legend
The Toxic legend 8 oy oldin
Weres mikuu
Rico Savage
Rico Savage 8 oy oldin
And I love yo vids
Rico Savage
Rico Savage 8 oy oldin
Ur views are higher them mine
King Leonidas
King Leonidas 8 oy oldin
Do a break up prank on andre and try not to give yourself away by smiling or. Laughing
King Leonidas
King Leonidas 8 oy oldin
Samara I want u to know I have been with u since 200 subscribers and I plan on being with u until 200,million More U rock
Dylan Reynods
Dylan Reynods 8 oy oldin
5:12 Marry the frick outta someone.... WOAH SAMARA WOAH 😂😂
Teeco 7 oy oldin
Minay Massimi-Balus
Minay Massimi-Balus 8 oy oldin
Sims 4 plzzzz
Minay Massimi-Balus
Minay Massimi-Balus 8 oy oldin
No one Littaraly no one Sammara good advice :"Screw everybody else"👍🏼👍🏼
Minay Massimi-Balus
Minay Massimi-Balus 8 oy oldin
Sammara you are so amazing 😭😁
young Savage
young Savage 8 oy oldin
You should come to va
TBEx Doohzy
TBEx Doohzy 8 oy oldin
Samara, The V Card Question was losing your Virginity not your Visa card.
Abenezer 8 oy oldin
How is you're relationship between you and TG
Mikah Smith
Mikah Smith 8 oy oldin
Friday the 13th hype in chat
Pratik Bhardwaj
Pratik Bhardwaj 8 oy oldin
if i ever meet u i wont call u Samara, ill just call u doll :) .
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz 8 oy oldin
good q&a video last time you made one I was in remember my name was luis
Carrey 909
Carrey 909 8 oy oldin
You are a Cool UZpostr
Dark Knight0453
Dark Knight0453 8 oy oldin
oh dont be sad about views, people like games instead of real life. they thinking communicating with you instead of games is boringgg
Osmoc1404 8 oy oldin
Please come to Ireland would love to meet u and TG
ghost games 1514
ghost games 1514 8 oy oldin
YP Spirit
YP Spirit 8 oy oldin
I hate samara so much sayin she lost her Visa and she had to get a replacement😂😂 Honestly that was the best way to answer that question ong
LoneWolf Reaper
LoneWolf Reaper 8 oy oldin
Samara you be you because even tho if you don't upload as much videos we all still love you because the subscribers that have subscribed to your channel that's your family so is your bf we all love you and are very proud of you at what you've become and with the loving and caring women that you are today and your always positive and happy and you try your best, but in the end it always turns out well so even tho you have very little subscribers we all still love you and we are proud of what you've become always remain positive and keep up the great videos and we love you @Samara Redway.
God Of Spicy
God Of Spicy 8 oy oldin
U and Andre r also my favorite UZpostrs keep up the good work
God Of Spicy
God Of Spicy 8 oy oldin
When r u and Andre gonna play ark again and if u do play with avry and exoph
calvin drews
calvin drews 8 oy oldin
Omg my favorite color is orange
latorry Bradley
latorry Bradley 8 oy oldin
Tell to imma be there when he reach 9 million subs
latorry Bradley
latorry Bradley 8 oy oldin
I missed that from 2016
latorry Bradley
latorry Bradley 8 oy oldin
Hey everyone why tag stop doing like spikes
latorry Bradley
latorry Bradley 8 oy oldin
I’ll be there when it happens
latorry Bradley
latorry Bradley 8 oy oldin
Hey samara I can’t wait for u to reach 1million subscribers
Afghan Dan
Afghan Dan 8 oy oldin
You need to get married jeez
Lost In Translation
Lost In Translation 8 oy oldin
You are so freaking gorgeous I wish I could find someone as amazing as you
Matt ES
Matt ES 8 oy oldin
but if tg proposed to u rn would you say yes?
Pierce Hickson
Pierce Hickson 8 oy oldin
Samara I like these kid of vids it just feels like your taking to us as your friends not followers
transparent trash
transparent trash 8 oy oldin
Your videos are literally the best part of my day. No matter how bad my day is when I see your notification I get all happy. Love you 2.
Lobo ART
Lobo ART 8 oy oldin
Don’t get married you are to gorgeous to get married
Unknown 1
Unknown 1 8 oy oldin
The V card questiom though😂😂
CP CP 8 oy oldin
I’m still thinking was her answer serious or was it sarcastic 😂
Blox Star210
Blox Star210 8 oy oldin
Is it wierd that a boy watches your videos
Owen Bowling
Owen Bowling 8 oy oldin
I love ur cats and u an tg
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