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hehe hi

kitdraws Kun oldin
was I the only one that thought they had children?
mason lopez
mason lopez Kun oldin
is it just me or did u see the black stuff in tg teeth
savage opress
savage opress Kun oldin
Samara redway are you more in love with the cats then andra
savage opress
savage opress Kun oldin
I Make jokes when I'm nevers
savage opress
savage opress Kun oldin
Samara redway is it true you are always eating salads and McDonald's with TG
Grayson Chalupka 2
Grayson Chalupka 2 2 kun oldin
WhAT You DOiN sTEp SIs?
Typical Gamer Jr.
Typical Gamer Jr. 3 kun oldin
How long have u been together?
Ricky Carver
Ricky Carver 6 kun oldin
Its not a car its a spaceship
Enchanted Apples
Enchanted Apples 7 kun oldin
Savage love banananaananana lol 4:47
Michael Bolmanski
Michael Bolmanski 8 kun oldin
angelo heredia
angelo heredia 8 kun oldin
Samara is so pretty
angelo heredia
angelo heredia 8 kun oldin
Yes sir
Brooke Alkire
Brooke Alkire 9 kun oldin
People just don’t know they have to
James Boyd
James Boyd 10 kun oldin
you guys never kiss
V-gamerz 10 kun oldin
Step sis 😂
Xd gamer 71
Xd gamer 71 11 kun oldin
well that was great
Sara Quintero
Sara Quintero 11 kun oldin
My question is can u buy me Dino nuggets please:3
Mad Madrigal
Mad Madrigal 11 kun oldin
Can we play
Rey Goated
Rey Goated 13 kun oldin
Oh there goes vegita and goku samara is vegita and Andrew is goku 3:37
bob marley
bob marley 13 kun oldin
His Lamborghini is sick!!!!!!!
bob marley
bob marley 13 kun oldin
I challenge u samara , find 1 video of yours where you don't mention food in some way, shape , or form lol
bob marley
bob marley 13 kun oldin
This video funny
Panda panda Panda
Panda panda Panda 14 kun oldin
I have found that they have been dating for a while so they might have been dating before his rise to popularity
Andell Mongo
Andell Mongo 14 kun oldin
Andre lookedlike ah phycopate at the end
Kyson Iturriaga
Kyson Iturriaga 14 kun oldin
Nice 'fro Andre edit: I feel like we never see him without a hat soooooo....
Christian Vasconcelos
Christian Vasconcelos 14 kun oldin
Na im jk thats actually gross😂
Christian Vasconcelos
Christian Vasconcelos 14 kun oldin
Me still wondering if they smashed
Shadow Beats
Shadow Beats 17 kun oldin
wheres the video where andre goes uWu to samara
Spencer Marrotte
Spencer Marrotte 18 kun oldin
Ben GamerFan
Ben GamerFan 18 kun oldin
do you ever kiss in the lips
Silent _beats
Silent _beats 19 kun oldin
Francisco Arias
Francisco Arias 19 kun oldin
Samaras acting skills are in point lol
Mirre Turn
Mirre Turn 19 kun oldin
Samara rlly sucks at fortnite?
Astro_Jinx 19 kun oldin
I miss the old days when tg did gta mods
Stepan Aranyossy
Stepan Aranyossy 20 kun oldin
Can you buy me a lamborghini
Braden Bayer
Braden Bayer 20 kun oldin
Gooooooooooo typical gamer and Samaria
johnny malaki
johnny malaki 20 kun oldin
yall should already have been married dont yall think its time i mean 5 years being bf and gf you guys know eachother alot yall shlould've been married a year ago
Ivy Byrd
Ivy Byrd 20 kun oldin
Arly Senat
Arly Senat 20 kun oldin
Angela Gillespie
Angela Gillespie 21 kun oldin
Was you with him wen he played GTA 5
TOTOE 21 kun oldin
What u doing step sis😂😂😂
Udi Edreyi
Udi Edreyi 21 kun oldin
Minute 0:42 “Watcha doin step sis?”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😧
smooth mystic
smooth mystic 21 kun oldin
tg u had me dying at the first question
Gavin Jennings
Gavin Jennings 21 kun oldin
0:40 ah a man of culture
Brendan Izworski
Brendan Izworski 22 kun oldin
whats in andres tooth
Kids Silva
Kids Silva 22 kun oldin
I love you girl
Jerrod Thomas
Jerrod Thomas 22 kun oldin
His laugh made me laugh 😂😂😂
Coressa Wright
Coressa Wright 22 kun oldin
Gg was the time to come get your baby girl you gotta was the time,of your day to come stay with y’all and I’m going back to the shower
Alice Dalton
Alice Dalton 23 kun oldin
Nah if he's protective then I'm like a gosh dang demon dog lol
Rafael Tapia
Rafael Tapia 23 kun oldin
Watsup stepsis🤣
Maria Marrero
Maria Marrero 23 kun oldin
Yoredad dont. Epic games
Archangel_ YT
Archangel_ YT 23 kun oldin
I remember the vid you posted sooooo long ago when you said that you got a gf and that was the best vid ever
Binh Huynh
Binh Huynh 23 kun oldin
Yo if he says step sis u know it about to get it;)🤣😂😂🤣
kidorater 23 kun oldin
I thought you guys lived in texas
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming 24 kun oldin
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming 24 kun oldin
Will you break up with her😜😝😛🤪😎
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming 24 kun oldin
Would you sell the Lamborghini
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming 24 kun oldin
You’re so cool I’m going to subscribe to
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming 24 kun oldin
Do you hate each other
X X X nobody
X X X nobody 24 kun oldin
Andre the Giant (rip)
Tooth Crckd
Tooth Crckd 24 kun oldin
What are you doing step bro I'm playing fortnite
Zombie Mango
Zombie Mango 24 kun oldin
I can here the echo when she talks nut when he talks no ecko
Unai Henriques
Unai Henriques 24 kun oldin
Otto Dam
Otto Dam 24 kun oldin
Good vid and funny vid😂
Knocked Out Teddy
Knocked Out Teddy 24 kun oldin
When asked if they were married, they got awkward .......I think she's pregnant
Marina Castillo
Marina Castillo 24 kun oldin
Tell Andre that if he can add me on fortnite my name is andy56boy890
Tracey Cooper
Tracey Cooper 24 kun oldin
I dont have a dad ether
walter Samuel
walter Samuel 25 kun oldin
Tolutasi Fili
Tolutasi Fili 25 kun oldin
Andre is like my brother when it comes to a bit of surimi’s stuff he just thinks it’s a joke hahaha
I’m a dumb kitty cat156 ,
I’m a dumb kitty cat156 , 25 kun oldin
What a cute couple
Castlers7861 ツ
Castlers7861 ツ 25 kun oldin
Dat be a bad and simp thumbnail doe
Manahil Waheed
Manahil Waheed 25 kun oldin
Boy I mean
Manahil Waheed
Manahil Waheed 25 kun oldin
And I am boys
Manahil Waheed
Manahil Waheed 25 kun oldin
You guys are the best and you make the best videos do not care about mean comments '☺😊
Flamingo Gamer69
Flamingo Gamer69 25 kun oldin
I don’t have any phycopathic thoughts but if I do I will message personally 😡 ok😁
Erik Rangel
Erik Rangel 26 kun oldin
Are you guys tickle ish
Ja Thrasher
Ja Thrasher 26 kun oldin
"What are you doing stepsis" YES TG
Omar Playz
Omar Playz 26 kun oldin
If u don't have a dad then how are you born?🤔🤔🤔
Pastel’s World
Pastel’s World 26 kun oldin
When I saw that physcopath question and Andre I was like!! and I oop- SkSkSk
Aubrianna McCauley
Aubrianna McCauley 26 kun oldin
Typical Gamer like we don't kiss that much in videos Faze rug be like I'm gonna kiss my girlfriend in front of all my viewers
Kayla Flores
Kayla Flores 27 kun oldin
Do not lisin to tehm
josh 27 kun oldin
tg thinking SHUT UP
Peyton Hamilton
Peyton Hamilton 27 kun oldin
Shut up kids dang
Damian Vasquez
Damian Vasquez 27 kun oldin
Amanda 27 kun oldin
I know some games that they have played I’ll name some ark minecraft the forest and the raft and a game Andre played some is stranded deep only people who have seen these vids can like this comment
cheezy gamer
cheezy gamer 27 kun oldin
What's up step sis had me dying
Brandon Kreiling
Brandon Kreiling 27 kun oldin
Samara I’m sorry for all the hate and weird comments I started watching tg a few weeks ago so I decided to give this channel a try
sebastian thoren
sebastian thoren 27 kun oldin
Samarq make u fallin for someone and see how protective andre is xd just dont go too far
sebastian thoren
sebastian thoren 27 kun oldin
Andre says u need to relax Samarq think OH wait where did i put The kokain
ttv_benjbenjomorgo 27 kun oldin
I would agree with the last assumption
Fizzy 127
Fizzy 127 27 kun oldin
Who loves the way TG smiles 😂
Latoya Hall
Latoya Hall 27 kun oldin
Sean Lambert
Sean Lambert 27 kun oldin
I love y'all vids please read my comment keep up the good work and stay safe love you guys!!!😛😊🙂😋😇😊🙂😋😉
_ _darkgrimwock
_ _darkgrimwock 27 kun oldin
0:41 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤔😏😏😏😏
Chrystal Sweeten
Chrystal Sweeten 27 kun oldin
Y’all are a good couple
Vision plus
Vision plus 28 kun oldin
"stepsis" 😂😂😂 Thats great y'all! I love both of you so much. Good vids!❤️
Daniël Knoetze
Daniël Knoetze 28 kun oldin
Samara is beutiful
Sunny Moon plays
Sunny Moon plays 28 kun oldin
Like this comet
Captain Dannyster
Captain Dannyster 29 kun oldin
If your. Doing a custom game where do you tell. Us the. C ode
Joshua Newman
Joshua Newman 29 kun oldin
I was playing with my girlfriend in Fortnite she died and I avenged her out of love😂💫
Tony Bonventre
Tony Bonventre Oy oldin
What the #*#@ is this channel
Tony Bonventre
Tony Bonventre Oy oldin
What the hell is this channel
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