Answering Assumptions About Us..

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Samara Redway

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hehe hi

Fortnite God Caleb fisher
Fortnite God Caleb fisher 5 soat oldin
MegaMega !
MegaMega ! Kun oldin
They’re particularly married
Black Knight
Black Knight Kun oldin
Arrell Farmer
Arrell Farmer Kun oldin
I fell like y’all not dating for no clout y’all been dating prolly they just hating
Aerin Johnson
Aerin Johnson 2 kun oldin
they should get married they are so in love with eachother
Elijah Alicea
Elijah Alicea 2 kun oldin
ther brother and sister i know it
Ghaniem Slamet
Ghaniem Slamet 2 kun oldin
You guys are the best !!!!!!
Johnny Phillips
Johnny Phillips 2 kun oldin
is that typical gaming-
Fatjigle Higlights
Fatjigle Higlights 2 kun oldin
get married already!!!
Gabe P
Gabe P 2 kun oldin
Woah Andre with no brim?!?!?!??!!!??!!??
Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel 3 kun oldin
When he said step sis he knew what he was talking bout 😳
GamingWithCharlton 3 kun oldin
0:39 The person who made that assumption has possibly watched too much animes
JT C 3 kun oldin
can u do a house tour too
JT C 3 kun oldin
when samara gets one million subs you should marrie or when tg gets 12 million subs
Krishang Alva
Krishang Alva 3 kun oldin
Andre looks soooooooo different from what he looks on his Chanel 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Blazry 3 kun oldin
the last question had me goin like yh I thought Andre was a psychopath two. But now he just looks like a guy that used to do drugs
Cloe A
Cloe A 3 kun oldin
the way he looks at her 🥺
Blake Varnell
Blake Varnell 3 kun oldin
If y’all been dating for 5 years why have y’all not got married yet
doody party cool
doody party cool 2 kun oldin
Marrige is a big step in life even if they like eacth other you also need to think about chilldren
Dax Moore
Dax Moore 3 kun oldin
I like watching both of y’all’s channels and you both make amazing content
Vade Bacon
Vade Bacon 4 kun oldin
Brown is a red red brown brown orange orange red blue
Daniel Siegert
Daniel Siegert 4 kun oldin
5 years!?!? Andre you got to pose the question
Miriam Dominguez
Miriam Dominguez 4 kun oldin
part 2 pls?
Braxton Lewis
Braxton Lewis 4 kun oldin
They did kiss on camera in the I got married to my boyfriend for 24 hours
daily dose of vlogs daily
daily dose of vlogs daily 4 kun oldin
My respect for Andre on the first question📈
ash fx
ash fx 5 kun oldin
If you and tg get married are you gonna stream
Lizzie Menendez
Lizzie Menendez 5 kun oldin
They are not married he does have 2 kids it’s George and miku
Oliver Lawler
Oliver Lawler 5 kun oldin
Is Andre a big baby around u for 24 hours
_Only_ 5 kun oldin
i think yall are a great couple :)
Valiant Games
Valiant Games 5 kun oldin
When TG met samara “hEy” Samara:Hi TG:iM a YoUtUbEr... I pLaY fOrTnItE
Oferproffesor 3 kun oldin
They met before fortnite JESUS
Jessica Scheer
Jessica Scheer 5 kun oldin
By the look in Andreays eyes when he said if I do get some physico reasons I’ll message you personally i felt sick to my stomach for 30 minutes
God gamer Cason Flowers
God gamer Cason Flowers 5 kun oldin
Same I laugh no matter what
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez 6 kun oldin
lol 😂🤣
dogsterdave 9210
dogsterdave 9210 7 kun oldin
i thought TG wore glasses?
Tre O'Laughlin
Tre O'Laughlin 8 kun oldin
Is her dad Tim Sweeney
Agent 47
Agent 47 8 kun oldin
Tg crying
YT-Wingless-cash9 OG
YT-Wingless-cash9 OG 8 kun oldin
How many times she said Like 9999999999999999999X
Tonyromo322 8 kun oldin
When he laughs when she's hurt that's what my friend Blake does
XD SLAYN 9 kun oldin
Andrè plz propose to her soon
Jordan May
Jordan May 9 kun oldin
Would Andre let someone take samera on 1 date for $1,000,000
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia 11 kun oldin
He said what are you doing step sis I was like AYOOOO and my brain was like WHAT DID SAY
Yello • Jackett
Yello • Jackett 12 kun oldin
yeah Andre do be given me pyschopath Vibes like his hand movements and body language but that can just be a form of ADHD or anxiety
fortnite battle royal uzzy pro Akbar
fortnite battle royal uzzy pro Akbar 12 kun oldin
Digital gamer XD
Digital gamer XD 12 kun oldin
Why dose he not propose them
Pedro DS
Pedro DS 13 kun oldin
Can I have an xbox
hailey petty
hailey petty 13 kun oldin
I love u Samara
kwixxi 13 kun oldin
Chase Seidl
Chase Seidl 14 kun oldin
LOL they don't know what to say 😂
Colton Tracey Derr
Colton Tracey Derr 15 kun oldin
Samara "Why do people think I eat a lot" Samara's pranks "I'm gonna ask andre to get my food and ill do whatever
Elijah Alicea
Elijah Alicea 2 kun oldin
@Colton Tracey Derr i can show you ritgh now if you want?
Colton Tracey Derr
Colton Tracey Derr 2 kun oldin
@Elijah Alicea Only real fans have their background as the typical log so me, and you are real fans
Elijah Alicea
Elijah Alicea 2 kun oldin
@Colton Tracey Derr no i'vejust never seen somewon with the same profile pick
Colton Tracey Derr
Colton Tracey Derr 2 kun oldin
@Elijah Alicea What we cant both have it???
Elijah Alicea
Elijah Alicea 2 kun oldin
@Colton Tracey Derr i know but i have it
OmegaX Trooper
OmegaX Trooper 15 kun oldin
2:47 semara: shut up! Typical gamer: *not a single word came out of his mouth*
Agent 47
Agent 47 8 kun oldin
This was a week ago
sliq 10 kun oldin
grupo ayuda
grupo ayuda 17 kun oldin
grupo ayuda
grupo ayuda 17 kun oldin
grupo ayuda
grupo ayuda 17 kun oldin
Jt Thornton
Jt Thornton 17 kun oldin
You all should get married
mjawara1 18 kun oldin
Juniorr 18 kun oldin
Samara face shape is wheired
Ssouly SALTY7884
Ssouly SALTY7884 18 kun oldin
dude i know there childs its miku and george i thought they were humans LOL
Joshua Rsy
Joshua Rsy 19 kun oldin
I’m more like typical I laugh when it’s something serious
Tina Aslamazov
Tina Aslamazov 18 kun oldin
I do that to. But I don't mean it
XoXo_MaRvY 13
XoXo_MaRvY 13 19 kun oldin
AwesomeCS08 20 kun oldin
He doe sent have a hat 😮😮😮
Chimichanga 21 kun oldin
I own EpicGames
Lovely Bitch
Lovely Bitch 19 kun oldin
My boyfriend works at Epicgames
Dayna Brandow
Dayna Brandow 21 kun oldin
Do you think you guys will get married🙂
Jessica Frusher
Jessica Frusher 21 kun oldin
It was funny when she said tezla
Gameleon The Gamer
Gameleon The Gamer 21 kun oldin
2:45 Samara: Oh shut up! Me: when did he talk?
Nikki Arnold
Nikki Arnold 22 kun oldin
How r they not married
Chakrya Nom
Chakrya Nom 22 kun oldin
fishy 22 kun oldin
Now. My crush
Smiley 23 kun oldin
Do you still live in Toronto?
Alberto Isais
Alberto Isais 23 kun oldin
Typical Gamer have you cursed
James Charles
James Charles 24 kun oldin
Shd.gaming 007
Shd.gaming 007 25 kun oldin
Actually I think their siblings
DORITO KID 26 kun oldin
I have an assumption your a cute nice couple and I love watching your vids
Sri Hari
Sri Hari 26 kun oldin
Samara you are really lucky to have Andre
Jacob Copeland
Jacob Copeland 26 kun oldin
i feel like they are legit
Pierce Wicker
Pierce Wicker 26 kun oldin
Johnny Grayson
Johnny Grayson 26 kun oldin
So Samara is always on crack timestamp 7:09
ReefGuy 29 kun oldin
She's nun of the assumptions in the thumbnail when they got together she had no idea who he was
Omar Randgris Northways
Omar Randgris Northways 29 kun oldin
Samara & Jessie Essenberg.
Fortnite Gifter
Fortnite Gifter 29 kun oldin
Both you so cute
Jordan Beans
Jordan Beans 29 kun oldin
Diego Gomez
Diego Gomez Oy oldin
Lmao the step sis one had me laughing
Siji Varghese
Siji Varghese Oy oldin
Samara kiss tg
Jacob Btw
Jacob Btw Oy oldin
Edwin Marroquin
Edwin Marroquin Oy oldin
I actually believed her when she said her dad owned epic games
Monkey8276 Oy oldin
0:40 leak whatcha doin step sis lmao
Matiss Oy oldin
He look's better with glasses
Hey you guys are nice people
Ayah Hamdan
Ayah Hamdan Oy oldin
Recksy Clan CLIPS and GAMING
Recksy Clan CLIPS and GAMING Oy oldin
Andre is like hellllll nahhhhhh
Musical Lyrics
Musical Lyrics Oy oldin
since no one will say it I will samara has good 🍒
jax 0
jax 0 Oy oldin
When ark coming back
exo_jax Oy oldin
0:42 they kinda do look like bro and sis. sweet home Alabama. nah i kidding
Lavone Williams
Lavone Williams Oy oldin
Jk big fan
Lavone Williams
Lavone Williams Oy oldin
Typical gamer how to u have her look at ur self
Robert Curry
Robert Curry Oy oldin
Typical gamer and samarah are awesome
Jhett Lucas
Jhett Lucas Oy oldin
Can I be your friend
Destini Brown
Destini Brown Oy oldin
the "okay 😀😏” at the end😂
Maximo Elia
Maximo Elia Oy oldin
Who frikin thinks they aren’t dating cause if you do think that, y’all stupid
Mr. Quasar
Mr. Quasar Oy oldin
You guys are great
Re Heat Jay
Re Heat Jay Oy oldin
Typical gamers hair..........
Foxytheboxbut_yt Oy oldin
Is he tipicol gamer
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