Am I PREGNANT!? - Lockdown Q&A

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Samara Redway

7 oy oldin

Q&A Lockdown Edition! Leave suggestions in the comments! Also pls give this video a thumbs up for more vlogs and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
► Birthday during the lockdown.. ►
► We're in lockdown.. ►
► Turning myself into an E-GIRL! ►
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Amber Bostwick
Amber Bostwick 2 oy oldin
Reeeee. Leave 100 likes
Typical Gamer fan
Typical Gamer fan 4 oy oldin
Typical Gamer fan
Typical Gamer fan 4 oy oldin
James-lee Richardson
James-lee Richardson 4 oy oldin
Ive never clicked on a video so fast
Grayson Wade
Grayson Wade 6 oy oldin
they looked at me first i swear
Shadow Beats
Shadow Beats 6 oy oldin
Samar’s the queen of clickbait
Baagel Man
Baagel Man 6 oy oldin
when do you think andre is going to stop playing fortnite and spend more time with you
Jay so fly
Jay so fly 6 oy oldin
I'm so mad I was late to this video
Marty Sellers
Marty Sellers 6 oy oldin
And people say Miku is thick, look at Samara!
BlueItes 6 oy oldin
Samara: "there is no baby in the oven" Me: "WOAH WOAH DONT THINK ABOUT THAT"
Xavier Burey
Xavier Burey 6 oy oldin
Miku is soooooooooooo cute she is changing my opinion of cats
crims0n 6 oy oldin
Why is Samara literally the best UZpostr to ever exist?
Jametrice Brooks
Jametrice Brooks 7 oy oldin
Ur whole family is always happy
Jametrice Brooks
Jametrice Brooks 7 oy oldin
And so does Andre’s vids
Jametrice Brooks
Jametrice Brooks 7 oy oldin
You’re vids always make me smile
Pratham Dogra
Pratham Dogra 7 oy oldin
Me - My zombie apocalypse gun would be BFG-10,000!! Zombies - (just like standing) oh,that's a BIG FREAKING GUN!!!
Aysu Albayrak
Aysu Albayrak 7 oy oldin
TÜRK yokmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Nightmare gamer
Nightmare gamer 7 oy oldin
Samara if u can do board games or yh could do cooking well idk just do something, love from uk
JaydenKieltyVlogs 7 oy oldin
You and Andre should have a baby!
Mysterious Figure
Mysterious Figure 7 oy oldin
can you do the strip challenge samara redway?
Allknowing orange
Allknowing orange 7 oy oldin
I see Samara pregnant and I am like what the heck
Its Just Clash
Its Just Clash 7 oy oldin
Dont u think miku is pregnant? I do
The Gamer1728
The Gamer1728 7 oy oldin
When Or If You Have A Baby What Would You Name It
FoldedSoup69 7 oy oldin
Mario Lavender Jr
Mario Lavender Jr 7 oy oldin
Can you do a another Q&A I LOVED IT
Mykal Norris
Mykal Norris 7 oy oldin
How are you not already over a million subs you guys are the best and my favorite people on UZpost.
Lexi S
Lexi S 7 oy oldin
So interesting because in the states atleast in Dallas were allowed to get outside and go hike and go to the grocery store etc.
Dewayne Morris
Dewayne Morris 7 oy oldin
Is George and Miku a thing 😁🤔
Kao Whigham
Kao Whigham 7 oy oldin
I love you samara
iAmCoded 7 oy oldin
Miku be looking kinda THICK thoughh
artzeeben gaming
artzeeben gaming 7 oy oldin
Steve isn't mean, he just moving in.
Devon r
Devon r 7 oy oldin
Are you going to stream The Last of Us Part 2 when you play it
Fortnite Memes
Fortnite Memes 7 oy oldin
Hi Andrew Samara I love watching your videos and your the best UZpost people ever keep the hard work up from Josh
Jasir Taylor
Jasir Taylor 7 oy oldin
I think miku is prego
Strategic Time
Strategic Time 7 oy oldin
Micu in background is looking cute 😽☺️😊
Sleezy 7 oy oldin
You pregnant?
Troy simons
Troy simons 7 oy oldin
Get a dog
Erick Voss
Erick Voss 7 oy oldin
If it's a lipoma go to California and see dr. Sandra lee other wise known as dr pimple popper who has her own tv and UZpost
juleskoolaid 7 oy oldin
imagine a baby andre and samara running around lmaoo
Norman Stephens
Norman Stephens 7 oy oldin
Miss being outside too. I also miss seeing my family
Jorge Matute
Jorge Matute 7 oy oldin
Do another Q&A,I loved it.
Devon Lewis
Devon Lewis 7 oy oldin
Cat vlog
T Diamond
T Diamond 7 oy oldin
Do prank videos
Shock Ites
Shock Ites 7 oy oldin
I was about to say, “Woah, calm down...Am I reading the thumbnail right? Naaaaaa.
charles brown
charles brown 7 oy oldin
Is mecoo going to turn into a chubby Garfield?? Does she like Lasagna?? 🤓😎🎺🎳
Ethan Papp
Ethan Papp 7 oy oldin
Amazing. I love this vid. I lov ur QnAs plz do more and also your amazing
Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith 7 oy oldin
If your some how prego your kid is going to die due to corona
Pamela Tucker
Pamela Tucker 7 oy oldin
Me:this sushi is good Miku: meow Samara:give me my sushi if I was stranded on a island I would be tired of sushi just because your on a island surrounded be water witch has fish 😂
zer0_c0ol_31 7 oy oldin
Say hi To tg for me
zer0_c0ol_31 7 oy oldin
Olivia and Bradley
Olivia and Bradley 7 oy oldin
She asked why is her cat wet don’t think about it like I did
Zuber 2020 -21
Zuber 2020 -21 7 oy oldin
U should act on AMC the walking dead
Lil_ Durkio gang for life
Lil_ Durkio gang for life 7 oy oldin
You and TG should get married
Prabhjot Dhaliwal
Prabhjot Dhaliwal 7 oy oldin
Jacob Ryan
Jacob Ryan 7 oy oldin
"Sushi!! Sushi!! YOU THINK THIS IS ABOUT SUSHI!!" 😅🤣
Pandro Gaming
Pandro Gaming 7 oy oldin
How many of these thumbnails have there been
Joseph Talmadge
Joseph Talmadge 7 oy oldin
Hilo Samara What is your I was curious for what you have been doing tower-eds the future n wehn your going to start live sreaming???? Also my cat is 14 pound's.....
TRAINS4TRAINS 7 oy oldin
Yaya cooking
wildscott 7 oy oldin
please help my youtube channel grow
Aj The only one
Aj The only one 7 oy oldin
At 4:49 I knew you were going to say thic
Lil Reggie Mccray
Lil Reggie Mccray 7 oy oldin
Tg ain’t greasin 😂😂🤣🤣 we all know that
Today me birthday
alex hunter
alex hunter 7 oy oldin
What you came for 7:23
EmiliaR6 7 oy oldin
Samars your relationship with andre is so complicated 😓
Caleb Taylor
Caleb Taylor 7 oy oldin
Your cat could be pregnant if she is not fix and if the other is a boy
Mahmoud Elaref
Mahmoud Elaref 7 oy oldin
can you guys please do ark? i really enjoy your videos and keep up the good work say hi to mike for me
Krys Hood
Krys Hood 7 oy oldin
Samara Vlogs: Am I Pregnant? In video: do you guys want me to get pregnant you pervs
Ashley Long
Ashley Long 7 oy oldin
Can you please do a stream of Animal Crossing?
Deanevan McNamara
Deanevan McNamara 7 oy oldin
no more q&a
Typical_ Bagel
Typical_ Bagel 7 oy oldin
no baby in da oven. there is food in da oven. -Samara 2020 lol 😂
Pat Martin
Pat Martin 7 oy oldin
What your here for 10:40 thank me later
Ryan 7 oy oldin
If you guys know her, there are atleast 6 vids with the "Am I pregnant" "Am I getting married" caption. With a confused thumbnail.🤦‍♂️😂
MickiMouseDK 7 oy oldin
I ran out of toilet papir and i used TG Merch xD
Nathan Wagstaff
Nathan Wagstaff 7 oy oldin
Answers No btw
Travis Jr.
Travis Jr. 7 oy oldin
imagine not having toilet paper😂
Ashley Dawdy
Ashley Dawdy 7 oy oldin
Face cloths would work 2 if worse came 2 worse
Typical IndiaN
Typical IndiaN 7 oy oldin
You got a nice set of watermelon
collide 7 oy oldin
Plz reply to my question When will you do more story mode games
Raymond lehr
Raymond lehr 7 oy oldin
If you ever have a baby dont brest fead but do you if you want
Austin Rinto
Austin Rinto 7 oy oldin
Love you videos Samara ... P.S can i get a shout out plz
Divinee Tray
Divinee Tray 7 oy oldin
Corona got me lost idk what day it is half of the time i thought it was Thursdays yesterday
Cohen Boustead
Cohen Boustead 7 oy oldin
It's normal for cats to have a extra skin near there stomach area, it acts as a protective layer
Ashton Paget
Ashton Paget 7 oy oldin
Honestly your lucky your in lockdown with Andre, I’m stuck with my family and missing my girlfriend 😭😭
Trace Burleson
Trace Burleson 7 oy oldin
Scenario you should get Steve checked out my mom had to get her breast removed because it was cancerous
Special Things
Special Things 7 oy oldin
For a video idea can you Mabey play 7 days to die or like some survivalist game
DrChanciepoo 7 oy oldin
Lowkey, Miku is a chonkster...
Nico Devita
Nico Devita 7 oy oldin
Love you
DJ J-Man Vlogs
DJ J-Man Vlogs 7 oy oldin
I’m glad that Steve is good! I want more Q&As, and you should prank TG a lot
Oliver Henry
Oliver Henry 7 oy oldin
You and typical gamer are my favorite UZpostrs!!
dark obito
dark obito 7 oy oldin
I bet miku be looking be looking like that cat from the secret life of pets
Vedant Kumar
Vedant Kumar 7 oy oldin
*Man,Why is everybody so obsessed with George and Miku?*
I love chicken nuggies And AVXRY
I love chicken nuggies And AVXRY 7 oy oldin
Can you do a challenge with you and Andre doing a baking challenge
Typical a.j.
Typical a.j. 7 oy oldin
if i was stranded on an island and had to pick three people (in reality i would probably only be able to pick one person) i would pick you, TG, and my middle brother Noah
Joseph Cortes
Joseph Cortes 7 oy oldin
Classic Samara With The Thumbnail
Ricky Rich
Ricky Rich 7 oy oldin
Love your videos.. Especially this one 🤗
sarah Millican
sarah Millican 7 oy oldin
You should do in 24 hours annoying Aunt Ray.
thunderstorm gamer
thunderstorm gamer 7 oy oldin
miku was looking so cute on the timegap of 8:40 till 8:54
GamingDragonYT 7 oy oldin
Samara hi You remind me of an anime character Uraraka from My Hero Academia shes as nice and as beautiful as you
Kithinji Mugambi
Kithinji Mugambi 7 oy oldin
Sushi but you’re on an island Just fish it
SoundScape 7 oy oldin
I don't think its that easy to make sushi
Justin Chou
Justin Chou 7 oy oldin
Lmao she was licking u cause she heard u were cutting back on her food 😂
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