5 SECOND CHALLENGE with Typical Gamer!

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Samara Redway

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hehe hi

Editz2sXucy 5 kun oldin
Name 5 sub species of platypus 😂😂😂😂😂
Brock Roberts
Brock Roberts 19 kun oldin
Cougars and mountain lions are the same
Maria Ruiz
Maria Ruiz 23 kun oldin
11:16 when you rage in the inside (fortnite) and lose to your gf lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and also 11:23
Yamisley Hernandez
Yamisley Hernandez 28 kun oldin
What camera does Andrews
jerebear yeet
jerebear yeet Oy oldin
my name is jeremiah
soterios soterios
soterios soterios Oy oldin
Andre is not competitive you should we how competitive I am
Alpha Djane
Alpha Djane Oy oldin
Fabian Torres
Fabian Torres Oy oldin
Im dead💀😂when she said all the bible names i said HUH and the dude popes out saying the same thing😂😂😂😂🤣
Ernesto Munoz Olivares
Ernesto Munoz Olivares Oy oldin
Samara did a comeback
Stealth Ninja
Stealth Ninja 2 oy oldin
How did he now get this (9:00) And this... He literally playes fortnite everyday xD (11:09) George be like, "it's time for a strech my dudes and while I'm at it let's just steel some stuff from thing place 🐱. At (9:18) I saw George through the reflection at (9:16) Don't forget two use code "SamaraRedway" in the item shop. Or "TypicalGamer"
Damon Roe
Damon Roe 2 oy oldin
So surprised he didn't get the gta characters or the fortnite locations.
Crystal Samona
Crystal Samona 2 oy oldin
I know all everything about dogs
Crystal Samona
Crystal Samona 2 oy oldin
I have 11 dogs
Potatoboi games
Potatoboi games 2 oy oldin
I love how samara says how andre is really competitive even though every turn ander gets it right she always tries to find a way to win
jayson the god
jayson the god 2 oy oldin
i got a shi tzu
Boringtuber 2 oy oldin
Ugh these two are so amazing😂 I love you both
Ronald marty Martin
Ronald marty Martin 3 oy oldin
1st and 2nd S and 1st and 2nd c.. that doesn't count lol.
Tayler Scott
Tayler Scott 3 oy oldin
Girl it’s 7second
Lyssy4-2 3 oy oldin
Andre:I am fu***** pissed Me:we taught him well boys
Gregorry Romero
Gregorry Romero 3 oy oldin
Eva Iyoha
Eva Iyoha 3 oy oldin
Me being a Virgo 😑
The Blessed One
The Blessed One 3 oy oldin
Cougars and mountain lions are the same thing so are pumas those three things are the same thing Andre didn’t get the point
Mary Gonzalez
Mary Gonzalez 3 oy oldin
I was hella impressed hearingSamara say all the books of the Bible that fast 😂😂 damn girl 💯
Shane Persaud
Shane Persaud 3 oy oldin
9:40 PoToGrApHiC mEmOrY?!
Griffin’s World
Griffin’s World 3 oy oldin
Typical gamer is better use code typical gamer
Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser 3 oy oldin
Look at Andres Face at 0:48 and pause. He is so in love with this girl.
Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser 3 oy oldin
He’s so in love with this girl.
The GeekPanda
The GeekPanda 3 oy oldin
Andre: “how am i suppose to say 10 words in 5 sec?” Samara: *raps the books of the bible like a gangsta*
Sir. iiDarkie
Sir. iiDarkie 3 oy oldin
“These are the type of questions I get.” Literally get asked about a game he plays 24/7 and gets stumped. Another game like GTA 5 and also stumps. 🤦‍♀️
Pima County Roleplay Media
Pima County Roleplay Media 3 oy oldin
(name 5 countries bigger then canada) Russia is legit the only country left that is bigger. Russia is the biggest country and canada is the 2nd
TheNextMessi08 3 oy oldin
She said kit kat for words that start with c
Mikayla Hudgins
Mikayla Hudgins 3 oy oldin
A cucumber is not vegetable
BeanieBoi 3 oy oldin
Who edits these videos because it seems like the same as FaZe Rug’s videos
Kaylin Messiah
Kaylin Messiah 3 oy oldin
That was nice when you smash the cupcake on his phone 😍l love you guys so much 😍
Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson 4 oy oldin
I am SURPRISED that Andre didn’t get the GTA Characters right and the Fortnite Locations
Gabe Rodgers
Gabe Rodgers 4 oy oldin
Mountain lions and cougars are the same lmao
Daniel Sumbir
Daniel Sumbir 4 oy oldin
cougar and mountain lion are the same
Queenijahnnaytx I
Queenijahnnaytx I 4 oy oldin
He said my sign Pisces ♓️
Abdurragmaan Davids
Abdurragmaan Davids 4 oy oldin
That was the first time i Saw you swearing
Abdurragmaan Davids
Abdurragmaan Davids 4 oy oldin
Coke is a word but you guys probably don’t say it but we say it
Yeet Dod
Yeet Dod 4 oy oldin
I can 5 GTA name s m t f l r
Subin and Niki luvr
Subin and Niki luvr 4 oy oldin
Are you going to play the new forest 2
Nova Minecraft
Nova Minecraft 4 oy oldin
I have a Shih Tzu
SmokeyDogs_YT 4 oy oldin
A pepper is technically a fruit cus it has seeds
Fernando 4 oy oldin
Do a Omegle cideo
Jdog spyninja
Jdog spyninja 4 oy oldin
Mukbang at the end
Jdog spyninja
Jdog spyninja 4 oy oldin
sord loser
Izaia Diaz
Izaia Diaz 4 oy oldin
My name is Izaia!
Gmoney2k10 Gaming
Gmoney2k10 Gaming 4 oy oldin
You suck
Oskiyy 3 oy oldin
עמיחי כמיסה
עמיחי כמיסה 4 oy oldin
Towards the end he was not focused at all.🤣
T PLAYZZ 4 oy oldin
U should lose a point if ur wrong
SUBSCRIBE 2 pewdiepie
SUBSCRIBE 2 pewdiepie 4 oy oldin
He missed Fortnite??!??!?!?!??!??!!????!?
Atomic Cyborgg
Atomic Cyborgg 4 oy oldin
why u bully TG :( tg went so easy on you. and you did tg dirty like that :( i feel bad for tg.
Atomic Cyborgg
Atomic Cyborgg 4 oy oldin
TG went so easy on Samara and Samara asks TG questions like name 5 places on the fortnite map. I can just imagine what Samara would say to this question. She would be like, "Salty Swamps, Cracked Corner, Agency, Tail Row and Iron Industries". Samara: See i did it. TG: This is what you learnt from watching me play..... (sighs) I give up.... Since when was there a place called Cracked Corner.... Also btw i didnt know samara's memory was that bad XD XD lmao. i though tg was the one with bad memory.
Bot_Salad BOI
Bot_Salad BOI 4 oy oldin
Tg through so hard he must have let her win or something cause the GTA and fortnite question was sus
James Roberts
James Roberts 4 oy oldin
Miku best cat ever
Ryli Girl
Ryli Girl 4 oy oldin
But I love your vids
Ryli Girl
Ryli Girl 4 oy oldin
Lol not finna lie there is a game board for This
Yo boy Yo boy
Yo boy Yo boy 4 oy oldin
I like ur girlfriend she hot
Messed up cat
Messed up cat 4 oy oldin
I'm so mad at TG that he could not name fortnite locations
Messed up cat
Messed up cat 4 oy oldin
Samara: "That is hard" TG thinking: Thats what she said
drizzy drey
drizzy drey 4 oy oldin
I thought she said 3 at the end
TTV REAL 4 oy oldin
Samara says Coke Me: she was thinking cocaine 🧐
Asphalt YT
Asphalt YT 4 oy oldin
0:36 who else researched about the air quality 30 secs after the video started or is it just me lol
Hawk ay лол
Hawk ay лол 4 oy oldin
NGL I was dying the whole video
Hawk ay лол
Hawk ay лол 4 oy oldin
Nobody: Samara:it’s hard Andre:no it’s not
Zynxy 4 oy oldin
Love your vids
Arturo Moran
Arturo Moran 4 oy oldin
lol he couldn't answer the fortnite night one when he basically play's it all the time😂
Chheng Hak
Chheng Hak 4 oy oldin
Unknown_ Jadam
Unknown_ Jadam 4 oy oldin
Can you gift me the hole battle pass please I don’t even have a skin please my name on fortnite is Beastly_Jadam caps count. If you gift it
Eric Almanza
Eric Almanza 4 oy oldin
pepper is a fruit It has seeds
OX_Hydro FN
OX_Hydro FN 4 oy oldin
How did he not say calico cat
Byzerkk 4 oy oldin
Bryan Aragon
Bryan Aragon 4 oy oldin
Why don’t you call him your boyfriend lmao in your title it should be “ 5 second challenge with my boyfriend” or to make it short bf
Huruy Bisrat
Huruy Bisrat 4 oy oldin
When cats listen to nba young boy too much the cat opening the door
Trey Nunnun
Trey Nunnun 4 oy oldin
If they said stay inside where did tg he the fresh cut
Cynthia Collazo
Cynthia Collazo 4 oy oldin
FreeBxndzD 4 oy oldin
that bible one really caught me off guard
Cody Mickinak
Cody Mickinak 4 oy oldin
He goes I’m freaking stupid I died omg hahaha
Aka_Bugging 4 oy oldin
Why does she say typical gamer instead of my boyfriend
StarWhisper2601 Star
StarWhisper2601 Star 4 oy oldin
Nicholas Spencer
Nicholas Spencer 4 oy oldin
a body of water is like a lake or ocean not the literal name...smh
Tatum Ward
Tatum Ward 4 oy oldin
what does she stream on like what website
rainzgraal w
rainzgraal w 4 oy oldin
This dude got confused 3 times. ":)
Richard Eno
Richard Eno 4 oy oldin
Kalah Mitchell
Kalah Mitchell 4 oy oldin
I have a shitzu
Juan Ruano
Juan Ruano 4 oy oldin
Why didn’t Andrea win the fortnite one and did he say a bad word bc it bleeped 🤬 something
YOBOY TJ 4 oy oldin
Whoa Andrea dont pull out the cuss
vipers4eve 4 oy oldin
whos kena
Justin Snell
Justin Snell 4 oy oldin
Andre is a bum
Albaraa Alqaderi
Albaraa Alqaderi 4 oy oldin
gaming time
gaming time 4 oy oldin
F this
gaming time
gaming time 4 oy oldin
Derek St.Amant
Derek St.Amant 4 oy oldin
Mountain lion and cougar are the same thing and y r u with such a loser tg is lame u can do wayyyy better
Alberto Abundis
Alberto Abundis 4 oy oldin
“Lets goo...LETS GOOOOO!”😂
Koda Sampson-Tweedie
Koda Sampson-Tweedie 4 oy oldin
Do you guys live in Canada?
Bradley McCain
Bradley McCain 4 oy oldin
Hi samara
Tony Martinez
Tony Martinez 4 oy oldin
Who's Keena? 7:25
Jestin Dunbar
Jestin Dunbar 4 oy oldin
Looks like he ate some a$$
Lauro Vids
Lauro Vids 4 oy oldin
That’s crazy glad to know Samara Christian :)
Alicia De La Cruz
Alicia De La Cruz 4 oy oldin
9:08 🤯🤯🤯 easy michael franklin trevor Devin and lester.
TheOPotaku 4 oy oldin
9:10 Typical Gamer.EXE has stopped working
TheOPotaku 4 oy oldin
4:03 Red dead Redemption 5?!?! LMAO
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