It's Our Anniversary!
Should We BREAK UP!?
We found a SECRET BEACH!
Did We Break Up?
6 oy oldin
Date Night in Lockdown!
Sneaking out of Lockdown
I don't feel so good..
We're in lockdown..
He Learned How To Swim!
Jaja Gabriel
Jaja Gabriel 4 soat oldin
Yay my birthday is in Friday October 30, 2020
Glenc Y
Glenc Y 4 soat oldin
bro I wish I ate that food lol
Toby Bond
Toby Bond 5 soat oldin
“George is licking my toe!” Mannn I love you guys
saih king 13
saih king 13 5 soat oldin
get a puppy for andre plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Treyvon Vaughn
Treyvon Vaughn 5 soat oldin
i wonder what goes through George and Miku head when Samara does challenges
Martin Birbeck
Martin Birbeck 5 soat oldin
I hate this
Jacob Rincon
Jacob Rincon 5 soat oldin
Yea please please 👍
anime weeeb wow
anime weeeb wow 5 soat oldin
I'm for adasion tp
BeamRayz 60
BeamRayz 60 5 soat oldin
l Iike Andres pumpkin more.
Weißtag Vanessa
Weißtag Vanessa 5 soat oldin
You should not put plastic items in microwave
Gurpreet Boparai
Gurpreet Boparai 5 soat oldin
9 out of ten
hassan hassan
hassan hassan 5 soat oldin
i love rollie
Bryan Saucedo
Bryan Saucedo 5 soat oldin
Just a random comment who's here and watching her and are a fan of aphmau
E Phillips
E Phillips 6 soat oldin
Poor fish
Shiven Grover
Shiven Grover 6 soat oldin
halloween incoming there's no occasion tf?
leboner 6 soat oldin
imagine if andre see this video and say "im proud babe"
Gabriel k7 Tchiongho
Gabriel k7 Tchiongho 6 soat oldin
Because I am
Gabriel k7 Tchiongho
Gabriel k7 Tchiongho 6 soat oldin
Is anyone watching this in 2021
Conner Wess
Conner Wess 6 soat oldin
you gota stay with it
Jessy Sanna
Jessy Sanna 7 soat oldin
He’s always smiling when he’s what her
Orlando show
Orlando show 7 soat oldin
Next one is 24 hours
Laser Gamer
Laser Gamer 7 soat oldin
Tbh I’d love to have the cold food cuz I love slushees
Robert Sprague
Robert Sprague 7 soat oldin
war u git that
Husseiniscool 7 soat oldin
It’s the cat one that was sooooo funnyyyyyy
Husseiniscool 7 soat oldin
How they did the video is so funny love it keep it up😂🏆
TerrorMau5 7 soat oldin
"teaching"i remember an instagram post where andre was legit drowning in the background when you were taking a pose.
TerrorMau5 7 soat oldin
he didn't die tho.
Saad Alsaif
Saad Alsaif 8 soat oldin
I love ur vids
Gianni Peluso
Gianni Peluso 8 soat oldin
@everyone dont bully her shes havin fun
Vaishali Gupta
Vaishali Gupta 8 soat oldin
What is tg s name
KANOTYSON YT 8 soat oldin
Gaming Tube
Gaming Tube 8 soat oldin
Typical gamer will win streamy awards of live streamers
Godwyn Ileto
Godwyn Ileto 9 soat oldin
Tg playing league of legends?
Tomy Allbert
Tomy Allbert 9 soat oldin
Can you play Fortnite duos typical gamer and samara red way
Geordie Smith
Geordie Smith 10 soat oldin
jeremiahplayz7 10 soat oldin
Why did she make andre drink warm juice when its eating only cold and warm foods.
king_ 11 soat oldin
hiiiiiii. U shouldve gave him a cold tortilla
i Al Nufaili
i Al Nufaili 11 soat oldin
Esmail Vlogz
Esmail Vlogz 11 soat oldin
Imagine if she said I back and if she did hi
Tomas Vazquez
Tomas Vazquez 11 soat oldin
Who thumbs down a video? Like who are those people and why do they have no love in their life.
Samuel Powell
Samuel Powell 11 soat oldin
i'v had sushi my first time i had it i was 6 or 5 one of my favorites is the hawaiian roll
Shaunak Chouta
Shaunak Chouta 12 soat oldin
I just got a McDonald ad
Faruq Bilya
Faruq Bilya 12 soat oldin
Typical gamer pumpkin is better so I vote typical gamer pumpkin
the beast 203 rouse
the beast 203 rouse 12 soat oldin
Is this their pool at their house?
Eoghan Bain
Eoghan Bain 13 soat oldin
Sahib Nagra
Sahib Nagra 13 soat oldin
Do mukbang
Isaias Olivas
Isaias Olivas 13 soat oldin
Andrea has the better pumpkin
Nancy Garcia
Nancy Garcia 13 soat oldin
I have the rengaed
Nancy Garcia
Nancy Garcia 14 soat oldin
I'm not going to lie I thought he said he was going to smash samara
sniffuls 14 soat oldin
Zachary The boss lauver
Zachary The boss lauver 14 soat oldin
Did the cat say hi ???
Aerron Cannon
Aerron Cannon 14 soat oldin
Its Andre As a Dog
Aiesha Chand
Aiesha Chand 14 soat oldin
can you do a default only tournament i don't have a skin :( 😭😭😭
miltsuvios 14 soat oldin
who is that guy in the back?
2Kvalenc 15 soat oldin
Abihu Teba
Abihu Teba 15 soat oldin
Cristina Machado
Cristina Machado 15 soat oldin
The husky is just like 😁😁😁😁
Kirtis Bailey
Kirtis Bailey 15 soat oldin
Josh 15 soat oldin
Ryan Ahlberg
Ryan Ahlberg 15 soat oldin
Ketchup chips are one of the most amazing chips on the planet being a dual citizen of the US and of Canada the town in Canada being Oakville which is right outside of Toronto are you to love ketchup chips and there was this sparkling orange Nicholas called orangina and a nice cold bottle of that and a bag of ketchup chips werer the back
Tradz 15 soat oldin
Johnny gaming
Johnny gaming 15 soat oldin
3:51 I went to the ocean and when a wave hit me and it did the same
Erica Stallard
Erica Stallard 15 soat oldin
zack ullah
zack ullah 16 soat oldin
I love you samara
Jody Singleton
Jody Singleton 16 soat oldin
No meat on a burger what the
Tyrese Taylor
Tyrese Taylor 16 soat oldin
7:20 replay lol
ZEN_ STRIKEz 16 soat oldin
girlllllllllllllllllllllll. I know you did not just not break your chopsticks in half
ZEN_ STRIKEz 16 soat oldin
I do like dis doe
Tyrese Taylor
Tyrese Taylor 16 soat oldin
at lease your losse enogh to do some off those moves
Jonathan Fregoso
Jonathan Fregoso 17 soat oldin
its achuilly butiful under water.
AMAN HILL 17 soat oldin
im not "Hot" Im "Cold", Lmao Lol Me Again - That's Not Attractive Lol.
Jonathan Fregoso
Jonathan Fregoso 17 soat oldin
Trussed Moon Gaming
Trussed Moon Gaming 17 soat oldin
For coloring, Samara wins, but for size Andre wins. Also, you should for SURE carve them!
Rickelle Ashe
Rickelle Ashe 17 soat oldin
Me thinking she’s gonna eat ice cream all day
Brett Brownlee
Brett Brownlee 17 soat oldin
This bigger
Landon Bankes
Landon Bankes 17 soat oldin
who else felt pain when she said she did not want to get married.
Gabriel Kleinman
Gabriel Kleinman 17 soat oldin
Miku wins
Melos Wrld
Melos Wrld 17 soat oldin
“ who doesn't love chili cheese fries” that will live on Generation after generation as the best sentence in mukbang history.
Craig Boyce
Craig Boyce 17 soat oldin
Bathing suit
AL Smith
AL Smith 17 soat oldin
Hi samara